Feeding our Punjabi belly with lip-smacking food @Patiala House, Al Karama

If you were to ask me about soul food, for me it will always be Punjabi cuisine. There is something about the rich curries and aromatic spices that tingles my taste buds. The liberal use of garlic, ginger, chillies and whole spices adds so much soul to the food that you will undoubtedly relish each bite.

IMG_6725We recently made our way to the Patiala Kitchen in Karama and fed our Punjabi bellies with some yummy dishes. Here’s a look at all that we managed to cram from their menu 🙂


Get Set Gobble:

With a lot of options on the menu from chaats, kebabs, curries, naans and dessert my tummy was rumbling with excitement. First up we tried their Hariyali chicken tikka where the marinade had seeped through the meat perfectly. We added a squeeze of lime and instantly fell in love with the zingy flavour.

Next we tried the highly recommended Amritsari fish. Not only was the fish perfectly flavoured but it was soft and melted in our mouths. Mouthwatering is the word we would use to describe it.

We didn’t have too many expectations from the Hara bhara kebab (we are guilty to be non-veg favouring foodies :-P) and expected it to be the usual long green kebabs that you get. We were pleasantly surprised with the fried cutlets loaded with flavour and relished every bite.

For the mains we started off with their Chicken tikka masala. This dish was super yummy. Blended with spices, this gravy was finger licking good. If you like a little spicy punch in your food, you will definitely enjoy this dish.

Kadhi pakoda is the staple dish of all Punjabi households. We did enjoy the flavours of the dish but it wasn’t as memorable as the others on our table.

Another dish that symbolized the flavours of Punjab was the Veg punjabi kofta. The pakodas were so soft and yummy, they literally dissolved into our mouths 😛 The tomato gravy was thick and we quite enjoyed this curry.

In search for something refreshing, we ordered the Jaljeera and Nimbu paani to sip with our meal. They had a great balance of sweetness were pleasant to drink.

The delicious Aloo gobi dry is a dish with ingredients that are a match made in heaven. Prepared with fried vegetables tossed in a chunky masala and topped with sliced ginger, it’s made just how we love it!

Next was the scrumptious Chicken methi garlic. We really couldn’t leave without trying this highly recommended dish on their menu and could taste the bold flavours and spices in every bite.

With such a rich meal, you certainly need a good selection of breads to soak up all those delicious curries. We ordered the Amritsari kulchaKeema kulcha and Garlic naan. Each bread with its own unique flavour paired well as accompaniments to the dishes. Personally I loved the amritsari kulcha which had a generous stuffing.

IMG_6724No Punjabi meal is considered complete without the quintessential dessert in the form of Gulab jamun and Stick kulfi. While we enjoyed both of them with a good balance of sweetness to put a smile on our faces, they were nothing to write home about.

The restaurant is pretty confident about their flavours and take pride in the ingredients that go into making the meal that ensure each and every dish turns out as perfect as the last one. Even before we could share our feedback, they were aware of their strengths and are willing to work on their weaknesses. We really appreciate this knowledge and passion they have about the food being served. The food satisfied not only our tummies but also our soul and that gives us immense pleasure 🙂


Where: Shop 15, Al Sharafi Building 1, Opposite Karama Post Office, Near Day to Day Supermarket, Al Karama, Dubai

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