Chatter House, Khan Market

I love walking through the lanes of Khan market in hopes of discovering something new. It has such a cool vibe about it and I enjoy being amongst the fashionably chic crowd of Delhi expecting nothing but the best from their food as well! That’s how I discovered Chatter House.


The place has ample seating spread over two floors. The one on the first floor has a dimly lit lounge feel. Up another flight of stairs is the roof top that has been converted to a green house with a glass roof and made fully air conditioned. I personally loved getting a table on the top allowing natural light to filter in letting some summer sun on my face.

With a sort of old rock and roll vibe, the place is a beauty in sepia tones. The staff is courteous and the service was reasonably quick.

I went here for a meal with the girls and the lunch certainly lived up to its name – it was a chatter-filled evening as we sipped our drinks over some serious and not so serious settling-down-in-life issues.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – The guava chilli drink was very refreshing. I also enjoyed their white wine sangria while my friends seemed to be doing rounds of their red wine option. Their mango mania brought fond memories with every sip and served as a great precursor to the oncoming mango season 🙂 Other absolutely refreshing drinks were the green apple and basil cooler, whiskey sour and aam panna vodka.

~ Mediterranean style prawns– Prawns from Cochin sautéed with fresh tomatoes, paprika and parmesan. This was absolutely heaven. I am a big fan of prawns and these were cooked perfectly. The gravy enhanced the dish with that hint of beachy memories that I absolutely loved. MUST ORDER.


~ Chicken chorizo croquets – Sausages with a cheese, chicken and chorizo filling, wrapped in panko crumbs and served deep fried. However the filling did not impress me as the taste of the meat was lost in the filling. Could give this a miss.


~ Almond Citrus Salad – Salad greens topped with loads of citrusy oranges, feta cheese and roasted almonds, drizzled with a cider vinaigrette personifies freshness in a bowl. Super healthy eat!


~ Garden in a bowl – This is a vegetarians paradise with baby carrots, radish, slow cooked onion and roasted almond on a bed of eggplant and smoked yoghurt puree. Like I said, it’s a vegetarian’s paradise; it wasn’t for me 😛


~ Blue cheese naan – Mini naans stuffed with blue cheese, topped with pineapple chutney and served with dal makhani shots. These were absolutely divine! Though the naans did not have a pronounced blue cheese flavor (which was actually a blessing for some of my friends), the dal was perfection epitomized with a good balance of flavours, not too sweet and the generous dollop of creamy butter on top to set fire to any Punjabis heart. MUST ORDER.


~ Dahi kebab – Hung yogurt fried kebabs served with onions and mint chutney. They were soft and had a crispy batter coating.


~ Galouti kebab – Minced lamb kebab served with ulta tawa ka parantha and mint chutney. Though the lambs were super soft, they were as spicy or flavoursome as I would prefer. Could give these a miss.


~ Kerela style Chilli beef toasties – Home made bread bruschettas topped with diced beef tossed with coconut, cumin and chilly coriander. The bread was baked to crunchy perfection and the topping was flavoursome (and frankly wasn’t too spicy at all). DO TRY.


~ Chicken breast burger – Herb marinated grilled chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, cheese and pesto mayo between two buns. The burger was really good and I loved the presentation. However I order the grilled chicken version and I am very sure it would taste better with fried chicken instead. So if you like a little crunch between your buns, try their other version. Else all you health conscious people, stick to this grilled version.


~ Vegetable Shammi burger – The burger tasted good with the crispy cutlet though the buns were a little dry on this one.I did like the potato wedges served with mint mayo.


~ Mac and cheese – This was served with bacon dust. Bacon is love! But bacon dust kind of got lost in the overpowering flavor of cheese and I would definitely have preferred to eat it whole. But hey, the dish tasted good and does well with a little help from generous sprinkling of oregano and chilli flakes.


~ Wood fired oven pizza –This was prepared with a thin crust and had a generous amount of stringy cheese.


~ Chicken Parmigiana – Baked crumbed chicken topped with ham, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese served with fries. It was an interesting preparation and I think it’s somewhat like an up-quality version of the KFC chizza.


~ Dukka spiced sole – Ain’t it a beauty! This was dukka marinated fish served on a bed of smoked yoghurt puree. I specially loved the burst of colour added through the orange segments and zucchini ribbons. DO TRY.IMG_1821

Fettuccine fungi de rosco – The pasta was loaded with mushrooms and served with a creamy sauce. I did find it a little under-seasoned so resorted to dropping some oregano and chilli flakes to the mix.


~ Chimichurri Chicken – This looked really good! This pan seared chicken was topped with Argentian salsa and served alongwith roasted beets, sweet potatoes and beans. I would really recommend this dish for health conscious people as not only is it beauty on a plate but also great on flavour and great way to take in some easy protein with the painful carbs.IMG_1829

~ Banana 3 ways – Banana cake, Banana coconut mousse and Caramelized banana is a banana lover’s heaven.IMG_1718

~ Vanilla Yoghurt cake with seasonal fruits–  I simply loved this cake (very similar to a cheesecake). While other may find it bland, I loved the simple flavours with fresh fruits.


~ Molten Chocolate cake – This is a lot of chocolate in different textures; the crumbly brownie and lots of gooey chocolate served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. DO TRY



Go for:

Fun bar snacks. Leisurely meal. Chatter-full dining experience. Chill vibes.


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