Whipping up delicious North Indian & Chinese dishes | Newly revamped Mezbaan Restaurant, Al Karama

The newly revamped Mezbaan restaurant has opened it’s gates to the public and we couldn’t be happier. With a new spin on their interiors and menu, we must say, it’s looking pretty good! They dish out the same delicious food with added enthusiasm, bolder flavours and fancy plating.

Here comes the second edition of the restaurant with beautifully revamped interiors. The use of blue and red velvet tones against wooden objects gives it a royal touch. We are absolutely loving the colourful vibes and couldn’t wait to dig into the meal.

The menu has a huge variety of North Indian, Hyderabadi, Biryani and Chinese dishes and we couldn’t wait to try it for ourselves. We had walked in with the mindset of eating Indian dishes and absolutely weren’t prepared for the wonderfully appetizing Chinese dishes we ended up devouring.


Get Set Gobble

IMG_6847~ Lemon chicken Soup – We started our meal with a bowl of hot soup. Served warm with the hint of lemon, it was just what our hearts wanted. It was perfect to get our tummies ready for the meal.

IMG_6852~ Mutton seekh kebab – This humble kebab managed to be full of flavour and spices. We loved the softness of the kebabs served on a bed of naan alongwith masala onions.

IMG_6850~ Mix kebab platter – We decided to try the mix kebab platter and were extremely happy with the decision considering we got to try a delicious variety. With Chicken malai tikka, Pahadi tikka, Achari tikka, Reshmi kebab and tandoori prawns, we certainly enjoyed the tandoor cooked meat.

IMG_6848~ Chicken wonton – We started our exploration of their Chinese menu with these crispy fried wontons and thank our lucky stars for it. We had no idea about the mouthwatering Chinese dishes on offer and were blown away by it. Certainly a dish to gladden anyone’s heart easily. Full points to it! The chicken filling inside has a spicy flavour to it and pair perfectly with their homemade tomato sauce on the side.

IMG_6849~ Thread chicken – If you want to try one innovative dish on the new menu, we suggest you order this. Full marks for concept and presentation. This dish delivers not only in terms of texture but in flavour as well. This dish for us was a win!

IMG_6856~ Chilli chicken gravy – If you also share a love for Chinese, you will also end up ordering the most popular dish of all the time, the humble Chilli Chicken. The gravy was delicious with lots of sauteed veggies in the mix. The chicken was tender and paired great with rice or noodles.

IMG_6854~ Chicken & Egg fried rice – This is a dish that all Chinese food lovers will adore. Loaded with chunks of chicken and egg, it is the kind of dish you can gobble up all on your own. It’s the perfect accompaniment to soak up the curry or is just as delicious by itself.

IMG_6859~ Mix noodles – I would say that this was probably my most favourite Chinese dish on the menu. Even though I was stuffed beyond compare, one bit in and I ended up wiping the whole bowl by myself 😀 The noodles had a mix of egg and chicken and beautifully garnished with chopped scallions.

IMG_6858~ Mutton biryani – The biryani here is, has and always will be their most popular items. There are times when we have visited the restaurant only to find out that all their biryani has been sold out! It happened on this visit too 😦 but we were lucky that the next batch was already on it’s way in from their main kitchen. They told us that they are soon going to be making individual portions to order and that will ensure that no one leaves without having a bowlful of their scrumptious biryani. Full marks for flavour on this one. We had very high expectations and the dish surpassed all of them. The mutton pieces were absolutely tender and the rice was fragrant. Definitely order this when you visit the restaurant and thank us later!

IMG_6861~ Double ka meetha – We indulged in this Hyderabadi dessert called Double ka meetha or Shahi tudka. Made with crispy bread soaked in sugar syrup, infused with spices like saffron and cardamom and, topped with chopped pistachios, it was as easy on the tongue as it was on the eyes ;-P Such a delicious end to our meal!


Where: Opposite Zabeel Park, Sheikh Rashid Road, Al Karama, Dubai

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