Fresh, Delicious & Mouth-watering | #MustTry new Spring menu @Russo’s New York Pizzeria, The Greens

Good quality food made with fresh ingredients, we have fallen head over heels for Russo’s. This New York style pizzeria is set in Greens right by the corner of a beautiful lake complete with a bridge, lush trees and lots of greenery. As you step in, the interiors are dominated with a wooden look with the dessert display on one side and the pizza kitchen on the other. Choose a booth by the large windows that let you stare out at the beautiful scenery while you enjoy your Italian meal to compliment it. From the moment we stepped in, we knew we were in for a fabulous meal.

IMG_7316The menu has a beautiful selection of all things Italian including everything from antipasti, pizza, pasta, calzone, sandwich, risotto and you will be left spoilt for choice. Our server Jimmy was not only charming and informative but also cheerful and quick to help us out. He suggested we try the new Spring menu and were extremely pleased with what was on offer. We also couldn’t resist ordering a couple of dishes from the main menu as well. All in all, it was a hog fest 😀 We loved the cheerful nature of the staff from the servers to the manager sending across happy vibes to the diners present there.


Get Set Gobble

The Spring set menu lets you choose between two sets that include an appetizer, main, dessert and drink, all for AED 109 per person.

IMG_7277~ Asparagus and Feta cheese salad – Ok, so salad is usually not my favourite part of the meal but this salad proved me wrong and how! I am salivating jsut thinking about it again 😛 So how do you make a salad more exciting? The answer, simply add bacon to it! Take my word for it, this is probably THE most delicious salad I have had in my life! The asparagus was cooked so well and made for the perfect combination with the bacon with contrasting textures of the soft feta against the crunchy walnuts. Top marks for this dish! MUST ORDER

IMG_7280~ Tagliatelle Mushroom and truffle – The egg tagliatelle is tossed in a creamy sauce with two textures of mushrooms. We loved the presentation of the dish and simply gobbled it up. It was perfectly prepared but we added a tad bit of salt to it to suit our palette.

IMG_7281~ Vanilla tart – Fresh, flavourful and yummy! The vanilla tart had the perfect balance of sweetness and we simply loved the passion fruit topping on it. This dessert does complete justice to their Spring menu.

IMG_7273~ Pineapple power – This drink was so refreshing and coordinated well with the freshness of the entire meal. I could not have guessed that the pineapple is blended with celery, spinach and cucumber as well. This definitely helps counter balance all that calories we had earlier, doesn’t it?! ;-P

From the main menu:

IMG_7275~ Garlic knots – This was such a delightful way to begin our meal. Garlic is truly one ingredient that defines Italian cuisine for us and we loved this little spin-off on the traditional garlic bread. The knots were served warm, drizzled with olive oil and with lots of herbs, chilli and minced garlic as garnish. They are quite a treat!

IMG_7278~ Caprese pizza slice – Did you just drool a little looking at that slice?! This was one ginormous pizza slice, actually even bigger than the plate! 😀 Made with tomato, mozzarella and basil, the humble flavours worked so well together. We absolutely loved how fresh and simple this pizza was with their homemade tomato paste that brings it all together. Yumm!

IMG_7276~ New York village – This is their best selling pizza filled with pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, bell peppers, onions, mozarella and fresh pizza sauce. This pizza is generously loaded with goodness and brimming with vibrant colours. We truly relished this one and is definitely a must try. By the way, another server was taking a pizza out for home delivery and we couldn’t help but stare. Their largest pizza size is 28 inches, now that’s one really BIG pizza!

IMG_7279~ Pasta Di Mare – Another one of their popular sellers is the seafood pasta. This brings together the best of fresh shrimp, clams, mussels and calamari swirled in a spicy marinara sauce served over fresh spaghetti.  A big thumbs up for this one!

IMG_7270~ Tiramisu – They have a large dessert display and we immediately spotted the fresh Tiramisu. It was light and creamy and the perfect dessert to help end our lovely Italian meal!

Overall we had a great meal and will definitely be going back for repeats!!

Where: Panorama Building, The Greens, Dubai
Russo's New York Pizzeria Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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