Au Bon Pain, Cyber Hub

Au Bon Bon is located at one end of Cyber Hub towards the big screen. I previously remember being much bigger but recently they have revamped the space and relaunched a new menu as well. First things first, lets get this one straight, how do you pronounce the name. French is a very confusing language and their pronunciations are always tricky; words are written one way and read in another. So with the help of the restaurant manager and cross checking against google, I can say without doubt that it is pronounced as [o bɔ̃ pɛ̃]. No my lovely little friends who choose to have a squabble with me over this, it’s not pain; the ‘n’ is silent. Thank you! *drum roll

They have a nice seating area outside and if the weather permits you should definitely hand out there. There is enough greenery to give you a semi private area so you feel awkward with people constantly passing by. You can also choose to sit in the comfort of the air-conditioner but they have a limited seating option inside.

They have introduced the concept of ‘food trail’ where you can essentially pick your own tray, walk through a demarcated area and pick what you want to eat from the selection. I have seen this concept run successfully many places abroad and find it super convenient as you are free to pick and choose while taking your own time. Their counters are appropriately marked with signage such as pick your tray, fresh to go, hot and healthy soups, bakes, etc. Once you are done selecting, walk up to the counter, pay and go! Super quick! You can also choose to re-heat any item if need be or order something off their made to order menu.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Drinks – I tried the Banana yoghurt cooler with chia seeds as suggested by the server as it was a part of the new menu. It was amazing! I love banana based shakes and this was like a smoothie which almost tasted like a shake with the added health benefits of chia seeds. It wasn’t overpoweringly sweet and had a good balance. Another drink I tried was the Orange papaya cooler. The drink had loads of mint in it and was sweeter in comparison to the previous one.

They have some great deals on their teas. You have the option of paying Rs.50 for a cup of unlimited tea where they give you a paper cup that can be refilled endlessly while you are at the outlet. You get to choose from 3-4 types of tea they have on offer like vanilla tea, masala tea, green tea, black tea and more. You can also opt for a mug that entitles you endless refills on that day. The next day you can again pay Rs.50 and claim your supply of tea as long as you carry the cup with you every time you drop in. I think these are great deals if you work in the Cyber City area.

~ Savoury – Open face margherita is essentially like a bruschetta with a thicker bread or a pizza with a bread base. It has mozzarella and cheddar cheese, basil pesto and chopped tomatoes & onions on a baguette. It is baked to melt the cheese and get the bread to crisp up so don’t keep it hanging for too long else it’ll start to get chewy. The chicken feta sandwich was quite nice and it has grilled chicken, caramelized onions, feta cheese and lollo rosso lettuce with a chipotle spread on a rosemary focaccia. This is a warm sandwich and I quite liked the overall taste as each element came together to add flavour to it.

The Red thai chicken curry and rice was also good. It is served in a to-go plastic meal box. I think the rice in itself was nice coz it had a lot of tossed sweet corn and veggies in it. The Baked vada pav was nice but it seemed a little dry overall as it lacked some chutney. The aloo cutlet was quite well spiced.

The Chicken keema cone-wich is a new item that I tried that has a baked cone with a filling of your choice inside it. I went with the keema and it had been stir fried with some onions. It tasted really yumm and their keema has a lot of flavour. It was a bit oily as well and my friend didn’t like how the slices of onion inside were a bit too long. I didn’t mind them though it is a bit of a messy eat. DO TRY. I really liked the Keema kouignamann (pronounced as queen-a-mon; ain’t it cool that we are learning some french in the process!). This was absolutely delicious. It is served hot and has a similar keema filling inside as that of the cone-wich sans the onions 😛 MUST TRY

The Peri peri mac and cheese seemed like a good try off the menu with baked macaroni in a creamy cheese sauce with peri peri seasoning. The pasta was well cooked and it had a thick cheesy sauce with chunks of chicken however, it lacked in depth of flavour. Also as it became cold, it began to loose more of its flavour so make sure you eat it while its hot. The addidition of the peri peri seasoning gave it a distinct flavour so make sure you order this if you are ok with eating this spice. The garlic bread along with it was quite crispy. The Peri peri chicken wings looked quite tempting with a dark glaze on top. They were quite tender and cooked perfectly. I liked the addition of the spice in this.

~ Sweet –  In the muffin section we picked the red velvet and chocolate chip ones. The red velvet had a bit of an artificial flavour and was quite dense. They suggest that you eat the chocolate chip muffin at room temperature. The chunky chocolate bits on top of it were quite nice.

So we sort of had opposing views on the Mango custard danish in the group. While one of my friend didn’t like it too much and found it soggy, the rest of us found it quite delish! I like the mix of a bit sweet and savoury flavours and the dessert did just that. The sweetness wasn’t too overpowering and had a nice balance with freshness from the mango custard on top. The best thing on the menu would have to be the chocolate cookie. I got it heated and it tasted just divine. As we had this at the end of our meal, while chatting away we didn’t realize how all of us had finished the cookie in seconds.

Go for:

Quick bites. Unlimited chai options. Service with a smile.
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Khaaja Chowk, MG Road

Khaaja Chowk is located in the Plaza Mall on MG road in Gurgaon. Now many of you living in Gurgaon itself might feel ki bhai aisa bhi koi mall hai yahan (dude, is there such a mall in Gurgaon)??! This is one of the not-so-popular malls as it is mostly has electronic and furniture shops. Having been on one such shopping spree myself, I had discovered this restaurant on their third floor. Though earlier I used to mainly opt for home delivery, I remember being a die hard fan of their palak paneer. But with time, interests changed and we kind of lost track of this restaurant. I was lucky to revisit it with a friend for an early dinner. I was quite surprised with the amazing journey the restaurant has made in terms of their food and decor.

I was delighted to see the entry with the bright green door that leads you inside the colourful red themed restaurant. I happened to be visiting on a day when they would be hosting a birthday party so the place was decked with red, white and blue balloons (a moment earlier I was left wondering if they were celebrating the fourth of July until the server informed us otherwise :-P). The interiors are well lit up and they have a cute little rickshaw converted into a table that seemed like a really fun area to dine in. The tables are scattered and no two are too close to each other that you end up intruding on your neighbour’s meal or conversations.

One point I must mention was the tables itself. They have been done up in such a quirky way and I haven’t seen this before so was quite intrigued by it that I moved around and found no two tables were similar. Each had been decorated with it’s own theme under the glass top. One had a series of white flowers and concave glasses to sequins, one had a series of well placed cosmetics from a woman’s closet like lipstick, bindis, nail paint, hair clips and more and there was even one with the cover of Ship brand matchboxes. This is really a nice creative touch!

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – We started off with some masala shikanji to hydrate ourselves from the heat. It was a good blend of tangy and sweet and a blessing to quench ourselves with. As conversations started building we realized that they have a beer promotion with four pints in a bucket for Rs. 449 and since neither of us had any further work plans that day, we went ahead and ordered the Kingfisher one. It arrived cold in a bucket filled with ice. They also served a basket of papad with the drinks but it was a bit soggy.

~ Great Indian Chaat Platter – The platter seemed like a good option to try as we would get four varieties of chaat which included the palak patta chaat, dahi puchka, Khaaja ki chaat and papdi chaat. The first three items were laid down neatly in a sqaure plate, the papdi came in a bowl and a glass contained the khatta paani for the golgappas. The golgappas were yum as they were filled with an aloo masala and curd and frankly, I didn’t need the khatta paani, I could eat them as is. Do describe the Khaaja chaat I would say it was like an Indian bruschetta. The papdi was nice and crisy and came in a bowl so it was easy to eat. The palak chaat looked quite tempting and had little chopped tomatoes and onions on top as garnish along with the chutneys and a sprinkling of sev. However, as I bit into it last, it had gotten soggy by the end. Tip: Probably begin with this first. As it is, chaats really test the speed with which you can eat as all things crispy tend to get soggy real quick with the topping of curd and chutneys. DO TRY

~ Chicken Banno kebab – This is definitely a new kebab name for me and I was certainly attracted to try it out. The kebabs were light coloured and had beautiful char marks from the tandoor on it. It was super tender and had a great blend of spices in the marinade. MUST TRY


~ Galauti with ulte tawe ka parantha – The kebabs were quite succulent with melt in your mouth meat inside but I would have loved if the exterior could have been a bit more crispy. It comes with a side of two huge paranthas. While some find this style of paranths a little doughy, I have always been a fan. Give me anything made with maida anytime, any day and if it’s fried as well, that’s like icing on the cake…it’s super unhealthy but then again YOLO 😀 (this is the only way I can rationalize unhealthy eating habits :-P). MUST TRY


~ Khaaja Special rara gosht – There were too many curry options on the menu and each seemed so tempting that we were a bit lost with what to order. This dish was an excellent choice as suggested by the server where there are two pieces of mutton (we ordered the half portion) along with a gravy made with minced meat. We were wondering whether we would be able to do justice to the dish since we were starting to feel quite full but can I tell you, this was so damn delicious. We easily mopped up that gravy with the ulta tawa paranthas from the kebab dish and it tasted simply divine. MUST ORDER


~ Paan ice cream – This flavour screamed at me from the desserts menu. Although I am not much of a paan eater (occasionally I indulge in a chocolate paan), this seemed like such a great falvour to try apart from the regular chocolate, strawberry offerings on the menu. We got a heaped bowl of ice cream in a gorgeous green shade. It tasted so close to a paan but the flavour wasn’t over powering at all. What was exciting was the little crunch added by the little dark red pieces flavoured with gulkand. MUST TRY


~ Rocket kulfi tilli pe – This was kesar ice cream on a stick with a cute little rose at the end for presentation. The kulfi was nice however since I was having the ice cream too, the paan flavour was quite strong that it dulled out the kulfi. Tip: Eat the kulfi first and then proceed to the ice cream.


Go for:

Funky tables. Great Indian food. Uncluttered mall. Service with a smile. Quick food preparations.

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The Addams House, Sector 29

Raise your hands if you have been a fan of The Addams family as a kid. I used to watch endless re-runs of the animated version, the show and the movie. I couldn’t get enough of it and found the whole concept of this scary and kooky family quite intriguing. My favourite character would have to be Wednesday who’s just too smart for the world; a girl after my own heart :-P. A true fan would always hear the words ‘The Addams family’ and break out into their theme song –

‘They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They’re all together ooky,
The Addams Family.’

I could sing the whole song with background sounds but lets talk about the restaurant that choose this as their theme. Set up in sector 29 of Gurgaon, the Addams family delivers on point with its exterior. It looks like a dark haunted castle from outside. The interiors are dimly lit and whats not to miss is their huge wall paying homage to the characters of the Addams family from the movie. They also have lurch standing tall on one wall, thing wrapped around a light and lots of tit-bits around the place. The seating area is spacious with a large bar space, plush couches and chairs along with a semi private area with a large bookshelf. As you walk another story up you are welcomed into the most beautiful terrace area in sector 29. It is a huge space and is done up in muted tones and white. With the perfect weather and some buzzing music, this could be the best place to hangout….can’t wait for winters 😀

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – My favourite drink would have to be Bhoot which had Bacardi black, spiced rum, paan leaf, passion fruit, lime juice, mango puree and orange juice. The drink was presented in colourful tiki glasses. Wonder Lust was my second favourite which had vodka infused with vanilla pods, fresh lime, passion fruit and pomegranate juice with the topping of some pomegranate caviar. I like the presentation of this drink in a metal glass filled with loads of crushed ice…great for beating the summer heat!

Also tried the Addams Special which had bourbon, pancake syrup, lime juice, egg white, chocolate and orange. I probably went a bit too experimental with this and though the drink looked pretty, it did not suit my palette. The mocktail I liked the most was the Raspberry Orange cooler which had a blend of raspberry crush, orange juice, fresh basil and lime.

In shakes we tried the Red velvette shake, Chocolate shake and Hazelnut cheesecake. All of them had a nice presentation with glasses full to the brim and some red velvet cake or chocolate or cream as toppings on it.

~ StartersAddams Dragon popcorn has crunchy popcorn treated in nitrogen. I tried the cheese flavour but somehow the smoke was lost by the time it reached my table. Chakhna Wakhna is a good option especially for vegetarians as it has small matkis filled with boiled chickpeas, black channa, kidney beans and white matar mixed with chopped onions fresh tomatoes, green chillies, spices and roasted garlic.

Meri wali chicken maggi – The Addams way was maggi in the form of croquettes stuffed with shredded chicken and served with Addams bloody dip. The croquettes were super crispy and beautifully golden and its a good dish for a maggi lover. Rajma Chawal balls- The Addams way had balls made of rajma chawal, infused with Indian spices and crumb fried to be served with garlic tomato chutney and tempered yoghurt.

Pulled jackfruit tacos has kewra scented masala jackfruit served in crispy taco shells with salsa and sour cream. French onion soup shots would probably have to be my favourite. The soup was served piping hot in small shot glasses and were topped with a golden fried onion ring on top of each. The texture of the rings was spot on and they were a crispy delight! I dipped them into the soup and munched away. Bloody chicken wings as the name suggests were wings that were served covered in a sticky dark red buffalo sauce. They are marinated overnight to let the flavour soak in. The pieces of chicken were absolutely tender but I would have liked to have a bit more kick in the sauce and found it to be on the sweeter side.

Another great dish on the menu is the Lamb stuffed chilly poppers that has jumbo green chillies stuffed with a spicy lamb keema mix with roasted garlic and cheese. It is then dipped into a batter and coated with crumbs. It is fried to crispy perfection and served with a mint mayo. Worry not…its not too spicy at all and I suggest you give it a try. Streaky bacon chicken bites was next on order..I mean bacon, how can you resist?! The bacon is stuffed with chicken supreme and Emmenthal cheese and served with a sweet chilli BBQ sauce. They are made into great bite sized portions and you can quickly pick up the toothpicks and pop them into your mouth one after the other. I like the sticky coating of the sauce on top.

We had Golgappas the Modern Classical way which essentially had the traditional atta golgappa stuffed with potato masala and served in a molecular way. I am generally not an atta fan and personally prefer the suji golgappas but I have to say, I found these quite nice.


~ Mains – We had the Charlatan chicken pizza that was a huge thin crust pizza topped with chicken tikka, onions, capsicum and green chillies. It tasted good but the toppings were too scarce. My favourite main was the Hot chick quesadilla which had a stuffing of shredded chicken breast, serano chillies, crispy bacon, fresh tomatoes and onions.It is served with nachos, sour cream and salsa. It was so good that we called for a repeat of the dish. The portion is such that if you are feeling a little hungry, you can easily wipe up the whole dish by yourself…atleast I know I could 😛

Pugsley’s portion is a half roasted chicken on the skin rubbed with coarsely ground spices, harissa cream and garlic and served with herbed baby potatoes and sauteed veggies. The chicken was a little inconsistent in being tender but had a good flavour through the marinade on that skin. Grilled fish fillets has the fish marinated in kasundhi (mustard) and herbs. It is topped with lime aire and and presented on a bed of lemon pepper khichdi risotto style. Though the dish looked rather fancy, something that you could find at a top notch restaurant, somehow it did not live up to my expectations in terms of taste from it.

~ Desserts – The dessert section really wowed me with both desserts being besutiful in flavours and presentation. We had the Gulabari cheesecake that had a rose flavoured cheesecake on a bed of gulkand crumb with dried rose petals dust. The presentation was just amazing and the dish looked super tempting to eat. I liked how they maintained the rose theme across the dish with the use of different tones of pink.


Another amazing dish to try is the Chocolate hazelnut royal crackle that had a rich chocolate hazelnut mousse covered in a roasted almond crackle and topped with a rich chocolate short it was a chocolate lovers paradise. The dish wasn’t too rich and the flavour of hazelnut wasn’t strong ( I would know as hazelnuts have a strong adverse reaction in my stomach :-D).


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Smaaash, Cyber Hub

Cyber Hub is a great location in Gurgaon that gives you a mix choice of food and entertainment. Family meals usually end up on the ground floor, with friends we venture up to the first floor sometimes and parties are always on the third floor. The little covered area on the side had a lot of bakeries and coffee joints. Just behind that is Smaaash which is a gaming parlour cum food joint that culminates entertainment along with eating. It’s a great place to visit with friends or family in a group.

I had a fun experience here as I got to feeling like a kid again while taking turns to play games, standing in queues, comparing scores and jovial rivalry.


Get Set Game On:

Smaaash is a great place for groups to hang out. It’s got a very relaxed vibe, lots of games, a series of flashing lights and pumping music that keeps you alive. 

They have a section of Virtual reality games. My favourite game would have to be Walk the plank Vertigo. It really tests your capabilities to walk on the edge of a building literally. The wait in the queue can be a bit long and standing outside I could here throngs of laughter from inside and thought this was something worth the wait..and boy was I right. While standing in the queue I also felt that it was no big deal, but the fun is in the experience. By the time our group reached the game area, we had managed to take up all the space in the little box. So they have a room set up with a bar to represent a ledge and provide a VR device that makes you feel as if you are walking on a beam across high ride buildings. Whats brilliant is the combination of graphics and jerky movements on the beam that make it feel too real to imagine. I was rolling in fits of laughter as my friends tried and failed miserably by dropping onto the bean bags on the sides but as it came I my turn I did not fare any better. This is a MUST TRY game…you’ll really enjoy it. 

A game next to it was the Magic carpet where you stood in a small suspended platform and wore a virtual reality eye gear that made you feel like you were floating on a carpet and got to fly over a make believe island. The graphics weren’t all that amazing and I think it’s fine for little kids only. The Finger coaster ride has a similar idea where you can wear the eye gear, strap yourself into the chairs and experience the ride. I have had the misfortune of riding a roller coaster a couple of times and I am shit scared of it…but the thrill keeps drawing me back to it:-P Can I just tell you..this was cake walk! So if you are someone who doesn’t have the nerves to go on a real roller coaster, I think this ride can make a great practice session for you. Also you can draw out your roller coaster route with high lows or curves…go crazy then you can sit and enjoy the ride you created with good motion jerks, titling of the chairs and fan placed in positions to make you feel the wind as you do. Healthy tip, do this before you have eaten 😀

Another area of Racing/simulation games included bike racing games like Nitro wheelie  with a suspended motor bike and a screen. There was the X2 Racing F1 car racing as well but with my height, my legs could barely make it to the accelerator as I sat inside the mock car. The car also has some motion jerks as you bumped into a wall or drive in dirt.

They have a huge variety of Arcade games spread out like Palm wrestling, Speed of Light, Batman, etc. The Alpine racer is a ski game and it was a lot of fun as we all danced from side to side on a moving ski board to win the race. There was Terminator salvation where you had to kill cyborgs and two contestants could play together. It was quite addictive and we lost 2 from our group on that game for over 30 minutes or so! Bull Shooter is the dart board where two contestants can play against each other. The Air Hockey game was also a little different as apart from a single puck, multiple little colourful pucks would come out at intervals during the play..quite fun!

I also enjoy enjoyed the Pac man basket game where you need to throw basket balls into a hoop and make enough points to move onto the next level. Another variation of this was the football throw which had goals of different sizes that you had to aim at to score points. Can I tell you..this was really tough as we aren’t used to throwing around the American football and our aim was all over the place 😛

Obviously the boys were attracted to the Smaaash cricket section. While the girls cheered the boys attempted to make scores against some fast passed bowlers. Some fared well while others didn’t and we cheered each one on like crazy. Even the girls gave it a go and we managed to atleast give the ball a hit. Luckily you can choose your skill level from beginner to pro but yet the girls being able to score a four or six was probably too much to ask 😛 What was entertaining during this time is that they have a microphone that allows you to give running commentary…the boys did hilarious impressions of famous personalities and they discussed each one’s batting skills and scores.

We ended the session with some Bowling. I think this was a great way for all of us to come together collectively from individual gaming stations and have some relaxed fun together. We were able to sit down and order some food as we took turns to bowl and try to maintain some jovial competition with each other. 

You need to make a charge card at the entrance that you can swipe off at every console before you play. That is really convenient and user friendly as I could do this all by myself. If need be there are many people stationed around to assist you as well. There are different deals that give you access to certain games as per the plan you choose and food & beverage as well. Between games we would sit down at the bar to take a break. A round of drinks and some snacks got us energized for the next session. 

Before we could exit we were drawn to two games that the boys must really try out. One was the King of hammer that determined the points based on the strength you applied to beat the hammer down. Quite a match got stirred up as they tried to beat each other’s scores. The other was the Boxer baby that determined scores on the strength with which you punched the boxing bag. We were all tired and ready to head home yet spent a great deal of time at these games. As all of us were cheering and shouting that more and more people around came up wondering what all the fuss was about. Everybody wanted to give the games a go but we just wouldn’t let go of it 😛

Get Set Gobble:

Food is a necessity at this place that gives you the energy you need to be up and running. You have the option of sitting at the bar and placing your order, there is a dining are at the back with a buffet layout that you can choose or you can eat at the couches outside the cricket section or lastly at the tables at the bowling alley. It’s good that you are no limited to just one area and can have your food while you move around. This gave us the opportunity to much on snacks while we awaited our turns at various games. So all in all none of us sat down to the meal at the same time but could grab bites on the move. Their menu has a good variety with offerings that are Indian, Italian, Chinese or Continental…so there is something for everyone.

We had the stir fry chilli chicken with the Wok tossed hakka noodles. This disappeared in a matter of seconds. The chicken was coated in a spicy sauce and the noodles were light to eat. I really like the slightly yellow coloured noodles with the contrast of green spring onions on top. The chilli paneer also tasted good. The Crispy chilli potatoes was another great dish that was crispy in the true sense. Chinese was a good option as we could all share these dishes easily and lost of my friends kept dropping in to take a bite and then return to their games. Overall I feel that this section was their strong point as all most all Chinese preparations impressed us a lot.

At the cricket section we sat down for another round of food. Here we had the Caesar chicken tikka salad that had a good cheesy dressing and crispy lettuce but I would have liked to see more chicken in it. The Smaaash nachos are a nice order to keep you munching. Throughout we would stop by the bar and pick up beers as needed.

When we sat down for bowling at the end, we ordered most of our food there. The Chicken tikka pizza was well cooked with generous amount of topping on the thin crust base. It had a nice spicy kick to it with toppings of chicken tikka, green chillies and onions. I also liked the Mutton seekh kebab that was tender but the Fish Amritsari was probably my favourite. It had a crispy batter coating  outside with tender melt in your mouth flaky fish inside. Loved it!

The Keema parantha roll was this huge pocket filled with lots of stuffing and the Chicken shawarma was similar. They can be a bit messy to eat though. The Smaaash veg pizza has toppings of rocket leaves, assorted capsicum, tomato, jalapeno, olives and zucchini and was quite tasty too!

Go for:

Full family/friends entertainment. Peppy music. Loads of choices. Easy access to games.

So there is tons of stuff to keep people of all age groups occupied..go on and plan a fun game night for the family or friends! I myself had such a great time that I could not concentrate on getting great shots so I apologize for the quality of the pics.
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Calorize, Good Earth City Centre

We are a little conservative in our mind sets when it comes to healthy eating. We automatically assume that if its good for your body, its gonna taste bad. However, that does not necessarily have to be the case and Calorize is all set to prove that point. They have a good variety of options on their menu but are mostly popular for their subs. If you are turning to a healthy chapter in your life, it’ll be a great place for you to get a tasty fix at the amount of calories that suits your need.

Calorize is located on the first floor of the Good Earth City Centre toward the front section. I made my way to this outlet with my sister for a healthy meal option. As we entered, we were welcomed by a quirky colourful cafe with a wooden theme. The use of elements is just perfect and I love the little pop of colours against the earth tone background. They have a large wooden wall piece with fun health quotes on it. It is spacious with comfortable seating and the play list keeps your foot tapping.

The concept behind the outlet is to get you delicious food that satisfies cravings yet helps you keep a check on your calories. They bake their breads in house, make their own dressings and do not believe in using preservatives and go for fresh selection of vegetables. It certainly puts my mind at rest when I get to get fresh food rather than day old preparations. So the good thing here is that they count the calorie of every ingredient that goes into making the dish from the veggies, meat to oil or herbs added and give you your total count.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Drinks – We started off with our HEALTH MODE ON so I went for the Grape and Pineapple health booster which was a blend of fresh pineapple and grape juice with chunks of the fruit as well. It tasted so good! My sister went for one of the Fantastic 5 drinks on the menu and choose Iron. This had a combination of watermelon, pineapple, orange, spinach and cayenne. It had a tangy taste with a very slight undertone of chilli. Loved it too! This came in a small glass bottle with a label on it. I found the presentation really nice. MUST TRY one of the 5 drinks from the menu.

Well we sipped on these and went on with our meal. But at the end we kind of gave into temptation a little and went in for shakes. So yes, we kind of saved up on calories from our meal and spent them on these rich shakes that I would like to say were like desserts. I had the Chocolate fudge brownie from the Spoiler Shake section…what an apt name 😉 I loved this more than my sister’s for the simple reason that it had little chunks of brownie in the shake that added a little bite to it. My sister had the Dark and White choco blast. Both the shakes were super rich and thick and had a good blend of chocolate. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are willing to give your calorie counting a little skip.

~ Chicken keema masala sub – They have an android tablet hanging on the table. You can go ahead and place your order though it or choose to do it via pen and paper. All options of fillings of meat and veggies, sauces, dressings, etc. is mentioned for you to choose from. The paper bag serves not only as your order form, but as a take away bag or as surface to a feedback on.  If it’s too much effort for you to figure out the nitty gritties of your sub, go ahead and simply order some ready made combinations off the menu. I found the android version quite convenient. It’s super quick and easy to make your choices and an added advantage is that the app gives you suggestions along the way to create the best combination.

They have something called the Shaved bread sub. So if you are someone like my mom who doesn’t like eating breads in general, this is a good option for you. What they do is they remove the center part of the bread and just give you the crunchy outer layer with more stuffing, hence the name shaved. You can also go in for an even healthier option and choose to convert it into a lettuce wrap that eliminates the bread all together. I personally looooooove all things doughy so no way was I skipping out on the bread in my sub. 😛DSC_0338

Here’s the selections we made: What would you like to have today? Sub sandwich (6 inch) >> Choose your genre – Non veg – Chicken keema masala >> Please select your bread – Herb>> How do you want your bread – Toasted >> Select your toppings – Cheese – Bocconcini (lowest calorie) – Spreads/Sauces – Masala chutney (as the app suggested) – Dressings – Thousand Island (again app suggestion) – Veggies – Lettuce, caramelized onions, bell peppers – Oil + spices – Garlic powder, salt, pepper >> Special instruction – less spicy please! >> Order summary – Pay >> Thank you for ordering with us – 451kcal. It was actually interesting going through all the options and discussing what would make the best sub for us and can I tell you, we were elated with the was simply brilliant! The balance of the creamy dressing and spicy meat was spot on. MUST ORDER

DSC_0363~ NCYC pizza – A very attractive item on the menu is their No Cheese Yet Cheesy pizza…doesn’t the name make you curious as to what it is?? So basically it is a whole wheat base with toppings of veggies and BBQ chicken (they have vegetarian variations as well) along with a topping that this very similar to cheese in terms of look and taste but is not really cheese. I found it quite intriguing and poked them a bit more to figure out what this really is. Well, they didn’t give away too much and said it has a milk and yoghurt base and a secret binder that gives it it’s perfect texture. Go try it for yourself! I am from the school of thought that I want to enjoy things in life but don’t want too much burden of them having a fattening effect on my body, ergo, I think like all girls. 😛 I’m glad I have found and option that does just that. This is perfect for those days when you have pizza cravings but only now you have a healthy option to satisfy yourself.

Also, did you know that this entire pizza has the same amount of calories as one slice of pepperoni pizza. Doesn’t mathematics in food make you feel good! 😀

DSC_0373~ Honey mustard chicken meal – Their meals come with a portion of brown rice (or 4 pieces of brown bread), choice of sides like grilled veggies/ baked french fries/ mashed potatoes and choice of dips like hot pepper/ marinara/ white sauce/ butter garlic. The chicken breast had a honey mustard marinade and came with an orange mustard dip. The dip was the most exciting part of the meal. If you have eaten brown rice you know that it isn’t the tastiest option but a much healthier alternative to white rice. I poured oodles of the dip on the rice and ate it with the chicken. Quite liked it! DO TRY

~ Cookies – We ended the meal with the chocolate shakes I mentioned above and cookies. I ordered the oatmeal raisin and orange fiber cookie. I think the orange one was our favourite. Simply loved the cute little packing it came in and also the flavours. DO TRY


Go for:

Calorie conscious healthy meals. Healthy = tasty food. Fun music. Add your feedback on their wall called ‘Sub ka review’…clever naming :-). Freshly baked breads and in-house sauces. They are working on adding new dishes on their menu and also a delivery system for it.

P.S. Thanks for spoiling my definition of subs Calorize…now I can never enjoy Subway again :’-(
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Thai Pavilion, Vivanta by Taj, Gurgaon

I have been meaning to visit this place for a while now. After having heard great deals about it from friends and family we finally made a reservation for my sister’s birthday. Vivanta by Taj is located right next to Fortis and Huda City Centre in Gurgaon. The restaurant is located on the 1st floor and there is enough staff around to help you along the way.

The restaurant is done up with dim lighting and some stand out pieces like the large hands showing different mudras or huge textured copper plates that grab your attention. They have a red and black themed colour scheme happening that goes well with gold copper tones standing out through their use in the wall decorations. The seating is great that each table feels like they are having a private dinner and it doesn’t get too crowded around you.


As I entered the restaurant I was really pleased to see the personalized name card they had placed to reserve out table. This personal touch made us fill a bit special and lifted our spirits as we sat down for our meal. The staff is super courteous and do everything in their power to make it a pleasant meal for you.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – The Thai Old Fashioned had a strong flavour of lemongrass in it. It was quite refreshing. I tried the Pomegranate Pearls Cocktail that had a beautiful reddish hue. Neither of the concoctions were too boozy too handle and we comfortably sipped them with our meals.

~ Starters – We started the meal with bowlfuls of rice crackers and prawn crackers. Personally I preferred the prawn ones.

Yum Ma Muang was a delicious Raw mango and water chestnut salad. It wasn’t too sour, but then again I love a bit sour and tangy flavours. The pomegranate pearls helped add a bit of sweetness to balance the palette. The mango was shredded into to lengthwise noodles and was super easy to eat. We also ordered one non vegetarian Dimsum Kai which are Thai dumplings with chicken filling and one vegetarian Dimsum Phak which are the ones with vegetable filling. Both came in a lovely presentation in a tied up banana leaf scroll. They had a good filling but were a bit dry.

~ Mains – For mains we had the Kai Phad Prik Daeng which was Chicken supreme flavoured with Thai herbs and chilli paste. The gravy was indeed very nice but some piece of chicken did not seem tender enough to me. I quite liked the Phad Thai je which were Stir fried rice noodles with vegetables.It was a healthy preparation with a generous amount of veggies such as zucchini, sweet corn and sprouts. Also I personally love the crunch the crushed peanuts provide.

Another vegetarian main was the Phad Kaprao Khao Phod Warn which had Baby corn and mushroom tossed with chillies and basil. The Khao phad Nasm Prik Pao je is a Spicy fried rice with roast curry paste and basil with vegetables. My friend asked the chef to make it extra spicy for us hence the lovely reddish colour across the dish. Frankly the spice became too much for me too handle so I suggest you stick with the original preparation.

We got a complimentary kettle of rose tea. It was beautiful to taste and helped cleanse our palette after the mains, before we could move onto the next course. You could genuinely taste the flavour of rose and the warmth was quite soothing.

~ Desserts – The desserts definitely lifted our spirits as we saw the variety we had managed to order. Tub Tim Grob was a really unique dish and our server suggested we try it. This Thai dessert has diced water chestnut with coconut milk. It is served inside a coconut and has a nice light sweet taste and the chestnuts add a bit of crunch to it. However the dish was over powered with all the chocolate love happening on the table. Dark callebut chocolate strata with crackling almond crumb had also came with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. It had a soft texture and the ice cream really does help cleanse the palette from that heavy chocolate and go in for more. 😉 Makroot flavoured soft centered chocolate dollops were quite nice and the crunch of almonds. The addition of mango slices to the plate helped provide a sense of relief from the chocolate decadence. Hot thai chocolate souffle was an absolutely amazing dessert and I think this tart was the first dessert that managed to completely vanish from the plate.

P.S. So I am a bit confused with the names of the three chocolate desserts. We simply ordered them off the menu and ate them as soon as they appeared on the table. I hope I have got them right; nonetheless, at least the pictures correlate to the description so that should help!

Go For:

Warm hospitality – Well it’s a Taj property so you can’t expect anything less from the staff. They were super courteous and sharp. Service with a smile. Attention to taste and detail – They kept checking on us for the taste of every dish they served. If it wasn’t suitable to our palettes, they were happy to modify it accordingly.

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The Coco Company, South City II

I had the pleasure of trying some sweet and savoury dishes from the Coco company, Sohna Road previously. Having had a good experience the last time, I chanced into visiting their new outlet at South City 2. This outlet is barely a month old and is at a new market space called Rodeo Drive that is right behind the Good Earth City Centre. There’s ample parking available outside so that wasn’t an issue at all. As we walked in the place is small with a counter full of desserts and savouries, a kitchen area and a counter to sit and eat. I think I liked their lamps the most that looked like chocolate piping work had been done on them..great touch!

The seating is small with about 3 stools at the counter so I would suggest you either order in or opt for a take away. The menu is displayed on chalkboards and we picked a couple of items to fill us up for lunch. The order didn’t take too long to prepare. Also since you are sitting right next to the chef you know exactly where your order is no complains there. Also it’s a delight to watch your food being made. The chef was meticulous in his work and I loved watching him get the dishes done.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Drinks – We ordered the Oreo Chocolate Shake. It was quite good and what with the crazy heat I really needed something to cool me off. We also tried the Peach Ice tea which was fine. Since the space is small and the cooking is happening there as well, it does tend to get a bit hot and the AC really struggles to do it’s job. So we drank up to keep ourselves hydrated and tried to beat the heat.IMG_1898

~ Garlic chicken pizza – The pizza had a true flavour of garlic and we got the first inkling of that when the whole outlet was filled with its strong aroma the chef prepared the ingredients. I was surprised to see that the chef actually went on to roll the pizza dough right in front of us. This really got me excited and made my taste buds jump with joy. He topped it generously with chunks of chicken, mushrooms, onions and cheese. Though it had a pretty generous amount of cheese, it wasn’t too cheesy or overpowering at all. No sooner had it gone into the oven than it came out hot and crispy. The cheese had melted across and gotten all gooey. I really try to have freshly prepared food outside as a part of my diet and don’t want to eat pre-cooked or day old preparations and frankly, it couldn’t have been fresher than this! You could taste it in every bite. MUST ORDER

~ Penne Arabiatta – The penne pasta was served piping hot. It had been tossed with some tomato sauce, mushrooms, chicken and topped with fresh parsley, olives and grated cheese. What deserves a special mention is the garlic bread…it was simply amazing! They bake it in-house and it was toasted to perfection with generous amount of garlic butter. Rather than a regular slice of an oval shaped bread, this was more like a rectangular piece and reminded me of being somewhat similar to the Dominos garlic bread sticks; though, these were waaaaaay better and fresher and tastier. I found the salt to be a little on the lower side but then again Italian cuisine is usually like that. Bites of the bread helped add some saltiness and also I added generous amounts of oregano and chilli flakes and it tasted quite good. DO TRY


~ Trio Mouse Cup – As the name suggests, there are three layers of mousse set in a cup with some dark chocolate on top. Since I was quite full from my meal, I thought a gap of 15-20 mins would do my tummy some good. So I got it packed to eat once I reach home. Alas! As I opened the box at home I realized that it had melted in transit but yet tasted amazing. The texture was somewhat like melted ice cream. The different layers of chocolate make for a delicious dessert. Their chocolates have never failed to impress and the dessert just proves that. MUST ORDER


Go for:

They have a lot of cool offers running. You can check in on their Facebook page when at the outlet and get a free gift. There’s also a buy 3 get one free offer on pastries, savouries and cookies so go ahead and take advantage of those the next time you are there.
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Molecule Air Bar, Sector 29 Gurgaon

After hearing a multitude of great things about Molecule, I finally got the chance to visit it for lunch. They are a microbrewery in Gurgaon’s Sector 29 area. Once you take the lift up to the fourth floor you are welcomed by massive gates with a ‘transformers’ type vibe. The interiors of the restaurant are quirky and have a lot of wooden elements with gears. Not to forget the chemical equations and organic compounds painted on the glass windows to instill the feel of something gastronomical. Well I have never been a fan of chemistry with it being my least favourite subject but hey, chemistry in food…I could learn about this for days! It’s really intriguing to see how variations in food are coming up to keep the customer delighted with little hints of dry ice or the use of liquid nitrogen, you can transform simple dishes to intriguing ones.

They have a seating with a bar and one upstairs on the rooftop as well also with a bar service. It gives you a great view of the Gurgaon skyline and is great place to hang out in the evenings (provided the weather is good). Else I choose to happily sit in the luxury of air conditioning and enjoy the live performances they have from time to time. They have done a good job with the lighting inside where it isn’t too bright but yet dim enough to give you some privacy. As you sip on their craft beer and make conversations with your pals, there’s enough going around in the interiors be it the walls or the ceiling to give your eyes engaged. You have to put this on your MUST VISIT list if you are in Gurgaon.

We were greeted with an amuse bouche of Roohafzah lassi shots. They were ferried to us on a little truck.


Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – This is a microbrewery so obviously my first choice was to try their wheat beer. I did like it but my friends vouched that the dark beer was far better. Well, to each his own! Panni as the name suggests is a drink that literally came in a panni. It was placed inside a bucket with a side of popcorn. We also tried the Khula pinjra that had a metal bucket full of the booze with long straws and placed inside a pinjara (cage).

Soch-aalaya (yup, that’s what it’s called!) had a unique presentation with a tub containing the cocktail and a crushed can of ginger ale on the side and a lot of foam. Can you guess how Dimag ki batti was served? Well in a light bulb of course!

Make in India was a tasty concoction that came in a cocktail shaker served in a metal tea pot. It was like a kala khatta flavoured LIIT..yumm! They have a drink called Mocking Bird and yes it’s served in a bird shaped glass.

The Sangria is served with a chuski to keep dipping into your drink. Great for summers! We did try a few mocktails but with drinks like these taking the forefront, it’s very very hard to remember mocktail names 😛 I just remmeber a drink called Virgin Mary being served on a cycle.  All in all there are some really quirky presentations on their menu so go and give them a try.

~ Dragon popcorn – Freshly made popcorn, tossed in a spice mix is served in these metallic pineapple containers with a stream of dry ice smoke oozing from them. I tried the caramel popcorn but I am personally not a fan of this flavour so I tried the Pav bhaji masala one and it was quite nice. I especially loved the hint of playfulness as the popcorn made its way from the plate to the mouth! The liquid nitrogen provided a mystical element to the dish and the smoke escaped from your mouth as you bit into them. I bet I looked like a little dragon 😛 Also do watch out, the containers are suuuuuper cold and can leave your fingers feeling numb for long if you happen to touch it by mistake (see the thumb prints where I tried to grab the bowl and suffered the consequences :-P).


~ Molecular puchka shots – These golgappas were served with masala potatoes in a little cooker and 5 types of water in test tubes- pineapple, cola, orange, beetroot and jaljeera. It also had two syringes filled with a green chutney and imli chutney. So if you are up for a little mock kitchen scenario, go ahead and start breaking and constructing your golgappas. Though it is a lot of fun to be playing around with all these elements, I have found myself saying no to this when I’m in a drinking mood. I tend to get a bit lazy and have to conserve my energy so prefer to order something pre-prepared and plated that’s just ready to pop in my mouth as is.


~ Re deconstructed tokri chaat – This was another molecular gastronomy version of a papdi chaat. It had yoghurt spheres, spiced potato mix, green and imli chutney, pomegranates, crunchy sev and some foam. It’s quite tasty when you put all the elements together in your mouth. DO TRY


~ Veg biryani arancini – These little crisp balls are served with dehydrated onion, raita sphere, pink peppercorns and salad crème. Super crispy on the outside and spicy on the inside, these balls were truly amazing! The biryani inside is flavoured with bold spices and the raita just helps in cutting those down. It is a well-balanced dish and looked beautiful as well with a topping of micro greens. MUST ORDER


~ Air bread – These are little puffed breads served with Quattro Formaggi sauce with Achari chicken or Paneer tikka and green chilli caviar. Its super light and is served as a good bite sized portion so I do like to order these when we have drinks on the table. The topping of chicken was super yumm and spicy and the paneer was no far less. MUST ORDER


~ Vada pav sliders – With a portion of 4 vada pavs served in a metal plate/container with a green chilly sticking on the top and green chutney on the side. These are great appetizers and the vadas had a good spice blend with the potatoes.


~ Paneer tikka two ways – Peri peri paneer and pesto paneer served with roast tomato and mint chutney. What’s not to love; be it the presentation where its served on a small grill with some foam on the side or the succulent pieces of paneer itself shining with flavour. MUST ORDER


~ Ghee roast keema matar – No visit to Molecule is complete without ordering this dish. I am quite capable of mopping the whole thing alone coz it’s just that tasty! It is served with mini parantha presented on hooks hung on the top of the tray and a lachha radish salad. This would probably have to be the best item on their menu and maybe the best keema matar I have ever eaten…apologies to you mom :-D. My mom is the best cook I know but this preparation just blew my mind away. The meat was tender and tossed in spices that made your taste buds dance with every bite. There were 3 of eating this and we made our way through atleast 3 portions of these platters. It is insanely yumm. MUST MUST ORDER


~ Slow cooked makhmali chicken tikka – The tikkas were as they were described, like makkhan (butter), so soft and tender that they seemed to melt in your mouth. It’s served with a habanero sauce. This is a great dish for those who do not like a lot of spice in their food. MUST ORDER


~ Creamy parmesan pasta – White wine and parmesan cream, jalapeño and confit cherry tomato tossed with some penne pasta and served with garlic toast. The pasta was a little too al dente and felt it could have been cooked just a bit more. The creamy sauce enveloped the pasta and veggies and tasted quite good.


~ Mutton main combo meal – I quite enjoyed their dal makhani and mutton preparation. The pieces were tender and had a slightly spicy gravy. Mopped up this deliciousness with a lachha parantha.


~ Imitation of Ras malai – This is a very apt dish to provide a theatrical end to a gastronomical meal at Molecule. The chef comes out with a table full of ingredients and cooking equipment and cooks the whole dish in front of you. Some of the items I remember were the rasmalai sponge made with condensed milk, rose syrup, wasabi, paan candy floss, vanilla pod, pistachio dust, chopped mangoes and blueberries. It is a mesmerizing experience as he dips things into a nitrogen bath or creates puffs on a cold teppanyaki in front of us. He creates a beautiful piece of art on the plate only to be destroyed at the end..yes! Coz he instructs you to take a spoon and smash all the elements together for the flavours to mix before you can bite into it. What fun!  MUST ORDER


Go for:

Molecular Gastronomy. Fun filled dining experience. Intriguing dish presentations. Feast for the eyes and the tummy.

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The Grills King, MGF Metropolitan Mall

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of MGF Metropolitan Mall. If you have any idea about this mall, you know it’s a popular one so parking can be a bit of a hassle especially on weekends. If you get here by the metro you can simply walk down into the mall from the MG road station. Tip: Make sure you have a driver along to manage or give it to the valet at the entrance that costs about Rs.100. Another trick is to park it across the road in the basement of MGF Metropolis mall. Since the mall isn’t fully occupied it always has ample parking space available.


The restaurant is right at the end on the ground floor. The interiors are done up well and gives the space a bigger feel with the use of mirrors, yellow lights and addition of greenery. They have wooden tables and chairs large enough to accommodate big groups. The main course is in the form of a buffet laid out across one end with a bar right next to it. There is a glass behind the buffet counter allowing you to catch glimpses of the chefs at work.

I make sure I build up my appetite well before I put myself to the challenge of eating a buffet meal 😀 The staff was very courteous and there was always someone around to in case you needed anything. We were being fed with generosity and care and, our plates were never empty..the food just kept coming and coming to a point where we had to request them to slow the service down 😛 The food and the service definitely didn’t disappoint. Also I personally love the concept of being able to participate in cooking your own food at the table…it’s just a fun element to keep everyone involved.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – They had a selection of beverages on offer. One mocktail that won everyone’s heart was the kiwi cooler. It was tangy and refreshing and perfect to sip along with the meal. Go try if for yourself and thank me later! We also tried the virgin mary, LIIT and a round of beers.

~ Starters – They have a grill on the table with hot coal on which they serve your skewers of the starters you’d like to eat from the selection. There is a choice of sauces and oil to help you along on your quest to cook them to perfection. For vegetarian starters they had a choice of Potato salsa, Hing matar ke kebab, Adraki paneer tikka, Panchporan tandoori aloo, Honey chilli crispy veg, Tandoori mushrooms, Brazillian kings pineapple and Stir fried sauteed corn. I think my favourite here was the pineapple. Such an interesting preparation and more over loved the presentation during service. The waiter got a huge skewer with large chunks of barbecued pineapples and sliced them onto your plate as requested. Others that I liked was the potato salsa which had crispy fried potato in a creamy sauce and the stir fried corns that too were crispy.

For non veg we had the Murgh methi tikka, Bhagari jhinga, Asian grilled fish tikka, Pesto grilled fish, Mutton boti kebab, Brazilian kings chicken, Lehsuni roasted chicken wingschilli egg and Chicken dimsums. The egg was in a salad form and was a surprising try this. The mutton boti was slightly spicy and the meat was oh so tender.

The chicken wings were cooked so perfectly that the meat was slipping off the bone but unfortunately it didn’t pack any punch in terms of flavour. The pesto grilled fish had a nice crust on top with flaky fish under…must try this. The Brazilian chicken was a large chunk of meat but got a bit dry to eat. Tip: As we added some squeezed lime on top the tanginess helped all the flavours come out. I had fun cooking the prawns on the grill and basting them with a generous helping of oil. Tip: Don’t leave them on the grill for too long as they will start to get overcooked and shrink in size. The dimsums were small and filled well but not juicy enough.

Some of the starters are presented on skewers while others are served by the waiters. I was totally spoilt with the service and food selection.

~ Mains – Frankly the starters had us feeling so full that we just sat there talking away for quite a while before we could actually proceed to even look at the mains. As we did there were a few choices that tempted me to eat a bit more again. So I picked up a plate and walked around picking a spoonful of this and that to taste. There was a choice of veg and non veg soup and a live counter for pasta.

The vegetarian and non-vegetarians options were laid out on either sides so that always help avoid confusions. The centre had an array of fresh salads. With choices like Dal Makhani, Hara Makai, Mirchi ka salan, Veegtable Pappernata, Kofta Curry, Tandoori paneer tikka masala, Seasonal vegetables in Schezwan pepper sauce and Tomato garlic veg noodles on the vegetarian side, I’d say they had a pretty good selecyion laid out. I obviously filled a bowlful of the dal (no Punjabi can resist a thick looking Dal makhani) and paneer from this side. I gave the chinese selection a miss as I have never been much of a fan of vegetarian Chinese. Also the non veg side had so much to offer that it was just a formailty walking through the veg section 😛

For non veg they had Murgh biryani, Mutton nihari korma, Fish in chilli basil sauce, Punjabi kukkad curry, Chengdu clay bowl chicken, Grilled fish in spicy herb sauce and Roasted chicken with black pepper sauce. I think I took a spoon of every item on this side coz everything looked just yummy. What deserves a special mention is the cooking of their mutton. It is rare to find restaurants that are able to get this right. Usually I have come across some pieces that are tender to perfection while some in the same dish will turn out to be rubbery. However I had no such problems here, so a thumbs up for that! Even their fish for that matter, be it in the starters or main; they managed to get the cooking done just right. I think stand outs for me would have to be the mutton nihari with the slightly spicy gravy and oh so tender mutton, the punjabi kukkad curry…I mean how could a punjabi not like it and the fish in basil sauce..loved it!

The brilliant thing about eating in a buffet is that you are not left fighting with others at the table about the choice of dishes on the menu that stand out according to you and you would want to order. There is a wide selection on offer for each one to find something that suits their taste buds. And moreover you can have a sample off so many dishes..I think that’s the best bit.

To help mop up those delicious curries were accompaniments like Steamed rice, Matar aur paneer ka pulao and assorted Indian breads. My favourite would have to be their Missi roti that had been rolled to the perfect size and was absolutely soft in the centre yet kadak  on the sides.

~ Desserts – So a few more conversations later we managed to walk up to the desserts counter. They have a humble selection and nothing is too decadent or lavish. I mean, with buffets people only eat desserts for ending the meal on a sweet note or if something on display that has tempted them. No one really has the tummy space for it so I think its fair to not have too much. They had choices like Fresh fruit cake, Butter scotch tart, Strawberry pastry, Pumpkin pie, Black forest pastry, White chocolate cherry mousse, Chocolate creme caramel, Bread pudding, Ice cream, Moong dal halwa, Gulabi kheer, Ras malai and cut fresh fruits. So I am not a big halwa fan but my friend was eating the same and I couldn’t resist taking a bite with all the topped nuts; it actually tasted quite nice. I also tried the pumpkin pie which was quite good and the black forest pastry after drizzling it with some chocolate sauce on top. I love caramel custard but the addition of chocolate to it wasn’t for my palette. All in all there are lots of choices and each one of us had their own favourites. All the desserts were portioned well and you could pick up tiny pieces and try a lot of things rather than having to take bigger sizes and end up wasting them on your plate..that’s a good move by the restaurant.


Go for:

Outstanding service. Live grill. Amazing starter selection.
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Factory by Sutra, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Nothing resonates more with Gurgaon-walas than beer! We are beer crazy community that is only being fed constantly with innovative microbreweries opening around town. We are spoiled for choice and so we thrive on variety. Sector 29 in Gurgaon is gradually rising to become the food and nightlife hub that offers something for everyone. There is a plethora of options when it comes to nightlife in this area and another hot new destination that has opened up is Factory by Sutra.IMG_9546

This place has four floors of seating that offers something for everyone. I liked the basement with the huge beer vats facing you and direct access to the bar. They have an elevator to take you up to the roof top that is also beautifully designed…can’t wait for Delhi winters to provide the perfect weather for a rooftop chill scene. P.S. I apologize for the pictures in advance as I couldn’t focus on them due to the dim lighting and then I decided to focus on the food and drinks instead 😛

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the Bar – Factory boasts of four Craft beers, the Bohemian Lager, German Wheat, Belgian Red Ale and Irish Black. Do ask for a sampler to figure out which flavour suits your palette. Personally I choose the wheat one. There was also the Neembu Ras Banta Bottle which was tangy and refreshing mocktail.

~ AppetizersDelhi 6 were stuffed golgappas with chatpata aloo masala, curd, coriander chutney, imli chutney and crispy sev on top. I do like this style of golgappas that give you a mouthful of flavour in one bite. Mumbai Vada pav was also good but did not live up to the flavour of vadas from Mumbai. Roasted whole chicken came with pickled veggies, thick pita bread and gravy on the side. This was quite nice. Crispy lamb was crunchy but a bit dry. The butter chicken taco had a bit dry filling.

~ MainsDal Factory was the winning item on the menu. We were fighting using our spoons and forks as weapons as each one tried to steal another bite of dal from the serving in front of us. This really was scrumptious and disappeared from the table in no time. Green thai curry with steamed rice made a few rounds on the table alongwith the Chicken Shawarma pizza that had a thin crust but left us wanting a bit more in terms of toppings. Butter chicken was as it should be, creamy, rich and delicious. The mains really lifted our spirit and we left with a happy satisfied smile on our faces. Ok..maybe it was more so the beer than takes the real credit for our smiles:-PIMG_9554

Go for:

Buzzing music. Great microbrewery. Lovely ambiance. Chill vibes.

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