Samosas filled with Chipotle Chicken & Nutella are pure love! @My Mosa, Hangry Hanger, Al Quoz

Samosas are a favourite Indian snack that are irresistibly delicious…am I right or am I right?! We made our way over to My Mosa on the weekend to indulge in their take of this scrumptious street food. They are located inside Hangry Hanger at Al Quoz that is an indoor pop-up food truck warehouse.

IMG_1424The place has a very relaxed vibe and is perfect to chill with family or friends. There is more than enough seating available across two levels and even a couple of board games to keep you entertained. With the ambiance on point, we couldn’t wait to try out the mosas.


Get Set Gobble

They have a couple of innovative filling offerings and we warn you, you cannot stop at just one! 😛

IMG_1416~ Wild mushroom & truffle mosa – This vegetarian samosa is filled with mushroom and truffle topped with winterberry chutney. It tasted really good with the sauce on top and we gobbled it up. From the flavour of the filling to the texture, we were impressed with both.

IMG_1048~ Indian veg mosa chaat – You cannot go wrong with the classic aloo samosa. My Mosa creates their spin on it with a chaat version complete with yoghurt and tangy chutney. This was definitely one of the best dishes this place serves. The flavours were perfect and we loved the addition of chickpeas to the mix.

IMG_1420~Chipotle chicken mosa/Slider – A delicious filling of chicken tossed in a chipotle sauce is enclosed in a crunchy samosa casing or served between two buns. Accompanied by the sweet mango chutney this one was a yummy treat.

IMG_1423~ Nutella Mosa – Needless to say, we were immediately in love! Think of all the crunchiness of a samosa combined with the gooey satisfaction of nutella…this was an absolute winner for us! We definitely were up for repeats for this one and guarantee you will be too so order up plenty in the first go itself! One serving has 3 pieces.

Apart from funky samosas, My Mosa also does sliders and sides as well. We tried the Sweet Chilli potato which was simply delicious in our opinion. It was tossed in a spicy sauce yet, was crunchy too. The Corn chaat is great if you are looking for something a little healthier to munch on but did not stand out in comparison to the rest of the items. We downed the delicious treats with their Blueberry lassi.


Where: Warehouse Four, Hangry Hangar, Al Quoz, Dubai
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