Our very first #Turkish experience @Babaji, Citywalk

Since coming to Dubai we have always been on the lookout for newer food experiences be it a new dish, new restaurant or a new cuisine. My very first time trying Turkish food got me to Babaji restaurant in the beautiful Citywalk. I generally love the vibe of the area with it’s rich dining options, luxe interiors, delectable food and charming service. Babaji stays true to this quality and we were delighted to have come in for a weekend lunch.

Soon as you enter the restaurant, you will spot the water fountain, beautifully painted marbled walls in Turkish blue colour and ample of cozy seating that help the place pull off a traditional look.


Get Set Gobble

The restaurant promotes the use fresh ingredients to create traditional recipes and delicacies. When you visit, you must ask the servers to help you out with the dishes on the menu. Our server Kenan was kind enough to give us a little detailed explanation of everything on there so we could make an informed decision about what to order.

The menu has a couple of breakfast egg options. We’d recommend trying out the Fried egg with Sucuk which is a spicy sausage or the Soganli Yumurta which are baked eggs with onions and Turkish chilli flakes. Accompany this with a side of Hummus and Cacik which is yoghurt flavoured with garlic and cucumber. These are perfect to add a bit of freshness and necessary relief from the meat rich dishes.

Pide, the Turkish version of a pizza, is made in a traditional wood fired brick oven right in front of you. This comes with a variety of topping options with Caramelized onion & Walnut, Kiymali Pide with minced lamb and Temel Rei with spinach being some of the favourites. The menu includes some great mocktails and we suggest you try the Antaliya Sunrise and Grapfruit Collins that are absolutely refreshing.

Chicken Beyti are minced chicken oatties that are served with a side of burgul rice. The dish had some great flavours but wasn’t a stand out for us. Alinazik was probably my most favoruite dish from the meal. The combination of lamb with eggplant puree and cooling yoghurt worked extremely well together.Kulbasti, as our server described is the Turkish take on a Shawarma. The lamb meat is grilled similarly and served on a bed of flat bread tossed in tomato sauce and yoghurt. Believe me when I say this, that was the best tasting bread I have had in a while 😛

While you’re at it make sure you dig into something sweet like their Baklava served with traditional Turkish ice cream. If you have never eaten it before, the ice cream has a thick and elastic texture that was kind of weird at first but is great in flavour. The baklava was a winning dish for us and a lovely way to end out meal.


Where: City Walk, Al Safa Street, Al Wasl Area, Dubai, UAE
Babaji Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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