Up for an Inventive, Gastronomic Indian Fusion meal | Make your way to Jodhpur, Downtown Dubai

Located inside Roda Al Murooj In Downtown Dubai, we made our way to Jodhpur restaurant for an indulgent family lunch. The restaurant has already made a huge name in the Dubai circuit and are becoming hotter day by day as they stand out offering a fine dining experience with their unique menu.

Mirroring Rajasthani architectural nuances, the restaurant truly helps create a regal Indian ambiance. The opulent blue and gold themed interiors create a luxurious setting for a beautiful meal and they will surely live up to your expectations in terms of great food and ambiance.

Jodhpur runs under the capable hands of Chef Pradeep Khullar. The restaurant prides itself in creating a unique dining experience bringing together recipes and ingredients from Indian cuisine and recreating them to suit modern palettes with complex flavours and eye catchy presentation. In short, Jodhpur is a food lover’s paradise! With so many fine dishes on the menu, we feel that the restaurant definitely demands a visit. The servers are courteous, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.


Get Set Gobble

IMG_9481Jeera Khari with Herb Yoghurt – This pre-starter was presented on a little colourful auto rickshaw. The crispy puff pastry is dredged in caraway seeds and served with a light herb yoghurt dip. Perfect beginning to the meal that followed!

~ Drinks – They have a great selection of cocktails and mocktails on offer. These drinks will surely grab attention around the table. Do try their berry and passionfruit mojito called Passionate which is absolutely delightful. Apart from that you can also try white wine sangria, spicy guava shots, chilled beers and more. With a great pairing of drinks, food, flavour and presentation, this certainly a meal that you will enjoy with all your senses.

IMG_9482Macaroon Chaat – Probably one of the most memorable items I had the pleasure of eating at the restaurant was this amuse bouche. This dish is extremely deceptive as it looks like a sweet macaroon but one bite in and your mouth it flooded with tangy and sour flavours similar to that of a Papdi chaat. This little treat was a winner for us!

IMG_9483Kale Patta Chaat, Chatpata Tarbooz, Feta Curd – If it is one thing that all Indian palettes desire, it is the sweet, sour and tangy combination of flavours of a chaat. This dish promises to deliver all that and more! Crispy fried Kale leaves are served over a watermelon & feta salad drizzled with chutney trios & spices surrounded with crunchy yoghurt. The feta yoghurt has such a unique flavour profile owing to the fact that it is served frozen with liquid nitrogen. This was quite delicious!

IMG_9489~ Chicken & Chestnut Kulcha, Sumac Laban – Through the appetizers, the restaurant makes sure to help you experience a unique culinary journey. This kulcha filled with a stuffing of chicken tikka and water chestnuts is sure to hit the right spots with every bite. The beauty involved in conceptualizing and making the dishes certainly can be tasted and surely needs to be appreciated.

IMG_9491Raan, Ghost Pepper Brushed, Sesame Lavash – This tender piece of lamb meat is braised for several hours before being marinated in Chipotle cream and cooked in a tandoor. As if this wasn’t enough, the piece of meat is covered with 23 karat edible gold leaves. How luxurious! Are you drooling to try it yet?! 😛

IMG_9488Nimbu Jhinga, Pan Grilled, Beet Carpaccio – This tangy treat had a delicious lemon pickle flavoured marinade on the tiger prawns. These are pan grilled for service and served with a side of beetroot carpaccio.

IMG_9492Mango, Cranberry & Kaffir Lime Sorbet – This palette cleanser were little ice lollies made with Alphonso mango puree spiked with kaffir lime leaves and dehydrated cranberries. They were presented in little toy cookers.

IMG_9493~ Bajra Khichdi, Nimbu Pickle Reduction, Aloo Lachha – This is a traditional khichdi dish prepared in the homes of Rajasthan. The dish was revamped beautifully topped with sweet and sour flavours giving it a unique twist. The aloo lachha added a slight crunch to the dish making it quite delightful.

~ Murgh Maska, Roasted Chicken, Butter Gravy – Velvety and creamy tomato gravy engulfed pieces of tender chicken that will surely melt your heart. The gravy was spot on in flavour that made the dish stand out. While enjoying your curry, pair it with some Chur-Chur Kulcha stuffed with paneer, onions and chillies. The kulcha is crushed by hand giving this crispy buttery bread it’s name.

IMG_9497~ Jodhpuri Kadhi, Crsipy Khandvi, Kurkuri Bhindi – This was quite a complex dish with crispy panko crusted khandvi filled with spinach, topped with crispy okra and served with kadhi. This is best eaten with steamed rice.

IMG_9498~ Faux Dal Makhni – This is a staple dish across the homes of Punjab in Northern India and is a rich preparation made by cooking it slowly overnight to help impart flavour and texture. Here they have replaced Black urad with moong dal and prepared the dish in the exact same way resulting in similar flavours without the heaviness.

IMG_9500~ Lotus Treacle Tart, Salted Butter Scotch Ice Cream –  We couldn’t stop ourselves from drooling as this sweet treat was brought out of the kitchen. Inspired by the British treacle tart, this one was heaven on earth. The combination of Lotus biscuit with salted butterscotch ice cream made for a perfectly balanced dish. Yummy!

IMG_9501Saffron Jalebi, Mascarpone Rabdi – The mere sight of this dish was enough to excite us and we couldn’t wait to dig in. Inspired by cherry blossoms, the crispy round jalebis were presented hanging from a metal tree. It was accompanied by a Mascarpone rabdi that was packed with flavour and was the perfect texture.


Where: Roda Al Murooj, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
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