Dress up in style for the ‘Best Dressed Brunch’ @Great British Restaurant, Dukes Dubai Oceana, Palm Jumeirah

Hands down, brunch is my favourite meal of the day. Our appetite for long boozy brunches has been growing since having come to Dubai. It’s the perfect way to kick start your weekend, wouldn’t you agree?

The Great British restaurant is a terrific eatery inside the Dukes Dubai Oceana in Palm Dubai. Serving a hearty meal to a crowd of glamorous women and suited men, the brunch features British classics, Indian delights and Italian appetizers. The ever so friendly staff serving at the bustling British restaurant make sure you have a superb time.


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Ambiance | It’s all about bringing London to you right here in our very own Dubai. The restaurant has a posh British vibe with high ceilings adorned by candle chandeliers, conventional tiled floors and floor to ceiling windows lighting the place up. Absolutely buzzing with lively chatter and packed with energy, expect people to hang around for hours even after the brunch is wrapped up. We promise, you will literally not want to leave and go home.

Crowd | Dress up in style and come enjoy the brunch. The best dressed couple is awarded a complimentary night stay at the hotel including breakfast. If that’s not motivation enough to pull out your most fashionable outfit, I don’t know what is?! It’s all about courtesy and being sociable at the gathering. Expect smiles all around with a lot of cheery faces.

Food | Brunch allows them a chance to showcase the traditional British roast with all the trimmings along with great breads & salads, phenomenal sliders, classic pies and superb desserts. You cannot dine at a British restaurant and not try the classic fish & chips. Paired with the Sol beer, I’d say they were mighty fine.

They have furnished the salad counter with a variety of fabulous greens, veggies, cheese and more. We highly recommend you try the freshly prepared Burrata salad. They have a whole Indian menu counter. We’re talking butter chicken curry, rice, and evens papadums. You can have pasta prepared to your liking at the live counter. Ask the Chef to throw in the white and red sauce together like we did. Start with — before moving on to

Don’t stuff yourself with mains as their desserts are hard to resist when it’s full of cupcakes, tarts, pastries, cakes and even a chocolate fountain! Try the sticky toffee pudding and thank us later 🙂

Drinks | They have a massive bar in the centre of the restaurant popping out beer, wine, whiskey, gin They even have a live Bloody Mary cocktail counter. If you know what Pimms is, give yourself a pat on the back. If you don’t, you need to stop and try the Pimms cocktail now. Alternatively, devote your time to leisurely sitting down with a cold brew or a sparkling grape. We recommend you cancel any plans after 😛

Service | Service surely doesn’t disappoint, the staff are friendly and welcoming as ever.  The servers are very attentive and work in tandem to keep your glasses topped, tables clean and plates full at all times. They are extremely cheerful and up for a conversation if you’re feeling a bit chatty after a drink or two 😀 I’d go as far to say that they excel in service.

IMG_4296Entertainment | There was a live band doing an absolutely sensational job of keeping us entertained while the drinks flowed. She covered a range of songs by artists like Coldplay, Adele, Beatles and more.


Where: DUKES Dubai Oceana, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
Meal for two: AED 295 Brunch & Soft drinks, AED 295 House Beverages, AED 445 Sparkling grape, AED 545 French Bubbles
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Treat yourself to an Unlimited feast | Vegetarian Thali @Rajdhani, Karama

Thali holds a special place in my heart. There is something extremely satisfying about treating yourself to unlimited portions of assorted curries, breads and sweets. Not only this but, you can have a filling meal without burning a hole in your pocket.

Rajdhani restaurant serves a thali inspired by Gujarati & Marwari cuisine. So sit down, relax and treat your taste buds to a variety of food that is extremely satisfying. As is expected at a thali restaurant, the food flows constantly to the table and the servers ensure that you are stuffed beyond compare. Be prepared to indulge yourself guilt-free!


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IMG_4172Vegetarians will be very pleased as the restaurant serves a thali with an array of dishes that are 100% veg. Here’s a look at what we were served for Wednesday lunch.

We were started off with the Chaas to drink and snacks like the Bread sev roll, a fried delight that I loved and Dahi Misal that is a layering of moth sabzi on top of crunchy namkeen topped with curd.

I particularly liked the selection of vegetable curries they had. The flavour of the Lasuni Paneer Methi was spot on. And if you love a little bit of spice like we do, you’re surely in for a treat. I tried the Rangooni Val for the first time and immediately fell in love with it. Papdi ringna Muthiya nu shak and Aloo anardana kesari go perfectly well with Mirchi puri or Phulka.

There’s the Guajarti Kaju surti dal that is a sweet savoury preparation. Also try the delicious boondi kadhi with Matar masala parantha.

IMG_3774Rajasthani’s will rejoice when they are served Dal baati churma or the Rajasthani dal complete with Jowar rotla and gur (jaggery). Pair this with the Garlic chutney and Masala green chillies for an extra kick.

And that’s not all, there’s also Matar corn salad, Masala papad, Bharela mirch, Chaas, Mint chutney, Onions and pickle. If you are still feeling a bit more peckish, go in for the Paneer tikka pulao or Moongdal khichdi.

End your meal on a sweet note with the Khopra halwa. Try the delicious Motichoor laddu with basundi or the crispy Jalebi with rabri that surely never disappoints. Perfect way to close the meal 🙂

The food is definitely full of flavour but was a little on the spicier side for us.

Where: Ground Floor, Al Khafajy Building, Opposite Ministry Of Interior, Al Karama, Dubai
Thali Price: AED 40 per person, AED 25 on Tuesdays
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This Italian Riviera inspired cafe serves some delicious grub | Try the Piada (flat-breads) & more @Piadera, World Trade Centre

Piadas are traditional Italian flat-breads that gained popularity by being sold at beach side kiosks in the Romagna Riviera region of Italy. Generally they are filled with cheese, vegetables and cold cuts. They are served in triangular paper bags so it’s super easy for you to pick one up and eat it on the go. The piada menu at Piadera is full of fresh, healthy and wholesome ingredients that are sure to please your tummies. We were wishing we could give them all a try 😀

The interiors are bright and filled with colourful stripes inspired by Italian beach kiosks. This quaint cafe blessed us with some delicious Italian grub. It’s perfect when you are in the mood for some good food that is oh-so-satisfying!


Get Set Gobble

We decided to ‘Make our Own’ piada and went with Grilled chicken, Buffalo mozzarella, Rocket salad, Grilled zucchini, Onions, Cesar sauce and Garlic Oil. Isn’t there something extremely rewarding about having your dish prepared completely as per your choice?! The breads were filled generously and tasted so good. One bite in and we could literally imagine ourselves on the beautiful Italian beach-side biting into an after swim snack.

We also ordered their Green Detox with cucumber, green apple & mint and the Banana & Nutella shake. Yes, we see how both of them are literally on the opposite sides of the food spectrum 😀

For the second piada we chose the Smoked turkey, Stracciatella, Rocket salad, Pesto and Truffle sauce. This was another completely satisfying creation. We certainly made good decisions picking out ingredients that went well with each other with some help from our server.

You can try the Caprese salad which is fresh, healthy and a traditional Italian delicacy made by layering slices of tomato and buffalo mozzarella topped with basil leaves and pesto dressing.

We were actually going crazy looking at their dessert selection and there is nothing wrong in that. With a small, fresh selection of dishes, they are sure to leave you wowed with some incredible preparations. Fresh hearty creations like Chocolate Mozzarella which is a buttery sponge cake with chocolate filling in the centre and Torte Tenerina that has a crusty top layer and soft crumbly centre are bound to catch your eye. Their Tiramisu is to die for! It has the perfect balance of bittersweet flavour, moistness and creaminess…you’re surely going to love it. Go give it a try and come thank us later!

They are going to start make their cheese in-house very soon! Can’t wait to come back again and give it a try 🙂

Where: Offices 1, One Central, Trade Centre Area, Dubai
Meal for two: AED 60 approx
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Making ‘Dreams come True’ with sweet and savoury buns | Head over to That Place, Jumeirah 3

We recently made our way to That Place to check out this new spot dishing out some crazy buns. It’s quite a cute spot with flowers, posters and cozy seating. From Lebanese to Mexican to Indian, they have it all! Also their dessert buns are not to be missed. Plus, don’t miss out their extensive game collection from Jenga, Emoji Uno, Pictureka, Business and more. Perfect for spending some fun time with your bestie 🙂


Get Set Gobble:

You can choose what filling you want in the bun and then go ahead to select the dip and topping. The single bun serving comes with a choice of one each.

IMG_3666Start off with their Parmesan Garlic Spicy Fries that are generously sprinkled with spices and cheese. It was easy to wipe them all off 😀

IMG_3667Vegetarians can enjoy the Forest Baby with Sundried tomatoes, mushroom, Spinach, Feta, Pesto and mozzarella. This paired perfectly with Ranch dip and crunchy Omani Chips on top.

IMG_3674Being a true desi, I couldn’t resist ordering the One Bite Bhaji as soon as I spotted it on the menu. The bun is literally stuffed with spicy bhaji and mozzarella that tasted oh-so-good. Topped with the Chilli garlic tomato dip and fried green chillies, this one is sure to please your spice-craving taste buds.

IMG_3670My favourite bun would have to be the Tango Chix bun paired with Cheddar cheese dip and Flaming Hot Cheetos. The chicken tossed in Mexican spices and sauces is absolutely full of flavour. This was a winner for me!

IMG_3669The most ultimate item on their menu has to be the dessert bun called Dreams Come True. We were rewarded with gooey nutella and a snickers bar inside. What’s not to love about that, right?! They keep mixing up the treats inside so you never know what you will get the next time you order the dish. An item that’s making it onto their menu soon is the Strawberry and Cream bun. You can go with a single bun in each flavour or build up a tower of two like we did 😀

Personally we felt that the service can definitely be improved and the buns could use some more toppings so they are not too dry (we asked for extras in the above pics). The restaurant is still pretty new and working out their kinks. We’ll be sure to check them out again once they get settled in 🙂

Where: Near the Dubai Canal, Jumeirah Street, Jumeirah 3, Dubai
Meal for two: AED 120 approx
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The place you need to head to for a full-on Indian feast with a view | Peppermill, Dubai Festival City Mall

I am a complete desi at heart and when it comes to food, there’s no greater joy than eating Indian food! Wouldn’t you agree?! Peppermill restaurant is all about Indian food with oh-so-delicious items on their menu.

We’re not kidding when we say that the place is huge! They have a 250 cover spread across the front called the ‘Living room’, small cozy private dining areas named after different Indian cities like Mumbai, Lucknow, Delhi and a beautiful space called the ‘Balcony’ that offers the perfect view of the Festival city fountains. The food is prepared with strict consideration in mind of the local crowd with a good balance of spices however, if you prefer to have your food spicier, don’t hesitate to ask.

Good service is such an essential part of a good meal. Personally, I have never had a good experience if the staff weren’t as helpful or attentive. The staff at Peppermill ensures a wholesome experience with their genuinely pleasant nature assisting you in every way possible.


Get Set Gobble

With a great array of yummy dishes, it’s a tough job picking out dishes from the menu.

Begin by enjoying their Fattoush Ala Indie salad made with the freshest of ingredients. We would summarize the dish as beauty on a plate! We went all out with the sumac and honey balsamic dressing that helped bring together the veggies, crisps and feta cheese.

We also had the Tomato Shorba. Mixing and matching textures of butter poached vegetables, pao crisps and raisin ratatouille drenched in the tomato coriander soup makes for a treat.

Treat yourself to the Peppermill Chaat platter, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. This is the ultimate dish on the menu for all street food lovers out there. Complete with Samosa & Chola, Palak patta chaat, Golgappa, Dahi bhalla and Chatpata Aloo, maximum satisfaction is guaranteed.

We highly recommend trying their Pondicherry Seafood Curry with shrimps and fish to bless your taste buds. The coconut curry flavoured with madras curry spice and raw mango is bound to have you enjoying yourself.

Meat lovers get excited coz they have the perfect Pepeprmill Gymkhana Selection with Malai tikkaChicken tikka, Korma chaap, Seekh kebab, Ajwaini fish and Prawns. We went all out gobbling up this up.

If you are looking for something similar to a stir fry, the Gorkha Chicken is a great choice.

The Nalli Roganjosh is to die for! Think braised lamb shanks with meat falling off the bone served in a Kashmiri chilli and yoghurt stew….drooling! 😛

If you know me, you know that Mutton Biryani is my ultimate love! Feast on their dum biryani that did complete justice in terms of flavour and presentation. Full marks to it!

As no Indian meal is complete without sweet treats, we ordered the Sweet shop with Kesari rasmalai, Gulab jamun and Coconut cream & pepper panacotta. Our sweet tooth was certainly satisfied by the end of it!


Where: Level 1, Water Front, Dubai Festival City Mall, Festival City, Dubai
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#Delightful Meal | Authentic Lebanese dishes served with a view @Jedoudna, JBR

My new found love for Lebanese food encourages me to try new restaurants every time. Accordinlgy I made my way to try a new spot, Jedoudna, located right in the heart of JBR. They have some pretty awesome views whether you choose to sit outside, downstairs or upstairs. The service is quick, food is prepared fresh and the portion sizes are great.


Get Set Gobble

As is to be expected, the restaurant has their food game strong with traditional dishes on the menu. We began with an order of their Jedoudna Hummus and Mouhamara that are perfect with the accompaniment of a basket of hot breads. They were so soft as they are made fresh to order.

The Potato provincial is a tangy preparation with stir fried potato cubes. The Falafel was crispy, crunchy and delicious as it to be expected. It had great flavour and we were quite happy with the portion size as well. The only scope of improvement would be on the dip served with it as it was a bit watery for my liking.

I usually end up ordering the Fattoush salad whenever I go to a Lebanese restaurant and decided to try something different this time. I had the Jedoudna Salad that had a bed of fresh green topped with onions, tomatoes, pine nuts and cheese.

When you visit the restaurant, you must try their Manakish. To put it simply would be to say that they are a Lebanese pizza. I was with a vegetarian friend and the server was very kind enough to get us a half & half option. We tried the Zaatar & Akkawi Cheese on one half and the Sujuk & Cheese on the other. Needless to say, it was completely wiped off within minutes. The base is soft and the amount of cheese is just right so that it adds enough flavour without overpowering the palette.

Their Charcoal grilled half chicken is cooked perfectly and is absolutely delicious to eat. It’s a great choice especially for those who are on a diet and want to eat healthy! The chicken is grilled on the bone and has lovely char marks on top giving it maximum flavour.

The Kebab Khishkhash is a delight to eat. They were cooked absolutely on point making them packed with flavour and soft with every bite. Let’s just say it was very easy to wipe them off the plate 😛


Where: Rimal, The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Dubai
Meal for two: AED 170 approx
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Good food & Friendly service | My Japanese Meal @Sushi Express Cafe, Dubai Media City

Sushi Express is a cute little Cafe located in Gloria Hotel. I made my way here for lunch and had a lovely meal. The food here is fresh and the Chef gives great care to delivering a beautiful plate of food. Their location and promptness of service makes it perfect for a quick meal or business lunch.



Get Set Gobble

Their Chicken Gyozas are available in three versions, steam, pan fried or deep fired. I personally like the pan fried option as it’s the best of both worlds. The dumplings were cooked perfectly.

Ebi Tempura is probably the BEST dish on the menu. Think crispy fried prawns served with a sweet dipping sauce. I could not have been more happier with the taste and flavour in this dish. Thumbs up from me!

Being a little adventurous I tried the Okonomiyaki that are like Japanese pancakes with egg, spring onions and meat. They are certainly worth a try if you are looking for something new to explore on the menu.

The Chef prepared the Express Summer Sushi in front of us and it was a pleasure to watch him immaculately rolling it together. The best part about this Maki roll was that it had sliced mango on top. The flavour combination was just perfect with the crab meat in the centre and Philadelphia cream and Teriyaki sauce to complement. Yummy!

A ramen bowl is a must for me whenever I visit a Japanese restaurant. I tried the Chicken Paitan Ramen that arrived piping hot with all the toppings. Though the ingredients were great, the broth in itself was a little bitter for my palette.

The Chicken Teriyaki Bento is a great meal by itself. There’s no going wrong with flavour when it comes to the teriyaki sauce. Healthy and delicious!

We gave the BBQ Chicken Yakitori Don a try without the rice having ordered a Mixed Fried rice on the side. They were the perfect combination together! That chicken was as delicious as nothing I’ve eaten before and we discovered the reason was that secret sauce it was tossed in (the chef wouldn’t give up his recipe, we really tried :-P).

The Yakitori Hotate is also worth a try. The dish has two skewers of grilled scallops.

Their desserts section really got me going with all the green on the menu. We couldn’t resist trying the Matcha Cheesecake (this baked cheesecake was oh so good), Matcha Tiramisu and the Avocado Brulee (if you like avocado smoothies, you are going to love this one).


Go for

Pros: The food is really delicious, service is prompt and portion sizes are great. Also, there’s valet parking available at the hotel so that’s a great bonus. From the Chef to the servers, their staff is super friendly and always smiling. 🙂 Cons: They only have sushi counter seating available inside with large tables out in the open.


Where: Ground Level, Gloria Hotel, Dubai Media City, Dubai
Meal for two: AED 140 approx
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Mumbai’s famed Resto bar has finally arrived in Dubai | Hitchki, DIFC

Hitchki, the famed Mumbai retro bar has finally opened up in DIFC and we couldn’t wait to go check it out. The place is known for all things quirky from drinks, food to interiors. Complete with various props from the 80s like a tape recorder, type writer, grandfather clock, etc., the restaurant’s menu follows suit and brings you some classic nostalgic grub modified to keep up with current food trends.

One thing we loved about the restaurant was the fun atmosphere with Indian pop music, cheerful servers and easy seating; it’s the perfect place to hang out with friends in the evening and catch up over conversations and drinks.

Get Set Gobble

The menu consists of Indian dishes that are basically nostalgia on a plate. Be it the Patrani Chilli poppers or the Charlie Chapli kebabs, the dishes will give you familiar flavours packaged newly. Expect dishes like Chocolate Chilli Chicken and Kadai Paneer Lasagne that are intriguing and wonderfully tasty.

As our meal progressed, it kept building further on the concept and we devoured dishes like the Bhatti ka paneer, Mangalorean Chicken Curry and Dal Makhani. We sipped on the sweet Geeta Babita or slightly tangy Drunken Nimboo Soda that can be prepared with out without the addition of alcohol (obviously we preferred the former :-P).

The food experiments by their Chef continue from the Rasam Minestrone to Mumbai ka Julius Caeser consisting of crunchy papad layered with Parmesan and romaine lettuce. The Very Berry Biryani promises to deliver with berries and tender mutton served on a bed of rose scented rice.

IMG_2830The fun vibes of the ambiance transcend into their playful desserts like the Baratiyon ka Swagat or the Truffle Gulab Jamun…yes, you heard that right! Expect a pan pasand flavoured jelly and some impressive sugar work in the former and, oodles of delicious chocolate in the latter.

So will we be seeing you there soon?!


Where: Gate Precinct, Building 4, DIFC, Dubai
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#MorningMotivation | Eating our heart out | Breakfast with kickass views @Fume, Pier 7, Dubai Marina

Getting out of bed early on a weekend?! Surely it’s the last thing you would want to do on a Friday morning. However, this eatery in Pier 7 is giving you some serious #MorningMotivation with their Breakfast Menu. Not only do they have incredible breakfast dishes but some kickass views of the Dubai Marina as well. We simply couldn’t wait to go check it out for ourselves. IMG_2623

Located on the 1st floor, the eatery has a beautiful wooden interior with some unique wall pieces. Look out for the funky buckets, lights, chalkboard menus, coke freezer and other quirky charms. Grab a table by the window that’s perfect for sharing the meal with that special someone or just enjoying a meal by yourself.


Get Set Gobble

The breakfast menu is pretty yummy and they have avocado toasts, smoothies, bunch of egg preparations, waffles and so much more! They have an extravagant eggs menu for you to try out from Benedict, sunny side up, fried, poached and more for a protein packed start to the day.

Avocado lovers listen up…these guys have got the most delicious treat with sliced avocados served on top of a large slice of sourdough bread with micro greens. The Avocado toast is as #InstaWorthy as it is delicious. The Fume Pan is made with typical breakfast essentials. This platter has two fried eggs, hash brown, mushroom, chicken sausage, bacon, roasted tomato, baked beans and sourdough toast that is sure to make your tummy very happy.

The Arabic Breakfast can be tuned for vegetarians who can savour the shakshouka, smoked eggplant, salad, labneh and sourdough. It’s perfect for a delicious and fulfilling meal. More of a healthy option when it comes to breakfast, the Salmon with eggs is a filling yet delicious option. The sourdough toast is topped with scrambled eggs, smoked Norwegian salmon, salmon caviar and served with rocket leaves.

If you are in the mood for something sweet, the chocolate croissant is a good to nibble on. We were definitely gonna try their Lotus pancake but unfortunately they were out of it that day *pool of tears. We opted for the next best thing on the menu, that is their Hotcakes with fresh fruits. The dish is simply bursting with freshness and colour.

Waffles are something that I personally love and are definitely one thing I like to have as a part of my breakfast. The Waffles with mixed berries served with chocolate sauce were satisfying to say the least. We were already having a #SugarRush and we decided to take it up a notch by ordering their Monster Shakes. The shakes by themselves are enough to cure all breakfast cravings right away. The Bro-nut comes with chocolate brownie and nutella and, the Funky cheesecake actually has a strawberry cheesecake slice on top…insanely delicious!

Make sure you head on over and try out their breakfast right away!

Where: 1st Floor, Pier 7, Behind Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Marina, Dubai
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A delicious Lebanese Affair @Baydar, Al Barsha Mall, Dubai

After having come to Dubai I have been able to taste some pretty authentic Lebanese cuisine. Needless to say, I have fallen in love with it. How can one not?! With a great balance of vegetarians and non vegetarian dishes on the menu, we made our way to Baydar, a newly renovated restaurant in the food court level of Al Barsha Mall.

IMG_2197The service staff is extremely pleasant and helped us order a multitude of dishes ensuring we had a good meal and a good time. Here’s what all we sampled from the menu.


Get Set Gobble

IMG_2074We started off with a bucket of fresh Lebanese bread accompanied by Labneh, olives and pickles. This was perfect to keep us munching as our order was being prepared. The lavash was crispy and herb covered. Also it was my first time trying the mini pita breads…they were just adorable!

IMG_2076~ Drinks – We started off with their Avocado drink that was topped with honey and nuts. It was super healthy but  personally I would have loved some more sweetness to it. We also tried the Fruit Cocktail that was something very different from our expectation. The drink was loaded with lots of chopped fresh fruits with layers of avocado and fruit juice along with nuts. It’s definitely worth a try when you are here and looking for something refreshing yet filling.

IMG_2078~ Cold MezzeHommos & Fattouch are a staple on the table when I go out to dine at any Lebanese restaurant. One bite of the hommos can say so much about the restaurant cause if they got that right, the rest is surely going to be as good. And boy oh boy was their hommos tasty. Personally I did not care too much about the fattouch as it was not salty or sour enough according to my palette.

IMG_2077~ Hot mezze – We tried two crispy preparations. The Spinach fatayer was a good option but I definitely preferred the Chicken shawarma samosa more. They were stuffed generously and are great with a side of their garlic and chilli paste.

~ Kebab sandwich – Their Falafel roll is a yummy treat for vegetarians.

~ Kebab platters – We ordered the Half chicken that was served with a side of fries and garlic paste. The chicken was scrumptious to say the least. It was cooked perfectly, juicy all the way through and had that lovely char mark on the top. I thoroughly enjoyed devouring this 😛 I also tried the Kebab Joojeh that is served on a bed of saffron rice. The kebab preparation was delicious in themselves with a lots of flavour packed into the meat.

IMG_2080~ Manakish – This was the best part of the meal. The Manakish were cooked absolutely perfectly. We tried two flavours, Zaatar & Cheese and Sujuk & Cheese. Both of them were absolutely scrumptious. Full marks to them!

IMG_2196~ Desserts – We tried the Umm Ali from their sweet menu. It is a sort of rice pudding that is served warm and topped with almonds. The Cheese Konafa is served warm with sugar syrup. It has a crispy exterior and gooey cheese in the centre.


Where: Food Court, Level 1, Al Barsha Mall, Barsha 2, Dubai
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