Pay Homage to the Goddess of Beer @Ninkasi |Star Mall, Gurgaon

Ninkasi has a beautiful location at the top of Star Mall in Gurgaon. The posters of the Beer Goddess reinforce the theme that beer is indeed a divine drink and we couldn’t agree more ūüėÄ

Ninkasi is born of the thought that it is not to be only another craft brewery but they wanted to do things a bit differently. The interiors are absolutely lovely and you are bound to fall in love with the sheer amount of open space they have inside. As you enter, you can see large beer vats to your right, the bar to your left, a dance floor right in front of you, a DJ deck on the top floor and also an outdoor area if you want to step out and enjoy some beautiful scenery that Gurgaon has to offer. This is certainly one place that beer geeks will love!


Get Set Gobble

As is customary, we started off with a beer sampler to see the different flavour profiles of beer on offer which are Belgium Wheat (also our top pick), German Rye, American Light Lager, Cider, Ninkasi Special and Master’s Brew.

We tried a couple of things from their menu and were pleasantly surprised at the dishes on offer. Apart from the regular bar snacks and light bites, they have some massive platters of meat that are certainly worth digging into.

We suggest trying the Sausage Platter complete with a fried egg on top and sauerkraut on the side. The Grilled Pomfret fish was a standout dish for us with a whole pomfert cooked in a spicy marinade; crispy skin on the outside and absolutely tender inside.

One look at the Ninkasi Special Naan will leave you drooling at the sheer size and toppings on it. With so many choices, we also sampled their Chicken dimsums, Maas ke soley, Grilled chicken and Vegetarian Kebab Platter. To end our meal we indulged in their Dal Makahani, Murg Tikka Butter Masala and some Garlic naan.

One thing that stands out is their attention to flavour of each dish despite all the different cuisines on offer making them all very enjoyable.

The food portions are fairly generous, the service is good, the ambiance is pleasant and all in all we had quite a blast!

Where: 201-204, 2nd Floor, DLF Star Mall, Sector 30, Gurgaon
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Here’s your guide to the choicest dishes @Not Just Paranthas, Cyber Hub

Forget heading to Paranthe wali gali, parantha lovers in the house have one more spot to hit at Cyber Hub with ‘Not Just Paranthas’ and boy oh boy do they take their name seriously. First things first they aren’t your typical parantha joint and pride themselves in all things North Indian be it kebabs or curries, breads or desserts. Don’t for a moment think that they take their paranthas lightly; ranging from¬†regular paranthas to chur chur, from pocket to Italian pizza paranthas, they have them all! However, they pride themselves in serving you Not Just that but a whole lot more so you can enjoy a complete family meal.

Love the Desi Vibes

They are located on the first floor of Cyber Hub offering an indoor and outdoor seating space. They have a quirky bar in the centre that greets you as soon as you enter the Air conditioned section. Personally we recommend you sit outside and enjoy the wonderful winter weather. The space is complete with lots of greenery, quirky furniture and a garden swing…yay! Did we mention that they have relaxed Desi vibe complete with¬†a no knife and fork policy…so be ready¬†to get your hands dirty for you are surely in for a finger licking good time!img_0904

Get Set Gobble:

To start off this¬†Desi meal, begin with a glass of their Chaach served in glass bottles…gulp one down and you are ready to get your eating game on! For appetizers we suggest you give the Dahi ke kebab a try that are not presented traditionally. The hung curd is wrapped inside a Spinach coating giving it a unique flavour. Being a big fan of fried delights myself, I loved their Bharwan papad. Crispy, crunchy exterior contrasting the¬†soft stuffing of¬†chatpata potato inside made for a delicious combination.

Meat lovers are bound to drool over the NJP special Mutton seekh that will leave you salivating with every bite…we just couldn’t get enough of this tender and juicy lamb mince. Try their Lamb Kibbeh which are kebabs taking inspiration from Arabic cuisine.

Once we were done with the first course, they offered a palette cleanser of Aam panna shots that are an icy blend of Aam panna and Hazmola (yes you heard that right!) and it is deliciously tangy…we loved it and gulped down two ;-).

We moved onto trying their mains and gave¬†their Nihari ghosht with Olive kulcha a try. The Nihari meat is all you hoped it would be…tender mutton that literally falls off the bone with the gentlest touch. The interesting pairing with olives in the kulcha made us swoon with every bite.

The highlight of the meal was the Sharabi Parantha that is presented in all it’s flaming glory on the table. The parantha is stuffed with a dry fruit mix that has been soaked in alcohol for over 24 hours and is set ablaze before you…quite a sight that is!

They have parantha options on the menu that run down over two entire pages and we made sure to try atleast one flavour from every section. Be it the Chur chur onion parantha, garlic naan or Calzone pizza pocket parantha, we were swooning with every bite. Use these paranthas to soak up delicious gravies of the Murgh Tikka Lababdar. Tender boneless chicken cooked in a thick creamy tomato base that promises to melt every North Indian’s heart with each bite is a definite winner. It’s lip-smackingly good and a sure shot¬†crowd pleaser.

To leave with sweet smiles we indulged in a round of Anjeer and Walnut kulfi that had little chunks of dry fruit in every bite. An interesting find was their Paan parantha…yes, you heard us right! Little bites of sweet breads inside a paan leaf topped with a little dry ice magic left us feeling mystically delightful at the success of such an appetizing meal at the outlet.


Where: Shop 108, 1st Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
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Here’s how Factory by Sutra, Sec 29 produces beer induced good times!

One of the major reasons I enjoy living in Gurgaon is the fact that you can enjoy some freshly brewed beers at the numerous breweries in the city. Factory by Sutra is spread across three floors and a rooftop to die for. As you enter you are welcomed by the large beer vats that set the stage for what is to come.

The first floor has a set up for a live band, a sprawling bar, gorgeous verandah and a funky wooden themed interior with thick ropes and hanging spotlight table lamps. Be it the rustic walls, circular metal dinner plates, retro posters or old school  resonate the factory theme in sync. The restaurant can easily accommodate large groups with a spacious set up inside.


Going beer-nana

Factory by Sutra has gained quick popularity with beer nerds like us for their full bodied brews. As we walked in the server gave us tasters and profiles of each beer. We tried the Lager beer and Dunkel wheat beer that make for the perfect accompaniment with their food. They also have some crazy cocktail concoctions like Factory Blast and Circuit breaker so go ahead and pick what suits you for you are sure to be pleased.


Get Set Gobble

Since the beginning of the meal the server was involved and eager to share their insights on the menu pointing out dishes that we should order.¬†Ordering from such a vast menu of options can be a frustrating task that I¬†am proud to say I have almost mastered. With a selection of North Indian, Chinese and Continental items, a¬†good place to start is with their Delhi 6 golgappas¬†stuffed with bhel puri and topped with aloo tikki…yumm! The Kurkure bhindi nachos¬†guarantee bursts of flavour and texture in every bite!

For mains we suggest you try their Mutton keema with khameeri roti or pav bhaaji with paneer served on little thelas. Their Mix veg biryani is served in a platter with homemade raita and salan curry which is not only a feast for the eyes but for your palette as well.

Their Lal maans served with Mumbai pav and pickled onions is cooked to tender perfection and is lip-smackingly good. Alternatively try the Lemon garlic fish marinated with mustard and thyme that melts in your mouth with every bite. The food portions are fairly good and the presentation is kept trendy.

Once again I found myself back with the menu, looking to order something sweet. We settled for the Chocolate lava cake with oozing salty chocolate sauce served with vanilla ice cream and Chocolate rum balls. In the end we left happy, drunk and with a tummy filled beyond compare!


Where: SCO 23, Main Market, Sector 29, Gurgaon
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Kitsch interiors, Crazy ice cocktails, Pan-Indian delights and more at the first ‘Indian Cafe’ in town | Khaaja Chowk, MGF Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon

Khaaja Chowk has been around in Gurgaon for years and everyone has had the pleasure of sampling their delicious take on North Indian cuisine at the Plaza mall. They ¬†have recently opened up the first Indian Cafe in MGF Metropolitan Mall that promises to bring you dishes that resonate their original philosophy but packaged to be trendier in presentation that will surely win over the youth’s hearts.

We had the privilege to visit the newly opened cafe and are giving you the low down on what to expect when you head here for a meal.

Who is it for

Whether you choose to have a dinner with friends or a meal out with the family, the cafe is perfect for these outings as it comfortably adapts to suit all needs. Be it a binge oriented lunch or an alcohol induced dinner, you are certainly in the right spot.

Kitschy interiors

The interiors are an elegant mix of elements including colourful seating, a grand bar and earthy wooden tones. They remain true to their quirky nature with the use of bright graphic pop art prints, eclectic addition of colourful objects making up their wall art and the iconic red auto.

Get Set Gobble

With the introduction of Bihari, Bengali, Gujarati and South Indian cuisines to the existing North Indian menu, we are presented with a multitude of dish options to dive into. There is enough variety for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike which is awesome.

When they say that the Chicken 65 will make you salivate in 65 different ways, they are not joking! Alternatively you can try the Nawabi murgh seekh masala that was a spicy wonder and surely a winner for us. If you are a fan of kebabs you should definitely give their Fish tikka, Hazratganj ke galawati kebabs and Gongura paneer tikka a shot. The Jadavpoore Puchka chaat is served in a cute little thela and Palak patta chaat promises to be all sorts of crispy and tangy.

The main course on the menu ranges extensively but we suggest you get the Dum ka murg and Laal Maans that are well balanced in term of spices and meat literally falls off the bone. Vegetarians can indulge in Kathal dum masala¬†and¬†Gobi mussalam…we promise you’ll be very happy. The¬†Kosha mangsho with luchi will certainley hit nostalgic notes for Kolkatans (like it did with us).¬†If you love a bit of drama with the meal might we suggest you try their Flaming Claypot (the pot is literally in flames when served) that is cracked open at the table to reveal slow cooked¬†Nalli boti ki Nihari¬†or¬†Kababi murgh…must try if you are here for dinner.

Pair your meal with one of their Signature cocktails like the Paan supari martini (strictly for paan lovers only) or the Chilli aam masala that have ice cubes with frozen surprises like whole green chilli or paan in about being kitsch!


Where: 3rd Floor, MGF Metropolitan Mall, MG Road, Gurgaon

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Asian delights & heavenly coktails | Here’s why you should head to Twist, Cyber Hub

If scrumptious Chinese food is what you are looking for, then you are headed in the right direction. Twist is a new entrant in the bustling Cyber Hub market offering Asian delicacies. With the use of high quality ingredients jam-packed with flavours and service that will sweep you off your feet, they are charming their way into the city. With pristine interiors and geometric prints on couches, the place exudes a relaxed vibe and quiet charm. We love the large Japanese inspired portrait and the fully stocked wine room that¬†grabbed our eyes. They have an outside seating area too and with the weather right now, it’s the perfect spot to soak up some sun with their appetizing menu on offer.

What we love

They have a great menu that will leave you craving to sample every dish on it. What always help’s is the fact that the servers know their food! Ain’t is the best when their suggestions help to dish out delicious plates…it’s like I wouldn’t want to do it any other way! We had a great experience thanks to the wonderful service staff who’s cheerful nature and friendliness rubbed of on us so much so that we left with selfies with them in the end ūüôā

Who is it for

This is definitely a Chinese lover’s paradise with an array of vegetables and meats cooked in flavourful concoctions. They serve some crazy alcoholic mixes so if you are looking for a post-work drink, this is definitely the place to head to. The place is popular among people of all ages as it transforms into a great venue for large gatherings or cozy meetups.

Get Set Gobble

Breaking away from the monotony of a typical family meal at a Chinese restaurant with big bowls of a limited order, they encourage you to come in and have your own preferences so no more of dads putting in meal orders of one starter, one gravy, one rice and one noodles for the entire family :-P. The dishes are made for individual consumption so that just means you can order multiple items and get a taste of everything that gets you excited!

We picked a couple of dishes off their menu and were swooning with every bite we took. Their Pork ribs with Ghochujang sauce are a signature dish and for good reason. Be it the Tiger Prawns Beijing style, Chciken 5 pepper or Saigon fish, you are promised well cooked meats with scrumptious sauces in every dish that makes an appearance on the table. Lets not forget they have an entire dimsum menu with tempting offerings like Steamed Pink crab and Lamb pot stickers…yum!

We recommend you try the Ma Cheena fish, Bangkok Hilton and Chicken cashew paired with Burnt garlic rice and Singapore noodles for a lip-smackingly good meal. We did not stop there and went for sweet endings in the form of Fried bananas with ice cream and Creme brulee trio of coffee, vanilla and caramel.

They have got a fully loaded bar and a bartender that is strikingly good at what he does. Keep those taxi apps on hand cause you are bound to get caught up by his crazy cocktail creations…we know we did :-D. Try their chilli infused My Thai or fruity Blueberry vodka. If beer is your ambrosia, fret not, they have Stella on tap too! Need we say more.


Where: 17 Р18, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

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Itching for Italian?! Feast away @Amici, Cyber Hub

Don’t you get those crazy cravings sometimes that can only be satiated by something creamy or cheesy like pizzas, pasta, spaghetti and more…!?! I know I do..and quite often at that too ūüėõ So here’s when we discovered this quaint Italian cafe in Cyber Hub serving up come serious meals for all crazed Italian lovers out there.

With a relaxed ambiance and service with a smile, this is definitely a place to hang out with your friends over a glass of wine and forget about your woes as you bite into those creamy, cheesy delightful preparations.

Quirky interiors

The place certainly charms you with the quaint Italian cafe feel. Complementing wooden and metal textures combine to give you a cozy yet charming ambiance. You can choose to dine on their large communal wooden benches with the whole family or enjoy the little round tables outside on a warm winter’s day. With the use of quirky knick-knacks scattered around be it the pop posters on the wall, metal milk cans, glass jars, large lettering or more promise a treat to your eyes.

Coz Wine rhymes with dine ūüėõ

No Italian meal is complete without a glass of wine to accompany it with and they have options galore. My personal favourite has always been the Ros√©¬†flavour but don’t stop there…try the red, white or sangria as well.

Don’t whine if wine ain’t for you, they serve you some great Spanish beer as well! They certainly have a well stocked bar at and you don’t hear us complaining. Drink options across the family won’t be tough as the menu certainly has many cocktail and mocktail options to fulfill all their choices.

Did we jut say wood fired oven pizzas!

Hell yes we did!! Italian cafes don’t get more authentic than this! We’d love to say that the flavour the wood imparts on the pizza makes them sensational but frankly aren’t all pizzas sensational?! ūüėÄ Well these are just a tad bit better than most! They have quite a selection so don’t be afraid to try some new flavours or maybe make one up as per your choice. We quite loved the Caramelized onion and Spinach pizza or the¬†Beast pizza.

Can I see the menu again?

With a selection of authentic Italian dishes on the menu like gnocchi, ravioli, risotto and burrata, don’t be afraid to give some new dishes a try. The owner himself is half Italian and half Indian so be ready to see some integration of Indian influences in the menu as well. Finding it too hard to pick dishes off the menu, why not drop in on a Wednesday for their lunch buffet and feast away.

Sink your teeth into their mix sauce Fusili pasta with bacon and chicken or Creamy mushroom pasta. Also the Cheesy Poatato pops and Chicken Shieshtauk platter to share are fantastic options.

Sweet endings are a definitely accomplished with their choice of muffins as a part of the buffet or the baked Philadelphia cheesecake served with Toschi cherry syrup.

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Smokey’s BBQ and Grill, Cyber Hub

I am an absolute fan of Cyber Hub in Gurgaon. It is a must go to destination for me for family dinners or a night out with friends. I always take people who come from out of town to this place¬†to get a glimpse of what Gurgaon has to offer. Cyber Hub has so many options to try for food and every time I walk here, there is always some place to eat that I haven’t tried as yet.

We decided to stop in one day for dinner at Smokey’s. I love the ambiance of the place with wooden interiors. They have eye catchy slogans painted on the wall but my favourite is the big pug! The interior decked out in a casual dining atmosphere with large wooden tables and benches. There is a bar at the end where they come up with their smokey concoctions that we got to taste. I loved the seating by the large floor to ceiling window that allows for natural light to flood in. It has two long benches laid out with logs in the background making for a semi-private dining area.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar РWe got the chance to try some of their signature cocktails. Lock Stock and a smoking barrel is served in a barrel looking jar. Open the lid and the smoke inside from the smoked pineapple escapes. It also has cardamom, vanilla pods and Absolut.

Grape fruit martini is a mix of grapefruit, elder flower, pomegranate and Absolut. Green apple barrel  is again served in a barrel with fresh green apple, apple pucker and Absolut.

Mimosa Mimic is a combination of fresh strawberry mandarin, Absolut and sparkling wine. Each one of us at the table had their own favorites and grabbed a drink each. I would say mine was the martini and I liked the not so sweet flavour combinations in it. One shake that we got our heart set on was the Chocolate hazelnut cheesecake shake. It tasted absolutely divine!

~ Appetizers РWe started off with some Loaded potato skins that were stuffed with sour cream, chives and baked with cheddar cheese.IMG_4952The Lamb kibbeh were small grilled lamb patties marinated with jalapenos, mint and coriander. They tasted absolutely delicious and were just right in the use of spices.

~ Salads РYou have to try their Raw papaya salad where thin strips of papaya were dressed with peanuts, palm sugar and a sweet chilli dressing. There was a lot of crunch and freshness to it.

Also the Grill chicken and chilli dressing salad had a bed of lettuce topped with perfectly cooked chicken, red chilli mayo and a vinaigrette dressing. It was quite light and fresh and there were enough chicken pieces in proportion to the amount of greens in the dish.

~ Burgers and hotdogs – My friend ordered the¬†Curried¬†vegetable¬†burger¬†that had a chunky vegetable patty flavoured with madras curry and dressed in a curry mayo. It came with a side of fries that were maddeningly good. Super crunchy and well seasoned, these were addictingly good! I did not enjoy the patty as much as it tasted more like my mums cutlet when she tries to sneak in as many veggies as she can so as to make for a healthy meal. Then again I always tend to favour non-vegetarian dishes more. I had the¬†Bacon lamb burger…need I say more..bacon and lamb! It tasted absolutely delicious. The lamb patty is flavoured with thyme and bacon lard and served with a baconnaise. This is what guilty pleasures are made of…this burger, a bowl of the fries and the chocolate shake. Heavenly!

Lastly the server suggested we try out the Vegetarian hot dog and we were not disappointed. It was presented beautifully and the vegetarian version had a sort of spring roll with vegetarian stuffing. It tasted really good and I recommend the vegetarians try this out compared to the burger.

~ Pastas – I think one dish that is a chef’s special is their¬†Prawn pickle ravioli. They make their own fresh pasta that is stuffed with pickled prawns, cumin and red chilli. They are tossed in a creamy sauce and served with two slices of garlic bread.¬†Penne lamb ragu has slow cooked lamb ragu with a smoked butter.

Fetticine Prinavera is made with a homemade basil pesto sauce. It is tossed with zuchinni and bell peppers.

Sphaghetti aglio oilo eye chilli  is a lightly tossed pasta in olive oil and garlic. It was quite tasty and my friends said it was close to the best one they have had the pleasure of tasting. Their pasta selection is delicious and the portions are great too.

~ Desserts РA lovely meal came to an end with their sweet selection. We had the Apple crumble pie that was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The pastry was nice and crumbly but the apple mixture was slightly dry. We also tried their Banoffee pie that was a slice of the bananas with caramel sauce on a similar crumbly pastry.

Go for:

Nice ambiance. Great pasta selection. Good service. Good portion sizes. Continental delights.

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Zaffran, Star Mall, Sector 30

My friend puts up in sector 30 and invited me to catch up for dinner. Since it was her treat, she got first say with the venue and obviously chose something nearer to where she stays. Hence, I made my journey to Zaffran in Star Mall for an early meal.

Getting to the mall is not much of a hassle as you can take Exit 8 from the Gurgaon Jaipur Expressway or if coming through Gurgaon, take a left from Signature Towers to make your way here. Parking space is ample here as not many people frequent this mall. It is quite popular for its movie theater that screens movie at quite low prices. Also you can find stores that have discounted outlets of various brands. As such this mall didn’t pick up much in popularity and that is the reason there aren’t many food joints her as well.

Zaffran is located on one of the corners of the Lower Ground floor and is accessible from inside the mall or even from the main entry to the mall. One problem with these DT malls is the demarcation of floors that include a Lower Ground and Upper Ground and then basement that always tends to confuse you! I made my way into the restaurant and having reached earlier than my friend, I found that it wasn’t crowded at all with only one other table occupied. The place has simple interiors with wooden furniture glowing in a strong yellowish hue from the lamps above. The wall on one side has some metallic leaves making up an artistic background.

Get Set Gobble:

As she arrived a couple of minutes later, we began our meal. They served us with some papad and bowls containing mint chutney, sirka onions and a pickle. The menu is on a wooden boards with vegetarian dishes on one side and non vegetarian on the other. So the biggest dilemma we faced while ordering was the fact that she was a vegetarian while I was a non vegetarian. We wanted to go about ordering a bit cleverly so that each gets to try dishes to their liking and not end up wasting food in the end. As I scanned the menu, there were so many things that popped out at me as it did with her.Eventually I came up with the brilliant plan to order a Veg and non veg kebab platter.IMG_4998

As we waited for the order to come, she ordered the Summer hammer that was a mix of watermelon and pomegranate juice and I tried their Melon mojito that had watermelon juice and lemonade. Both were refreshing where the former was a little on the sweeter side and the latter slightly tangier. Mine came loaded with crushed ice but I could taste some granules of sugar through my straw that had not dissolved into the mix.

The Non vegetarian platter contained two pieces each of Mutton seekh, Chicken tikka, Fish tikka, Malai tikka, Reshmi tikka and Tandoori¬†chicken. That was surely a good selection! The mutton seekh was the best item on it. It was full of flavour, wasn’t too spicy and was soft to eat. The tandoori chicken had two pieces one of which is the leg piece and I quite enjoyed that. The fish tikka was slightly dry and I had hoped for the fish to be more moist. The malai tikka was nice and soft and covered generously with the cream and the reshmi tikka was great too.

The vegetarian one had Tandoori mushroom, Tandoori aloo, Paneer tikka, Broccoli and Hara bhara kebab. My parents (who are vegetarians) are extremely font of hara bhara kebab and every home delivery option always has this dish on their to-order list. Having tasted quite a few, I can tell you for a fact that Zaffran’s hara bhara kebabs were quite amazing! The aloo had a crispy texture with a filling containing some cashews. Broccoli had been cooked well so that it still had a some bite to it when you ate it and was topped with cream. Paneer tikka had huge chunks marinated in a spice mix but was slightly dry. Overall it was a good decision as we got to try different items on the menu but my friend still missed two things she really wanted to try so we ordered them on the side. She wanted to have the Dahi ke kebab and Tandoori babycorn and broccoli. The dahi kebab were different from what we expected as they were aloo tikkis with a layer of dahi in the center. They tasted nice in themselves as the exterior had been cooked to a golden brown perfection. The babycorn tasted amazing and had a good crunch to it.

In main she ordered the Karari bhindi and Makai palak. I went for the Rara mutton and Chicken tikka masala. We also had the Dal makhani and Mixed raita. I think we made excellent choices overall coz I was super happy with my selection. The chicken tikka masala was simply amzing. It had tender pieces of chicken in a sort of chunky gravy that had a beautiful sweet flavour to it. Delicious! The rara mutton had a chunky keema gravy and I was delighted to see that the mutton piece was so tender that they were breaking off easily. I must really commend them at the preparation of their meat that was spot on in both cases. The dal did not disappoint and was quite delicious It did not have that overpowering sweetness from tomatoes or diluted creaminess from the addition of too much cream. All in all, it was just about perfect.

So we managed to order quite an interesting breads selection as well. We played safe with the Pudina Parantha, tried the Cheese naan that had melted cheese on top of it, Aloo kulcha with a nice potato stuffing and the Garlic naan with loads of chopped garlic on top. The bread sizes are not too big so it’s good to order a mix and share it.

Obviously we were so stuffed from our starters that we couldn’t finish the mains so we got some packed to enjoy at home. That however did not stop us from trying a little bit of their desserts. We ordered the Vanilla ice cream and Gulab jamun. Some people do love the combination, but unfortunately I am not one of those people. The gulab jamun was the long shaped one and had a little sprinkle of nuts on top. I quite enjoyed it as it was warm and perfectly sweet. I gave the vanilla ice cream a miss.

All in all it was a good meal and a day well spent!

Go for:

Hearty Indian dishes. Prompt service. Mutton preparations. Variety of Indian breads.

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Blu O, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

Blu O is probably India’s biggest bowling chain.This was the first place I went to to try out bowling with my previous experience only having ever been at the 32nd Milestone Bowling alley. I loved their combination of music, lounge type environment, gaming options and culmination of food and drinks to help you have a great time!

They are located on the 4th floor of Ambience mall. Tip to getting up there: The lifts at the back entrance do take you up but that entry gate at Blu O is for staff only as they have some construction work happening. You will eventually have to take the escalator down, walk through the food court and go up another¬†escalator again. Save the trouble and simply¬†¬†take the lift near the McDonald’s Softy stand just opposite Vero Moda. This takes you straight up to them.

What I like the most about this space is it’s layout. They have a large area¬†but they have done an even better job with optimally utilizing it. You can choose to bowl down one of their 24 lanes that’s divided into two on both sides or a game of F1 racing, foosball, air hockey, karaoke, Play station or pool. Yet with so much to offer, you are not cramped for space or in anyone’s area. You can enjoy your game at peace. The music is always buzzing in the background and they have the bar and dining area set up in the center..that’s quite convenient. However, you don’t need to walk down as they will serve you at the bowling area or game room itself.

One plus point I want to mention is the service. Considering the place is really huge, they have enough staff in place to assist you. So be it at the bowling alley, bar, game zone or dining area, you will always have someone nearby to assist you with what you want. That just makes the experience more comfortable and hassle free! Food menu has a good variety with dishes that are Indian, Mexican, Italian and Mediterranean…there is just so much to choose from.


Get Set Game On:

~ Bowling – Well the place is called Blu O so we started with a round of bowling! I am no expert at it but do manage to get a few good hits once in a while. I really appreciated the fact that there was a person from the staff who stood beside us as we bowled and gave us some tips and tricks during our¬†turns. This really helped first timers get an idea about how to bowl and their aim improved consistently. This is not any way related to the review but can I just say that I scored the maximum points on my lane ūüėÄ Not bad for a beginner..! Also I loved the neon coloured bowling shoes that they have in shades of green and orange. There is a small stool to measure your foot size by the counter to pick up your pair and socks available at the billing counter.

~ Foosball – Their table is set up in a convenient location and you aren’t disturbed by people passing or bumping into you. We managed to gather quite a crowd as we played a couple of games. The table is big so you can play in teams of two. I want to boast a little here too¬†as¬†my friend and me remained undisputed champions in the game…we won 4 games straight!

~Play station – The have a room at the back with a large display, good surround sound system and the most comfortable seats you could find. You can sit of lay back into them and play on like a serious gamer. The staff assists you in setting up the game you choose, show the controls, set the volume and let you take it from there. We played a couple of rounds of WWE wrestling and I won consistently. It was like I was on a lucky streak! My character Brock Lesner won all the rounds against John Cena.

~ Others – They have a pool table set up outside so you can choose to play a game or two. There is a simulation seat for F1 racing as well. You can also go in for a game of air hockey. The great thing about these games is that you start to build a crowd around you cheering you on. It’s a fun atmosphere and keeps everyone charged up. I also liked the room they had set up for karaoke. It has a good space with couches and tables so you can sit in with a group and order food and drinks while listening to some poor covers of songs by your friends ūüėõ They have two microphones so we sang in duets and it’s really shocking to hear your own voice on the mic for the first time. I sounded horrible:-P but yet I sang to the best of my ability.


Get Set Gobble:

~ Drinks – I mostly sipped on their Chocolate coffee shake which was divine..not really thick but had a great flavour.

~ Starters – They have this huge list of amazing starters which is great coz you don’t run out of things to eat while you are on the move and gaming. Their BBQ Chicken wings was quite good. The right blend of sticky sauce and spices..I remember grabbing quite a few of these. The Golden fish fingers¬†are served in shot glasses with a dip. Crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside. Again, this is a great small bite as we popped one into our mouths and were able to head back to the bowling alley when my name returned.Also their Kesari Galouti puff is one item that is not to be missed. Succulent kebebs served on circular rotis simply¬†melted in my mouth. Also we had the Chilli chicken..what’s not to love about this humble preparation. It had just the right amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling.

There were also a great many options for the vegetarians to try. I quite liked the Fattoush salad in particular served with pita bread. It was healthy and tasty though a little addition of chicken would certainly have helped :-P. The Vegetable cheese kurkure were deep fried delights! They had been crumb coated with kurkure to give it that great crunchy texture on the outside. The Garlic bread basket was like a bruschetta platter where toasted slices of bread had some great toppings. It goes without saying that you should grab it while its hot else they can get chewy. The toppings were different on each slice like tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, mushrooms, zucchini, baby corn and more. Also don’t miss the Thai style spring roll. Not only is it served beautifully but tastes amazing as well with the dip.

So these have these amazing starter choices but if you are indecisive of what to order, a great idea is to go in for the platter. They have a Classic Veg platter, Oriental platter, Classic Non veg and Jumbo Non veg. Since we were a really big group, this was a great way to try different items. We all got something that we wanted to order rather than having to order all those dishes individually.

~ Mains – For mains we actually got out of the gaming mode and took a table in the center to have a meal together. It was quite a task getting everybody off from their gaming stations…everyone was so engrossed in different areas that we took the task to pull them by their hand to get them to sit :-P. We ordered the¬†Mutton rogan josh¬†and Dal makhani with a side of breads. The curries were rich and flavourful with a good balance of spices. Also tried the¬†Kadhai paneer¬†which was good but not memorable.

The All the meat¬†pizza had a crispy crust and good toppings. Their Thai green curry had a great flavour but I didn’t like the Red curry as much. The Grilled fish was very well cooked. It was super soft to bite into and served with a side of grilled vegetables.

~ Desserts – Their starters were the highlight, mains were good and desserts fine. There wasn’t anything exceptional and just comforting basic like Banana split and Chocolate malt cake with ice cream. The Choco mud pie was also good but really hard to cut into. Basically I just remember there being a lot of ice cream variations ūüôā


Go for:

Endless hours of gaming fun. Amazing selection of appetizers. Hands on service.
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Shawarma House, Sector 50, Gurgaon

So if you are anyone who lives in the DLF area of Gurgaon, you are prone to provide sympathy to all your friends who have to travel to or around Sohna road. Even though it is essentially an extension of Gurgaon, somehow I rarely end up going there. One of the biggest issues is the traffic. Firstly the roads are not in a good condition and secondly you never know where you might get stuck in hour long jams. Keeping this aside, that area is bustling with food joints for us to try. I had been passing up on meeting a friend for a while now but eventually traveled to Sector 50 and we went to Shawarma House to grab a bite.

It is located on the first floor of Eros City Square mall. Its not a literal mall but more of a shopping complex that seemed a bit vacant to me at the moment. The mall area is pretty spacious with ample parking available. The outlet is small with a seating capacity of about 10-12 people. The service was very nice and the staff was super polite. My experience was a bit soured as the air-conditioning was not able to cope up with the heat that day. The other thing can be that they are cooking right in front of you and the heat was counter balancing the cooling effect.

They have all the ingredients laid out in front of them and cook and assemble everything in front of you. If you need any alterations, you can specify the same to them. They do take a little time to get the ordered prepared but the wait isn’t that much.

Get Set Gobble:

Their Chicken Shawarma was the first thing I tried off the menu. It had shredded chicken in a wrap with hummus, garlic sauce, harissa, onions, tomatoes and pickle. The taste was good however it is not the usual shawarma I had gotten used to eating in Dubai or at Al Bake (which is the epitome of Shawarma for me personally). I would say it was more of an Indianized version of it.

Next I tried the lamb kafta kebab that had ground lamb patties with rosemary, mint, cumin powder and olive oil. It was served in a plastic tray with boxes containing triangular slices of pita bread, hummus, cream and tomato dip, french fries and fattoush. The kebabs were drizzled with some yoghurt and were quite good. What deserves a special mention is the combination of that warm pita bread and hummus. I do tend to get nauseated with hummus served at a lot of places (something reacts wrongly with my taste buds and I’m sure what that is) but I simply loved this one! Also another beauty on the plate were their french fries covered in some herb (or if I had to guess I would say it was za’atar). It was absolutely delicious! The fries were the right blend of flavour, crispiness and temperature.

With this we tried the Lamb shawarma platter that was quite similar to the above tray, just that it had lamb pieces covered in a spicy sauce and topped off with yoghurt. The lamb was nice and spicy.


We also tried the Chicken quesadilla and since this is a shawarma house, this was also served with a side of hummus. This had chicken stuffed in khubus bread with mint hummus, onion, bell pepper and cheese. I quite liked this Lebanese twist on a Mexican dish. Like I mentioned earlier, the cuisine is not truly Lebanese but an adaptation of it.

If you get thirsty you can sip on a paper boat, lemonade or soft drinks as you please.

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