For quick bites that are satisfying & pocket-friendly, head to Snak Box, Mamzar

We’re always on the lookout for new places. Apart from heading to fine dine restaurants sometimes we’re in the mood for satisfyingly delicious meals that are quick, filling and most importantly not heavy on the pocket. Our search led us to Snak Box in Mamzar. We’ve been around this part of town previously to try some delicious stuffed falafels (read about our visit here).


Get Set Gobble

The menu is filled with varied options from Lebanese to Indian snacks. There’s something in it for everyone. Don’t be confused about what to try, we’re here to help. You can choose to drive in, sit outside on a good day or even order in from here.

Two new dishes that we tried were Balaleet & Khabeesa that seemed so familiar to our desi taste buds. The former is an unusual combination of sweet & salty vermicelli with eggs that is a very popular Arabic breakfast dish. Another popular breakfast dish, the latter is sweet semolina cooked with dry fruits. We’ve grown up with similar flavours & ingredients so trying these Arabic versions was a pleasant surprise for us.

If you’re more a lover of pancakes you can order their J’bab or Khameer. Whether you’re in the mood for Cheese, zataar, oman chips, cheese & egg, nutella, lotus…they’ve got it all. Though the former are more like pancakes, the latter is like a pie with toppings.

Trying a plateful of the local dessert Lu’qaimat is a must. These tiny gastronomical delights were filled with oozing chocolate or cheese and are best enjoyed while they’re piping hot. They’ve got more options like nutella, kinder, snickers, mozzarella cheese and more that we’re definitely heading back for. By the way, we personally vouch for their Lotus Kunafa. Think crispy pastry with a layer of stretchy cheese in the centre and generous helping on lotus on top. This is one treat you won’t want to share 😛

They do a great Chicken Club sandwich with toasted bread, lods of sauces in the layers and a side of fries. Even the Chicken burger is quite a mouthful with layers of chicken, cheese slices, jalapenos, lettuce and some dynamite sauce. Also, order their Passion fruit drink for a sweet and refreshing treat.

Their Shrimp dynamite is definitely something that demands to be given a try. If you are a sucker for that dynamite sauce, you can also try the chicken version which is just as good. Chicken shawarma is always a filling and delightful dish. Personally we love our breads toasted and that’s exactly how it’s served here. Also, don’t miss to add a side of French fries with cheddar cheese & jalapenos. We can never get enough of these.

Moving on to the Indian inspired side of the menu, we spotted pakoras and we knew we had to get a plate. These crispy treats are paired well with a selection of teas offered here from Karak, mint to zafran. They even serve grilled chapli kebab that are huge portions to say the least, served with green chutney and lachha parantha. We also tried their Scrambled eggs or egg bhurji. How can a combination of stir fried eggs, onions & chillies with a topping of coriander and cheese go wrong.

We indulged in quite a feast and look forward to trying more dishes on our next visit.


Where: Behind Union Co-op, Mamzar, Dubai
Meal for two: AED 40 approx
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Grab a quick meal during a leisure drive on Jumeirah Road @Sheel w Mashi, Jumeirah, Dubai

If you’ve decided to take a leisure drive along the Jumeriah Beach Road and suddenly feel hunger pangs coming along, we feel you. We’ve found a place that’s got you covered with some quick bites and the best part’s that they deliver right to your car. If you choose to dine in, they have a pretty spacious seating area as well with a large open kitchen that gives you a look at the hygienic cooking condition.

This place offers some good food at great prices. Read on and take note of what’s on offer here.


Get Set Gobble

The menu is pretty simple with a variety of fillings that go between buns or come in a wrap. Either ways, the dishes are quite easy to gobble up.

The Tournido is a constant hit here and it was no wonder we loved it too. What sets this chicken filling apart is the combination of pomegranate molasses, mushroom, garlic, pickles and mayonnaise. It truly is a winning combination.

If you are a seafood lover, there’s the option of trying their Shrimp or Crab filling. It’s a proper and fulfilling snack. Another one of their most popular items is the Mishmomken with corn and mayonnaise salad tossed in with the chicken filling.

Our appetites weren’t yet satisfied so we ordered a couple of their meat variants as well. The Sheel w Mashi is a great choice with peppers, onions, cheese, pomegranate molasses, mayonnaise and pickles but if you’d love a little kick, you can order the spicy version of the same burger with additional spicy peppers. It’s certainly well seasoned and easy to polish off.

IMG_2881We’d definitely recommend trying the Ghaddara and Chicken Filet as well. The former has mushrooms and peppers while the latter has chicken cooked with bread crumbs and coleslaw. Winning combinations we’d say!

They even do juices, mojitos and soft drinks incase you are looking for something to sip on the side.

The best part about the food and drinks here is that everything is made to order but the service is still pretty quick. This means that the food is fresh when it arrives. So next time you’re driving around beach road and craving some yummy food, give these guys a try! They also deliver.


Where: Near Jumeirah Beach Park, Jumeirah Road, Jumeirah 3, Dubai
Meal for two: AED 60 approx
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#Ramadan offers that will surely bring a smile on your face @Doner Deli, Dubai

It’s that part of the year again when it’s time for the holy month of Ramadan. Most restaurants in Dubai gear up with special dishes and menus created to be served during this period. Our recent visit in Al Barari took us to Doner Deli, that has created some special combos on their menu which you can check out during Ramadan that will definitely bring a smile on your face.


Get Set Gobble

The restaurant is all about the classic German street food called Doner that is fast gaining popularity. They have the most juiciest meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie that is sliced to thin shavings as it gets ready to serve. They stuff the meat into a pita bread, serve it in the form of a wrap called durum, over fresh vegetables as a salad or over rice. You can choose the accompaniments you like but it’s the slow cooked meat essential to each of those variations that gives true flavour to any dish you order.

IMG_2339We tried their Duo meal and went a combination of their Classic Pita and Doner over rice. The extremely filling Pita sandwich has chicken, lettuce, red cabbage, tomato and loads of dressing in it. It’s filled generously so be prepared for some spillage 😛 But that being said, the enormous sandwich is equally big on taste and easy to finish off.

The rice bowl may look humble but there’s loads of flavour in that one. From the delicious meat to fragrant rice, this one’s all about simple and good ingredients promising flavour in every bite. The yoghurt dip served with it makes for the perfect combination.

If you’re trying to keep it healthy then the Doner box is your best bet. They have one that’s literally called Health in a Box! This is a great option when you’re trying to get your protein fix but want to keep it light. What we specially liked was the garlic mayo dip served with it but feel free to skip it if you’re counting calories 😀

IMG_2344They even has some fresh salads and we simply loved biting into the scrumptious Pomegranate salad. The combination of sliced meat, white onions, lettuce, red cabbage and tangy pomegranate vinaigrette was a winner for us. It’s definitely a hearty meal that promises to recharge.

IMG_2338While you’re here, you must definitely try their Durums too. We were quite excited to dig into these yummy delights and ordered the Classic Durum and Durum with Feta. So it uses essentially the same ingredients that go into making the pita sandwich served up as a wrap. This one’s quite convenient to eat.

Lastly end your meal with a helping of their Coffee Cream served in a waffle cup. The consistency of this is something between a shake and a soft serve. If you are a coffee lover, this is a praise worthy treat for the summers!


Apart from the regular menu, here’s a look at the various offers running during Ramadan that you can check out.

Meal for 1 (34 AED) – Choice of Classic Pita/Durum Bread or Doner over rice served with Golden French Fries, Soft Drinks and Dates.

Duo Meal (63 AED) – Choose two between Classic Pita/Durum bread or Doner over rice served with Golden French Fries and Soft Drinks and Dates.

Family Meal (89 AED) – Two Classic Pitas and Two Doner Over Rice served with a sharing platter of Golden French Fries, Family sized Soft Drink and Dates.

All you can Eat (39 AED available from 6 pm- 8:30pm) – Purchase a meal with unlimited sandwich or platter refill (not soft drinks and fries) and also include free upgrade to Vimto and complementary dates.

Where: Al Rabia Building, Al Barari, Dubai
Meal for two: AED 80 approx
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#NewInTown | First look at Jamie Oliver’s brand new Pizzeria | Jamie’s Pizzeria, JLT, Dubai

Jamie Oliver is a famed British Chef and we couldn’t contain our excitement as the launch of his latest venture in Dubai. The new pizzeria has opened up in JLT and looked quite inviting. I popped in here for an early lunch with friends and was quite pleased with my experience.

We’d definitely say that it has a family friendly environment. The interiors are reminiscent of retro diners but still has a modern clean look to it. It’s perfect for an easy lunch, catch up with friends or relaxing with the family.

This casual eatery with vibrant interiors and pleasant staff guarantee you’ll have a good time. Take our word for it! Read on to know what we tried when dining at this new restaurant.

~ DRINKS – Their ORANGE & PASSION FRUIT FIZZ is quite refreshing and if you’d rather keep it healthier, you can go for the KALE & SPINACH SUPER JUICE. It’s healthy yet delicious without being too bitter…goo balance.

~ APPETIZERS – Whoever named the ULTIMATE GARLIC BREAD was a genius. This literally the ultimate item on their menu. Perfectly baked bread with garlic shavings and cheese, this is what #foodporn is 😛 Highly recommended! Another winning dish on the menu, the deep fried MUSHROOM FRITTI guarantee to please. The herbed coating on these quick bites was a winner for me. They make a deadly combo served with the GARLIC & PARSLEY BUTTER DIP.

One bite of the SLOW ROASTED TOMATO CROSTINI and the flavours will sing in your mouth. Each ingredient stands out with it’s own taste and freshness. JAMIE’S SUPERFOOD SALAD is a meal by itself with its generous portion size and is quite a beauty. It’s super healthy and fresh but I would have loved a little more dressing as it felt slightly dry.

~ PIZZA – The best part about the pizza’s here, apart from the fact that they are prepared absolutely fresh is that they are all prepared on a sourdough base and trust me, that makes all the difference. You can even opt for their healthy wholegrain that is a brilliant option as well.

We tried JAMIE’S SUPER GREEN as it promised some healthy toppings like broccoli and spinach on a bechamel sauce base. If you love a spicy kick, try the CHILLI CHICKEN PFREAK or PANEER PICANTE if you’re a vegetarian. Pepperoni lovers can opt for the PEPPERONI or THE CARNE which is a bit more loaded with bacon and meatballs as well. Also the QUATTRO FORMAGGIO is a great choice on a wholegrain base…balances the calories..well almost 😛

~ DESSERTS – I highly recommend you don’t leave without trying their sweet offerings. The TIRAMISU is a classic preparation that is all around satisfying. I also loved the CHOCOLATE BROWNIE that is sinfully good. Topped with some popcorn and vanilla ice cream, you’ll enjoy ending your meal with this one.


Thank you for being so close to home, I know I’m going to be popping in again and again 🙂
Where: Between Cluster R & S entrance, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai
Meal for two: AED 200 approx

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Have you tried this place serving up some amazingly quirky meatball dishes in Dubai Marina yet?! | Meatballerz, Dubai Marina, Dubai

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we’re always in the search for something new and exciting and I think we just hit the jackpot at Meatballerz! Located on the Marina Walk just under the bridge that connects to JBR, we popped into this place for a quick lunch.


Get Set Gobble

We urge you to drop by and give the dishes on their menu a try. From spaghetti to pasta to burgers, these guys have it all. To say that they are fresh and flavourful is an understatement. These guys have really paid attention to food quality and satisfaction is guaranteed.

When you land up here, first start off with their healthy juices and smoothies. Their best seller is the Kale Grail with kale, mint, mango and banana. So not everyone is a big fan of kale but this one will actually make you go wow with how fresh it tastes. The restaurant has also mastered the art of coffee so be sure to check out them out for your next caffeine fix.

The Bloody Burger comes with a blood orange aioli, jack cheese, crunchy rocket and sweet potato fries. Don’t even think about missing to try this one! This is one of their best sellers and from the first bite in, we understood why. Though it’s ideally made with beef meatballs, you can request to replace it with chicken like we did.

IMG_0854When here we urge you guys to try their flatbreads. We ordered the Truffle and wild mushroom flatbread with caramelized onions. Though it looked pretty humble, it tasted ah-mazing!

They even have something perfect for those times when you want to fill up without having that heavy feeling in your stomach. The Cheesy Buffalo aims to do just that with delicious cheese filled meatballs served on a bed of garden lettuce. We call that a healthy balance *winks.

If you are a Asian food lover then why not go for their Teriyaki Chicken Bowl tossed in a delicious sauce accentuated by a little sriracha for the kick. It is another one of their hot sellers on the menu and for good reason.

And guess what? If you feel a bit creative, you can go ahead and make your own dish by picking a combination of base, sauce, balls and toppings from the menu. We tried the Rigatoni pasta with Pico de gallo sauce, topped with Veggie balls and garlic aioli…oh we totally loved this one! We were wondering what the vegetarian balls would taste like and trust us, they don’t disappoint.

If you’re looking to get your daily dose of the healthy avocados, it just got easier with their Holy guacamole. It is super fresh and served with cajun glazed tortilla chips.

The delicious variety of meatballs here will definitely make you go yay! And what’s more, they deliver, so you don’t need to step out of the comfort of your home to enjoy them.

Where: Shop 6, Marina View Towers, Marina Walk, Dubai Marina, Dubai
Meal for two: AED 135 approx
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Binge worthy treats to beat mid-week blues @Moms Cafe, Al Khawaneej, Dubai

We recently discovered this lovely eatery that dishes out some delicious food to gorge on. They have a bright yellow coloured exterior that you can’t miss and will be in for a treat whether you decide to dine in or pick something on the go.

Their menu includes a lot of yummy dishes that are perfect to help beat mid-week blues. The binge worthy treats here guarantee to brighten your day.


Get Set Gobble

This awesome cafe serves up a variety of pocket friendly food and we couldn’t be happier. There are a bunch of different burger and slider options on the menu and you can choose everything from the kind of patty you would like, meat or vegetarian, to the colour of bun you’d like from red, green to black. When you land here definitely try the Crispy chicken burger and Cheetos Chicken sliders to pamper your taste buds and wash it all down with their Berry smoothie.

The only thing better than cheetos burgers is Cheetos pasta. Pasta topped with cheese and crushed cheetos…take a moment to imagine that. Well it’s tastes every bit as good as we thought it would and even better. This is something you cannot miss out on. We love fries more than anything else in the world and every time we go out, we love to try out different versions of it. We spotted the crazy fries here that came topped with generous amounts of meat, cheese and jalapenos.

If however you’re counting calories, you can opt for the fresh Greek Salad, Fruit salad, Fresh strawberry juice and more to help watch your weight. We can’t think of quick bites in Dubai without some Shawarma on the menu. You can pick up their single wrap or a platter depending upon your appetite.

Who in their right mind can ever say no to desserts! These guys get full marks for their sweet treats and you’ll enjoy everything from the Nutella & lotus pancakes to Crazy shakes to M&M covered Ice cream sundaes. These guys also whip up some crazy waffles that are insanely chocolaty and oh so yummy!

Apart from the waffles and pancakes, what we loved was their kunafah that comes with a variety of topping options like dark chocolate fondue, nutella chocolate, pistachio with ice cream and more. Plus in addition to this they also have a Chocolate fountain *yay!

So drop in and make sure you bring your appetite along!

Where: Near Abullah Bin Jarsh Masjid, Al Khawaneej, Dubai
Meal for two: AED 100
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We promise you’ll have a gala time at the #Friday Hive Brunch @Warehouse, Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Dubai

Honestly, we know that the city is flooded with brunch options. We feel that a brunch is never just about the food. It’s the entire ambiance that truly defines the overall experience and the Warehouse brunch definitely got their’s on point. Located in the Le Meridien near the Dubai airport, this restaurant does a buzzing Friday Hive Brunch. So read on to find out what makes this one special.


Get Set Gobble

Ambiance | The brunch doesn’t just happen indoors in the restaurant but is spread all the way outside as well. The indoor area has loads of space but frankly, the outside looks just beautiful in the afternoon sun. Surrounded by loads of palm trees and lots of greenery, this place offers guests a chance to tuck into cozy corners.

Crowd | The crowd is super chill and are all in a great mood to celebrate the weekend. Everybody seems to be having fun and the energy is bound to rub off on you as well. It’s the perfect place to hang out with your buddies so, sit back and relax.

Food | The food variety will definitely make you go yay! You can start with a huge spread of salad and seafood inside. Make your way out and stop for some quick bites like shawarma or pasta made to order. Apart from that there’s also the delicious sliders and hot dogs. There’s also a hot buffet of Corn on the cobb, Spicy sausages, Indian and Asian curries, Seafood satay and more to gorge on. And don’t even get us started on the noodles! Made perfectly to order, we got the chef to cook us prawn noodles with extra spice. We loved it so much, we had to call for repeats 🙂 These guys even serve some scrumptious pork dishes as well, so that’s a bonus! Before wrapping up, don’t miss the desserts served here that are laid out inside.

Drinks | These guys serve everything from beer, house spirits, wine to bubbly. You can’t miss their quirky cocktails like Chocy Choco, Vani Cafe and more over at the Booze Market counter. They even have fresh coconuts spiked with rum if you feel inclined that way and trust us, you don’t want to miss that. You can also step behind the bar and play bartender to create your own concoction, under supervision of course 😀 So if you love to try out drinks like us, this is the perfect place for you.

Service | The staff is pleasant and frankly with all the walking around to try the food, there barely was any need to for service at the table.

Entertainment | To make your Fridays even more rocking, they have a live band to entertain you. But that’s not all, they go out of their way on entertainment keeping it in sync with the Hive theme. Expect to see girls dressed as bees, a man walking on stilts, or bee suited acrobats around. So don’t forget to grab a seat in the outdoor area and check them out.

So visit the Friday brunch and we promise you’re in for a gala time. This is definitely that one place where you can let your hair down and have some fun.

Where: Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Airport Road, Al Garhoud, Dubai
Friday brunch: AED 279 (With Alcohol), 1PM to 4PM
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Pocket friendly Sushi, pasta and everything in between @Shrimp bite, Jumeirah 3, Dubai

We recently stumbled upon this cute little joint on Jumeirah Road (they have one outlet in Mamzar and this is the new branch that’s right next to Med Care) that does some great grub. And what’s the best part you ask? Well, you won’t end up with a hole in your pocket after a satisfying meal. So, here’s our take on them.


Get Set Gobble

The menu is fairly simple but yet varied where you can order shrimp, chicken or vegetarian versions of items on the menu. So basically there’s something for everyone here.

If you love sushi, there’s no way you won’t enjoy their varied offerings. While you’re ordering, don’t miss to try the Sushi Black Diamond that’s one of their best sellers with shrimp tempura, black sesame seeds outside, crabstick on top with spicy sauce or the Sushi Super California with avocado, crabstick, spicy mayo and caviar on top. The presentation is spot on and so colourful, you can’t resist pulling your phone out to grab a quick pic.

They even do a Crunchy Sushi with fried tempura flour that’s a great bite. What we loved the most was addition of sauces that make the sushi easy on the palate even for non sushi eaters like us. The sushi is served in little take away boxes that are super convenient specially if you’re eating on the go.

Stir fried noodles are definitely a top pick for comfort food. This one goes perfectly with their fruit flavoured mojitos so don’t forget to order the Passion fruit or Mix berries when here. Another hot item on the menu is the Dynamite Shrimp that comes coated in spicy mayo topped with potato sticks. We weren’t complaining with this one. If you’re looking for a soothing bowl of soup on a cool evening, order the Tom Yum and you won’t be disappointed.

If crunchy chicken burgers is what gets you drooling then go ahead and order one here.
It’s certainly generously loaded to say the least with crispy chicken, lettuce, loads of mayo and crunchy potato sticks. This one’s sure to satiate your growling tummies.

We didn’t just stick to the basic sauces and ordered the Pink Sauce Chicken Pasta and, it was the best decision ever! It was a bowl of creamy goodness that was satisfying in every bite. Don’t forget to try it out. They even give you extra grated cheese on top making it all the more amazing 🙂

So order in or drop by today, either way you’re in for a treat!

Where: Near Jumeirah Beach Park, Jumeirah Road, Jumeirah 3, Dubai
Meal for two: AED 50 approx
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100% Vegetarian treats under AED 15 | Trying #Cheese filled Falafels @Falafel Station, Mamzar, Dubai

Falafels are a must-have delicacy for every Lebanese food lover. What makes this dish hugely popular is that these deep fried treats that are a 100% vegetarian. Here’s an affordable food joint that does some incredibly delicious preparations. This place is a paradise for all those out there looking to grab a quick bite without burning a hole in your pocket. We decided to head on over to Falafel Station during the day and here’s what we think.

Get Set Gobble

This version of the falafel is filled with Cheese & Jalapenos giving you the stretchy melted cheese pull every time you break into one. These ones cost as little as AED 15 *YAY*  which is pretty decent considering the quantity and quality offered. They are well cooked, crispy and come with a side of tahini sauce. The flavour just blew us away and it would be a sin not to try these when you find yourselves here.

They didn’t stop at falafels and even do Cheese & Jalapeno fries as well. This is a cone of cheeeeeeeeesy indulgence! *drools* It’s as much fun watching them pour the melted cheddar cheese over as it is to dig into them. The quantity is pretty good and is surely value for money.

IMG_4704Another version of the falafel comes deliciously loaded with Onions & Sumac. It is something we’d definitely recommend you all to try. If you are a fan of bold flavours, you are certainly going to appreciate this filling. There are 9 pieces in one serving of a plate and 5 in a cone that guarantee satisfaction as you bite into each one of them.

If you fancy yourself a bigger meal, you can choose a Falafel platter that comes complete with 4 pieces of the crispy treats, fries, grilled eggplant, pickles and tahini sauce. Did we mention, they even do falafel wraps. Come here during breakfast time and you can get falafels with egg that actually come with heart shaped falafels which we think are super cute! Everything is served in disposable containers so you can drive in and pick them up on the go.

Once you’ve had your fill of falafels, you can try their bowl of Foul as well. Plus, they also have mojitos in Strawberry & Passion fruit flavour that are absolutely refreshing.

Apart from falafels, they also do some shawarma options as well. Can’t wait to go back and give those a try! So if you haven’t tried this place out yet, head on over and you won’t be disappointed.

P.S. They deliver as well. So you can sit back and order in!

Where: Near Al Hamriya Port, Khaleej Road, Mamzar, Dubai
Getting here: Use Google Maps and head to the street behind the main road to find them.
Meal for two: AED 60 approx
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Head on over for some amazing burgers & more on your next #CheatDay | Blaze Burger, JBR, Dubai

If you dream about juicy burgers as much as I do, you are surely in for a treat with this find. I recently made my way to Blaze Burgers in JBR and though the sight of a good juicy burger is tempting enough, I was astounded by the flavourful food served to me. So food lovers, read on to find out what made our visit worth it!


Get Set Gobble

The menu is divided into sections of meat, bun, sauces and toppings to literally craft your own burger with ample choices to chose from. Order at the counter and make your way over to the condiment section (set up like a shopping store) where you can pick up a basket and grab whatever you like to take to your table. So much fun!

We could only try a few but there’s lots of variations to choose from. Whether you choose meat or vegetarian, the burgers are simply heavenly and you’ll agree once you sink your teeth in. Order up an Oreo shake and Onion rings with it and, you are good to go.

Along with the burgers they even have sides like the Scoopers that should surely comprise your order when here. They are literally scooped shaped potato chips perfect for dunking. Their Chilli Cheese Fries were absolutely impressive. You will not regret trying this one!

The yummy showstopper has to got to be the 6abooga sandwich aka the Brick burger (check out the image below). Need I say more! We were drooling the minute we saw this and weren’t disappointed with the meat patty layered between all that cheese. We went for Heaven & Hell which is the spiciest sauce on the menu and paired this with the Triple Lime cooler for some relief.

They’ve got some funky dessert options like the Salty treat with Bacon topped vanilla ice cream (yes you heard that right, it’s bacon!) served in a churro bowl along with M&Ms and chocolate sauce as well 😀 Another popular favourite is the Gooey Chocolate Skillet which is sure to satiate all those sweet cravings. Each bite was heavenly!


Where: Sadaf, The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Dubai
Meal for two: AED 130 approx
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