Chill over a Delicious meal while indulging in some Seesha & Games | Smoqoholic Seafood Restaurant & Cafe, Al Karama

I recently made my way to this newly opened restaurant in Dubai that seemed to promise two favorites at one place, great seesha and fresh seafood. We feel in love with the relaxed vibe of the restaurant complemented by LED lights that transition every 5 minutes changing the mood of the environment.IMG_0508

This is surely a place where you can hang out with friends and chill over a delicious meal while indulging in a game or chess, cards or more. It’s great for getting to after parties and having relaxed conversations with friends in an upbeat setting. They have a non smoking section that is good for having dinner. The seesha section has a more fun vibe to it. We sat on the couch that is complete with a drawer of games, LED chess board in the center and a personal TV to watch sports or whatever.

Great ambiance, good service, yummy food and lots of games, what more can you ask for?!

Get Set Gobble

Their entire menu is up on and iPad and guess what, it comes with pictures! It’s so easy to pick out what you want and can I tell you, those pictures don’t make it easy..there’s too much that tempts you 😛

IMG_0498We began our laid back lounging experience with the Paan Watermelon Seesha. Their seesha is patented and they are the only ones that promise more flavour in every puff without any charcoal. The seesha itself looks like a beauty with a butterfly shape and LED lights that liven up the atmosphere.

Their drink selection is great with shakes, mocktails, juices and healthy drinks on offer. We tried the Open your eyes that was a great blend of pineapple, lemongrass and green apple.

We highly recommend the Wok Pepper Shrimp with Chilli. The shrimps are tossed with chillies, herbs and spices that just help bring a burst of flavour in your mouth with every bite.

The Steam basket was an obvious choice for us as we are a sucker for dimsums. These handmade dumplings were filled with chicken and went great with the sweet chilli sauce on the side.

One of our favourites was the Pizza Obsession. The chef took this comfort food and presented it four ways; as a pizza, one oriental version, as a fried pizza and as a tart. Each one was as delicious as the previous one and we were super satisfied with this dish.

Cashew chicken had tender marinated chicken on a skewer served with a  bowl of tomato butter sauce and lime rice. That gravy is gold; it is absolutely full of flavour and brings the whole dish together.

IMG_0503We are a bit fussy about our fish and strictly wanted something that would not smell too fishy (if you get what I mean) and the Chef recommended we try his Sea Bass 3 ways. As promised, the fish was fresh and full of flavour and we enjoyed devouring it.

No meal is complete without indulging in something sweet. We tried the Devil Island that had a beautiful strawberry liquid filled chocolate heart with walnut trifle and chocolate sauce drizzled on top. It is a riot of textures and will please the heart of chocolate lovers.

We also tried the Capellini Jalebi with Chilled Risotto Pudding that came recommended by the server. The modern twit on this classic Indian dessert certainly had us going back for more with each bite. Layered crispy kanafeh and fried bread paired well against the saffron flavoured milk risotto.

The restaurant had been open for only 5 days when we visited them but the place was absolutely buzzing with people. It only goes to show that quality in terms of food and service against their well priced menu is what makes them great.


Where: Al Zomorodah Building, Zaabeel Road, Beside Four Seasons, Al Karama, Dubai
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