Hudson Café, GTB Nagar

Hudson café is definitely a place to get charmed with its burst of colours, cozy seating, quirky interiors, chill vibes and of course good food! Located right around the GTB nagar metro station (exit 4), there is line up of cafes along this stretch of the road. The Hudson is one place that is always buzzing and a hit among college going crowd and when I dined there recently, I completely understood why!

Get Set Gobble:

~ Shaking my baby – I got to sip on a couple of shakes like Ferro Rocher shake, Brownie and cookie shake, Red velvet shake and The Oreographer. If you are any bit of a shake lover as I am, you are in for a thrill cause the shakes were thick in consistency and not too sweet. The oreographer would be my favourite with the little chunks of the cookies in the mix. DO TRY

~ Mocktails – I have recently discovered my love for guava based drinks. So spotting the Guava Palana on the menu, I gave it a try and I wasn’t disappointed. It tasted fresh and tangy. DO TRY.IMG_1802

~ Lord of the wings – The server suggested that we try this dish and it was a welcome decision. He suggested we go for the peri peri sauce. It was flavourful and spicy, but not so spicy that you are left with a burning tongue. The meat was really tender and I thoroughly enjoyed it. MUST ORDER.


~ Cheese cigar – Filled with a lot of stringy cheese. Though these were crispy and cheesy, it sort of didn’t work for me.


~ Half and half pizza – The pizza was thin crust and crunchy. It had a great tomato paste base that made every bite juicy. Covered with loads of cheese and the peri peri chicken topping on my half, it was quite yummy. Excellent! MUST ORDER. Its no surprise that the pizza disappeared before I could shoot it and so only managed to get a click of the vegetarian half.


~ Hudson medley – This is their signature dish. To describe it in simple terms would be to say that it was it was preparation of balanced vegetables in a stroganoff inspired sauce served with rice. The gravy was delicious but again wasn’t the dish for my palette.


~ Spaghetti Bolognese chicken – I tried the chicken version instead of the lamb for a change. I didn’t enjoy it as much and felt the gravy was a bit watery and sweet. The servers keep dropping at your tables from time to time to ensure you are having a good meal. This was much appreciated cause as I soon as I pointed out the issue with the dish, he ran it back to the kitchen to get fixed. And voila! Minutes later I had the chunky meaty creamy gravy that I was hoping for. Sliding the dish to my side I mopped it up. MUST ORDER.


~ Singapore noodles – I simply loved this stir fry noodle preparation especially so as it could be eaten without any supporting gravy. MUST ORDER.IMG_1790

~ Loaded mystical nachos – This is love for cheese in a  a bowl. The nachos are layered with beans, tomatoes, onions, cream and cheese and baked to perfection. It is served with salsa and sour cream but believe you me, its so loaded with toppings, you don’t need anything to go with it. It’s a huge portion so be prepared with a big tummy or group to do justice to it. DO TRY.IMG_1801

~ Wheat dimsums – I simply loooooved these healthy preparations. This is a recent introduction to the menu by them. The dimsums were absolutely loaded with chicken/vegetables. What stole the show for me though was the dip it came with. At the first glance it did seem like a regular mustard dip to me but as I got around to tasting it I was blown away. When I checked with the server, he informed me that this was an in-house preparation of their version of a tomato garlic sauce. Soooo tasty. MUST ORDER.


~ Red velvet pastry – This is a very very good version of red velvet that actually tastes of cream cheese rather than whipped thank you! Do try it out.

IMG_1130~ Waffle sundae – 3 scoops of ice cream (chocolate and vanilla) along with a topping of chocolate chips, nuts and chocolate syrup loaded on top of crispy waffles is what constituted this sundae. No sooner did it appear on our table that we mopped it off the plate. Super yum. MUST ORDER.



Go for:

Easy on the pocket menu. Young crowd. Quirky interiors. Wholesome food. Great spot to hang with friends. Good food portions.

Tips & Tricks:

The servers are really well educated so if you give them a few pointers about your mood and likes, they will recommend some amazing dishes to suit you. Get a gang together so you can dive into more dishes together as portions are good. They are more than happy to modify dishes to suit your personal palettes so please feel free to make any suggestions you might have. Tends to get quite crowded in the day time so make sure to catch your table early. Else trust me, it is worth the wait.


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