Experience the Feast @Barbeque Nation, Barsha 2 | #Warning: Will result in you unjustifiably stuffing yourself :-D

Barbeque Nation is a concept dining restaurant where you have live grills on your table and a selection of mains and dessert as a part of the buffet. We quite love this style of service considering there is a bit of a fun element where you are involved in the food you eat. The area inside is absolutely huge with the food counter in the centre and tables spread out on both sides.


Barbeque Nation has a new theme that changes from week to week. To put it simply, the experience is similar to going for a food trail but having the convenience of it being all under one roof. We were lucky to catch the last day of their ongoing Bengali food festival. Also what’s coming up next is their week of Mango Mania..now doesn’t that sound exciting?! From drinks to main course to desserts, they will have a series of dishes highlighting this summer staple.

IMG_7639Their weekday lunch is priced quite reasonably at AED 59 per person. Considering all the food we ate, it is quite a steal at that price!

Get Set Gobble

The starters are served on the table and keep coming until you are ready to give up so, eat to your heart’s content. You literally have to put up a flag saying ‘I’m done’ for them to stop feeding you 😛

In non veg, we were served Achari chicken tikka, Hara mahi tikka and spicy Chingri mustard on the live grill present in the centre of our table. Make sure to get repeats of the Hara mahi tikka that was simply finger lickin’ good! I like how the kebabs are pre cooked and leaving them on the grill not only ensures that they remain warm but it’s a lot more fun eating that way, ain’t it 🙂 Also we were served some delicious Mutton seekh kebabs and juicy Chicken wings with BBQ sauce on the table.

IMG_7619In veg we were served live grills of the Kasundi paneer tikkaMushroom with garlic herbs, Sweet chilli pineapple and Indonesian grilled veg. I think that is a great selection for the vegetarians to try out. Apart from this we were also served the Crispy fry corns that were crunchy and flavourful, Cajun spiced potatoes that had a spiced mayo topped on crispy fried potatoes (so good!) and Dahi ke kebab with soft flavoured hung curd bound into a cutlet and deep fried. We particularly fell in love with the Bengali vegetable stir fry that brought back fond memories of the Indo-Chinese preparations popular in the city. We asked for repeats of this dish with vegetables tossed in a spicy tomato gravy.

On the side you can try one of the three chutneys for accompaniment that are just as delightful. We couldn’t pick a favourite between the Mango mint, Garlic mayonnaise and Curd mustard and we back for large spoonfuls of all.

For the mains we headed first to the live grill counters. The Chaat section let’s you try sweet and sour Papdi chaat, Dahi puriBehl and Golgappas. We particularly liked the Keema pav section where the chef was preparing the dish on a huge tava. It was called the Takatak counter and rightly so as our spicy and delicious dish was ready in minutes. They also have a Kathi roll counter to prepare Veg roll, Paneer roll and Chicken roll (obviously they have different pans for preparing the veg and non veg items separately). You can also get dal prepared to your liking at the Dal counter and pick out between chilli, garlic, coriander, ginger or other flavour profiles that please your palette. You might realize that we have conveniently skipped the Salad and Soup counter cause frankly we were already feeling full after all those appetizers and just couldn’t risk running out of tummy space to try all the delicious mains 😀

My favourite counter was probably the Chinese section. They had a beautiful array of chopped veggies like baby corn, capsicum, american corn, french beans and carrots that create a stir fry, noodles or fried rice according to your taste preferences. You can add in non veg toppings like sausage, grilled fish, turkey, duck, squid and grilled chicken. And that’s not it, they also have four different sauces that you can play around with like the Hot Garlic sauce, Manchurian sauce, Schezuan sauce and Mirinda Ginger sugo sauce. Yes you heard that right! We obviously wanted to try out the Mirinda sauce and it had a nice flavour of sweetness that the chef balanced with the addition of hot garlic since we like our food a bit spicy. Such a tempting spread of ingredients to play around with that resulted in a scrumptious bowl of noodles prepared just the way we like it 🙂

There were authentic Bengali treats like Kosha Mangsho, Chicken bharta, Macher jhol, Crab Masala, Baingan bhaja and Aloo dhonepata tarkari that were prepared very well. Obviously since it was the last day of the festival, next week they will have a new selection of mains. I think it’s a great way to keep the dishes rotating so you can always come back and experience something new.

One of their most eye catching section is probably the Biryani Counter. One look at the giant handis and we were tempted to see whats inside. With choices between Murshidabadi mutton biryani, Chicken biryani and Banga pulao, the rice dishes were extremely well prepared. Flavourful, fragrant and delicious are the words we would use to describe it. Our favourite was the mutton biryani with tender pieces that paired well with the raita.

Last but not the least we made our way to the desserts. There are a lot of classic Indian staples like the Gulab Jamun, Kheer, Coconut ladoo and Shahi tukda to satiate your sweet cravings. Apart from this we also loved the little bites of Blueberry Cheesecake, Lemon tart and Chocolate brownie. However the most exciting part is the Live Kulfi Counter where you can select between 6 different kulfi flavours like Mango, Gulkand, Malai, Kesar pista, Strawberry and Chocolate with varied toppings. If you find it a bit hard to pick like us, simply go in for a plate with everything…it’s heaven! ;-P

All in all there is simply way too much to eat and not enough tummy space to cram everything. Definitely a great dining option with the family that has a good spread and is pocket friendly as well.

Where: G1, Villa, Near HQ Fitness, Near Lulu Mall, Barsha 2, Dubai
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