#UzbekiCuisine | All about our Fabulous first experience @UZB Avenue, Barsha

With the feeling of adventure, we made our way to UZB Avenue in Barsha for a relaxing Saturday brunch. It was our very first time trying out Uzbeki cuisine and we had the most glorious experience feasting on the fabulous dishes on offer. The restaurant was a visual feast with beautiful traditional embroidered fabrics used as table cloths and cushion covers, patterned curtains, motifed woodwork and fringed basket lights.

While majority of the menu is meat based, we found enough options that were vegetarian. If you are as clueless as us, be sure to check up with the servers and pick their brains on what would be good options to order. I would call our experience here as a feast rather than a meal considering the portion sizes of the dishes 🙂

Here’s a look at what we sampled from the menu.


Get Set Gobble

~ Chicken samsa – This is a traditional Uzbek appetizer made with baked puff pastry. The filling inside is a mix of chicken, mushrooms, cheese and onions. It is baked in a traditional tandoor and served with their homemade tomato sauce. It is midly flavoured and quite delicious to eat.

IMG_6901~ Herring salad – This salad was built in layers with mashed potatoes, grated carrots and beetroot, eggs and herring fish filet. We loved the wonderful assembly of colours. It does have a little fishy smell to it but don’t let that bother you as it’s quite light and enjoyable to eat.

IMG_6900~ Shakarob salad – This was a very vibrant and refreshing salad made with sliced onions, tomatoes and cucumber. The server told us that it is a traditional salad that is paired with their Plov.

IMG_6911~ Beef Manti – I did not know that there was a version of steamed dimsums in Uzbeki cuisine as well. To say that each piece was generously big is an understatement. The meat filled inside the dumplings is so juicy that it oozed out as we struggled to take a bite big enough to consume the whole piece in one go 😛 Served with a sour cream dip, they also have a vegetarian option.

IMG_6908~ Uzbek Plov – Instantly when I first saw this dish, my mind goes to our Indian pulao or Biryani. The meat is served on a bed of fragrant rice along with boiled eggs and chickpeas. What was unique about the dish was the addition of carrots to it that provided sweetness in every bite. The server told us that it is usually paired with the Shakarob Salad and we immediately understood why. The rice dish is heavy with all the meaty flavours and fresh salad helps in providing the required relief to your palette.

~ Khachapuri with meat and cheese – If you were to try simply one thing on the menu, we would highly recommend this. A delicious baked pastry dish filled with the goodness of cheese and meat, this is one mouthwatering dish. Served with a side of fresh tomato and sour cream that pairs well with the rich filling, it had all the goodness you would expect from a perfectly baked pie. There are various options that you can try in terms of filling like the egg and cheese, vegetables and cheese or spinach and cheese. The menu reads that this gondola shaped dish is considered to be Georgia’s most famous National dishes and now we know why 🙂 Top marks for this dish!

IMG_6914~ Mix Grill – All the hardcore non-vegetarians are going to grin with delight when they see this Mix grill platter. The dish has fairly generous portions of all the kebabs on their menu in a single dish. Cooked to perfection, the Uzbeki style charcoal grilled Chicken Kebab won us over with the tenderness of the meat. Another favourite on the platter was the Shish Tawook that was so juicy that each bite simply melted in our mouth.

IMG_6915~ Cottage cheese cake – Frankly we were full beyond compare and weren’t quite excited about this dessert. It looked simple and creamy, but boy oh boy did it prove us wrong and how! One bite in and we were swooning at how lovely the flavour was. Perfect balance of sweetness and not as creamy as we had misunderstood earlier, we sat back and relaxed at length going back for more.

IMG_6916~ Crispy wafer – The wafers had a slightly crunchy texture and was filled with caramel inside. These tasted good but as weren’t memorable.

IMG_6922~ Tea with lemon, mint and sugar – I am not much of a tea drinker (read as: the only time I drink tea is with ginger, when I have a sore throat) but were so pleased the server brought this over to our table. The traditional way to end a hearty meal is to settle back with a cup of tea and absolutely loved the addition of lemon slices and green mint leaves that gave it a refreshing flavour. This was just too perfect and paired so well with the cake. We ended the meal on such a high note 🙂

Where: Barsha Oasis Building, Opposite Al Maya Supermarket, Barsha 1, Dubai
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