Pocket friendly Sushi, pasta and everything in between @Shrimp bite, Jumeirah 3, Dubai

We recently stumbled upon this cute little joint on Jumeirah Road (they have one outlet in Mamzar and this is the new branch that’s right next to Med Care) that does some great grub. And what’s the best part you ask? Well, you won’t end up with a hole in your pocket after a satisfying meal. So, here’s our take on them.


Get Set Gobble

The menu is fairly simple but yet varied where you can order shrimp, chicken or vegetarian versions of items on the menu. So basically there’s something for everyone here.

If you love sushi, there’s no way you won’t enjoy their varied offerings. While you’re ordering, don’t miss to try the Sushi Black Diamond that’s one of their best sellers with shrimp tempura, black sesame seeds outside, crabstick on top with spicy sauce or the Sushi Super California with avocado, crabstick, spicy mayo and caviar on top. The presentation is spot on and so colourful, you can’t resist pulling your phone out to grab a quick pic.

They even do a Crunchy Sushi with fried tempura flour that’s a great bite. What we loved the most was addition of sauces that make the sushi easy on the palate even for non sushi eaters like us. The sushi is served in little take away boxes that are super convenient specially if you’re eating on the go.

Stir fried noodles are definitely a top pick for comfort food. This one goes perfectly with their fruit flavoured mojitos so don’t forget to order the Passion fruit or Mix berries when here. Another hot item on the menu is the Dynamite Shrimp that comes coated in spicy mayo topped with potato sticks. We weren’t complaining with this one. If you’re looking for a soothing bowl of soup on a cool evening, order the Tom Yum and you won’t be disappointed.

If crunchy chicken burgers is what gets you drooling then go ahead and order one here.
It’s certainly generously loaded to say the least with crispy chicken, lettuce, loads of mayo and crunchy potato sticks. This one’s sure to satiate your growling tummies.

We didn’t just stick to the basic sauces and ordered the Pink Sauce Chicken Pasta and, it was the best decision ever! It was a bowl of creamy goodness that was satisfying in every bite. Don’t forget to try it out. They even give you extra grated cheese on top making it all the more amazing 🙂

So order in or drop by today, either way you’re in for a treat!

Where: Near Jumeirah Beach Park, Jumeirah Road, Jumeirah 3, Dubai
Meal for two: AED 50 approx
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100% Vegetarian treats under AED 15 | Trying #Cheese filled Falafels @Falafel Station, Mamzar, Dubai

Falafels are a must-have delicacy for every Lebanese food lover. What makes this dish hugely popular is that these deep fried treats that are a 100% vegetarian. Here’s an affordable food joint that does some incredibly delicious preparations. This place is a paradise for all those out there looking to grab a quick bite without burning a hole in your pocket. We decided to head on over to Falafel Station during the day and here’s what we think.

Get Set Gobble

This version of the falafel is filled with Cheese & Jalapenos giving you the stretchy melted cheese pull every time you break into one. These ones cost as little as AED 15 *YAY*  which is pretty decent considering the quantity and quality offered. They are well cooked, crispy and come with a side of tahini sauce. The flavour just blew us away and it would be a sin not to try these when you find yourselves here.

They didn’t stop at falafels and even do Cheese & Jalapeno fries as well. This is a cone of cheeeeeeeeesy indulgence! *drools* It’s as much fun watching them pour the melted cheddar cheese over as it is to dig into them. The quantity is pretty good and is surely value for money.

IMG_4704Another version of the falafel comes deliciously loaded with Onions & Sumac. It is something we’d definitely recommend you all to try. If you are a fan of bold flavours, you are certainly going to appreciate this filling. There are 9 pieces in one serving of a plate and 5 in a cone that guarantee satisfaction as you bite into each one of them.

If you fancy yourself a bigger meal, you can choose a Falafel platter that comes complete with 4 pieces of the crispy treats, fries, grilled eggplant, pickles and tahini sauce. Did we mention, they even do falafel wraps. Come here during breakfast time and you can get falafels with egg that actually come with heart shaped falafels which we think are super cute! Everything is served in disposable containers so you can drive in and pick them up on the go.

Once you’ve had your fill of falafels, you can try their bowl of Foul as well. Plus, they also have mojitos in Strawberry & Passion fruit flavour that are absolutely refreshing.

Apart from falafels, they also do some shawarma options as well. Can’t wait to go back and give those a try! So if you haven’t tried this place out yet, head on over and you won’t be disappointed.

P.S. They deliver as well. So you can sit back and order in!

Where: Near Al Hamriya Port, Khaleej Road, Mamzar, Dubai
Getting here: Use Google Maps and head to the street behind the main road to find them.
Meal for two: AED 60 approx
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Burgers, Tortillas, Kodoz Sandwiches, Shakes and more | Our indulgent meal @SIS Burger, University City

SIS Burger is a cute little cafe located in the University City of Sharjah. We landed here for lunch one day and were quite thrilled at the menu options. There are little bursts of vibrant colours against an essentially white interior.

The staff is polite and we were happy with the portion sizes of the dishes we ordered. You can see the chef get busy in the kitchen, visible through glass windows, once the orders the placed. We appreciated the fact that the food is prepared fresh without the use of any frozen ingredients that gives it that evident boost of flavour.

Get Set Gobble:

IMG_6359~ Crispy chicken burger – Sink your teeth into the burger to experience loads of flavours and textures in every bite. The burgers are spiced to your preference from a choice of original, mild or spicy. We tried the spicy and didn’t feel the heat was too strong at all. We loved the flavour of their special burger sauce and you can ask for extra on the side as well.

IMG_6360~ Original burger – Made with all the right ingredients that you would look for in a good burger; lettuce, tomato, cheese, meat patty, jalapeno, pickle, relish and homemade sauce between two soft buns, the burger is every bit worth it. If you have children along, we suggest you order the mini burgers that are just as tasty and sized perfectly for the little ones.

IMG_6361~ Crispy tortilla – If you had to try only one thing from the menu, we recommend this crispy chicken tortilla. It was easily devoured! The tortilla wraps are filled with lettuce, deep fried chicken, tomato, cheese and their homemade sauce. This was quite sumptuous.

IMG_6363~ Kodoz steak sandwich – Stick to these delightfully loaded sandwiches and all your hunger pangs will be satiated. Personally, we had our eyes on the loads of yummy bacon filled into it. We loved the added flavour of the grilled capsicum and onions in the sandwich.

IMG_6365~ Buffalo style fries – Crispy, deep fried potato fries are loaded with melted cheese, jalapeno, special sauce and pieces of fried chicken to give you a bowlful of this treat. The portion size is quite good and it is extremely satisfying. Eat them super quick as they begin to get soggy real soon.

IMG_6364~ Chicken wings in BBQ sauce – Along with the burgers, they have some pretty awesome sides to choose from. The wings looked glossy drowned in the BBQ sauce and absolutely tempting. Unfortunately it turned out that we weren’t fans of this flavour of sauce 😦 Maybe we’ll try the buffalo sauce instead next time.

IMG_6367~ Onion rings – Do these onion rings look straight out of a food magazine spread or what?! Such a great accompaniment to the burgers, the rings were golden and crispy. Dip them generously into one of the sauces on the side and you are sure to keep your taste buds pleased.

IMG_6368~ Sweet potato fries – These fries should definitely comprise of your side orders when having a meal here. Sweet potato fries are all the rage right now and for all the right reasons. We love the beautifully orange coloured fries that had a light coating of batter on them. Put your eating skills into action and eat ’em while its hot!

IMG_6327~ Jalapeno cheese bites – Though these bites look really simple, they are an explosion of flavour in your mouth with every bite. Fried to golden perfection, the crispy exterior gives way to the gooey cheesy interior that was a delight tot eat. {refer to top left of pic}

~ Shakes – We tried two flavours from their shake section. We loved the Cookies shake that had pieces of cookies crushed into it and the Tiramisu shake which had a pronounced coffee flavour. The thick sweet drinks went really well when paired with the rich meal.

Where: Behind ADNOC Petrol Station, Univercity City Road, University City, Sharjah

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Grab a quick bite without burning a hole in your pocket | Filling & Delicious Subs @Derby, Sharjah

We recently discovered a cute little Sub shop in Sharjah that’s perfect for a quick yet filling bite. They have got some great options squeezed into the menu. Did we mention, they are priced quite reasonably and a you could have a filling meal without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s a great place to grab a quick bite and we have made a list of items we recommend you try here.

Get Set Gobble:

IMG_5901~ Teriyaki Mushroom Chicken – We are delighted to tell you that their grilled chicken sub was absolutely delicious.  Made with grilled chicken, mushroom, provolone cheese, onions, green pepper, mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce, not only was it scrumptious but also so easy to finish off 🙂

IMG_5905~ Buffalo Ranch Chicken – This is one we absolutely loved. This sub came with grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, jalapeno, tomato, lettuce and accompanied by ranch sauce and a buffalo hot sauce We were drooling already! The flavours really stood out thanks to the combination of the sauces which we loved.

IMG_5906~ Grand Gatsby – If you are going to try only one thing on the menu, we recommend you go for this sub. This has grilled beef, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions, grand sauce and fries…yes that’s right, there were fries inside the sandwich as well! My friend just could not get enough of it.

IMG_5919~ Louisiana Chicken – This fried chicken sub had cabbage, jalapeno, onions and a special sauce. The filling in the bread (in fact in all of them) was balanced just right so there wasn’t much spillage as we bit into them. The sub is every bit filling and satisfying.


~ Chicken Caesar – True to it’s name, this sub is made with fried chicken, provolone cheese, tomato, lettuce and a Caesar sauce.The sub is simple but is full of flavour and freshness.

~ Fries – They serve three varieties of fries which are the regular fries, Spicy fries and Derby fries. No doubt we all love the humble regular fires or the spicy version instead but we strongly recommenced you go in for the Derby fries. These are batter coated and then deep fried to a golden perfection.

Where: Al Khan Street, Al Majaz 3, Al Majaz, Sharjah

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Al Mukhtar Bakery, Sharjah

Manakish is a popular Middle eastern preparation that is a dough with toppings which is very similar to a pizza. This soft pita bread is rolled out flat and and then pressed out with fingers to create little dips to hold the toppings. These are then baked to a puffy crunchy goodness in an oven.

This was a hidden gem in Dubai and I am very grateful to my local Dubai friends for taking me to this place. I had been craving to see some street food joints in Dubai and thus our journey took us here. So this place is a little off Dubai and onto Sharjah Road and you will know this as soon as you hit the bottle neck traffic when you enter the lanes here 😛

The place is huge with seating inside that is air-conditioned, a section covered with thick plastic film and air conditioned as well and a seating outside. Even though it was the beginning of May, the weather was pleasant enough to sit outside with a windy weather.The best part about walking in was to be welcomed by the smell of baked goods in the air.

Their menu consists of a variety of Mannish, Moaganat, Fatayer Mushaltat, sweet pies and more. The have a lot of bakery items up for sale inside. I was only able to try out the Mannish in this visit and shall surely be going back for more. The best part about eating here was the fact that I got a window seat in front of the kitchen. As the chef prepared these delicious goodies, I marvelled at his expertise as he dropped in one mannish into the over after another. These guys are open practically thought the 24 hours of a day and shut only for a couple of hours to clean up..and it is always bustling with hungry customers at all hours…now doesn’t that say something about their food!!

Get Set Gobble:

~ Zaatar – The topping was of a middle eastern spice called zaatar that is popularly used in their cuisine. The manakish was topped generously with it and upon eating I thought the spice tasted very similar to ajwain. Zaatar spice mix is essentially a slightly sour spice which is a mixture of sumac berries (dried and powdered), thyme, oregano, sesame seeds and some salt. The zaatar is mixed with olive oil and then spread onto the dough before baking.IMG_8609

~ Labneh – This is probably the best thing I have tasted here. It is a thick type curd preparation from which the whey has been removed. It was topped with lots of fresh chopped veggies.

~ Chicken and cheese – This baked goodness had a cheese topping with shredded chicken that was absolutely divine. I absolutely loved this one with its salty hint.

~ Cheese – This cheese version was also very good and my vegetarian friends loved it. Though nothing beats adding some chicken on top of it 😛IMG_8608

~ Honey and Cheese – After all the savoury eats, we wanted to go for something sweet. This is the most unique combination of flavours I have eaten. The savoury cheese and the sweet honey balance each other out in every bite. This was not the same circular dough preparation and was folded to have crispy flaky layers.

Go for:

Freshly prepared food. Quick service. Good portions.

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