Smokey’s BBQ and Grill, Cyber Hub

I am an absolute fan of Cyber Hub in Gurgaon. It is a must go to destination for me for family dinners or a night out with friends. I always take people who come from out of town to this place to get a glimpse of what Gurgaon has to offer. Cyber Hub has so many options to try for food and every time I walk here, there is always some place to eat that I haven’t tried as yet.

We decided to stop in one day for dinner at Smokey’s. I love the ambiance of the place with wooden interiors. They have eye catchy slogans painted on the wall but my favourite is the big pug! The interior decked out in a casual dining atmosphere with large wooden tables and benches. There is a bar at the end where they come up with their smokey concoctions that we got to taste. I loved the seating by the large floor to ceiling window that allows for natural light to flood in. It has two long benches laid out with logs in the background making for a semi-private dining area.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – We got the chance to try some of their signature cocktails. Lock Stock and a smoking barrel is served in a barrel looking jar. Open the lid and the smoke inside from the smoked pineapple escapes. It also has cardamom, vanilla pods and Absolut.

Grape fruit martini is a mix of grapefruit, elder flower, pomegranate and Absolut. Green apple barrel  is again served in a barrel with fresh green apple, apple pucker and Absolut.

Mimosa Mimic is a combination of fresh strawberry mandarin, Absolut and sparkling wine. Each one of us at the table had their own favorites and grabbed a drink each. I would say mine was the martini and I liked the not so sweet flavour combinations in it. One shake that we got our heart set on was the Chocolate hazelnut cheesecake shake. It tasted absolutely divine!

~ Appetizers – We started off with some Loaded potato skins that were stuffed with sour cream, chives and baked with cheddar cheese.IMG_4952The Lamb kibbeh were small grilled lamb patties marinated with jalapenos, mint and coriander. They tasted absolutely delicious and were just right in the use of spices.

~ Salads – You have to try their Raw papaya salad where thin strips of papaya were dressed with peanuts, palm sugar and a sweet chilli dressing. There was a lot of crunch and freshness to it.

Also the Grill chicken and chilli dressing salad had a bed of lettuce topped with perfectly cooked chicken, red chilli mayo and a vinaigrette dressing. It was quite light and fresh and there were enough chicken pieces in proportion to the amount of greens in the dish.

~ Burgers and hotdogs – My friend ordered the Curried vegetable burger that had a chunky vegetable patty flavoured with madras curry and dressed in a curry mayo. It came with a side of fries that were maddeningly good. Super crunchy and well seasoned, these were addictingly good! I did not enjoy the patty as much as it tasted more like my mums cutlet when she tries to sneak in as many veggies as she can so as to make for a healthy meal. Then again I always tend to favour non-vegetarian dishes more. I had the Bacon lamb burger…need I say more..bacon and lamb! It tasted absolutely delicious. The lamb patty is flavoured with thyme and bacon lard and served with a baconnaise. This is what guilty pleasures are made of…this burger, a bowl of the fries and the chocolate shake. Heavenly!

Lastly the server suggested we try out the Vegetarian hot dog and we were not disappointed. It was presented beautifully and the vegetarian version had a sort of spring roll with vegetarian stuffing. It tasted really good and I recommend the vegetarians try this out compared to the burger.

~ Pastas – I think one dish that is a chef’s special is their Prawn pickle ravioli. They make their own fresh pasta that is stuffed with pickled prawns, cumin and red chilli. They are tossed in a creamy sauce and served with two slices of garlic bread. Penne lamb ragu has slow cooked lamb ragu with a smoked butter.

Fetticine Prinavera is made with a homemade basil pesto sauce. It is tossed with zuchinni and bell peppers.

Sphaghetti aglio oilo eye chilli  is a lightly tossed pasta in olive oil and garlic. It was quite tasty and my friends said it was close to the best one they have had the pleasure of tasting. Their pasta selection is delicious and the portions are great too.

~ Desserts – A lovely meal came to an end with their sweet selection. We had the Apple crumble pie that was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The pastry was nice and crumbly but the apple mixture was slightly dry. We also tried their Banoffee pie that was a slice of the bananas with caramel sauce on a similar crumbly pastry.

Go for:

Nice ambiance. Great pasta selection. Good service. Good portion sizes. Continental delights.

Smokey's BBQ and Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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