#MoshiMondayMadness | Ultimate fusion of Unlimited Momos & Sushi @Moshi, Oud Metha

As the name suggests, the concept at Moshi is the bringing together of Japanese and Nepalese through a combination of sushi and momos under one roof. In no time they have managed to dish out some delectable treats, winning our tummies and our hearts too!

We loved the open ambiance in the restaurant with the sushi bar being the focus point. The wooden tables with the chunky metal cutlery, the yellow light bulbs with the warm black & orange theme make this cosy place perfect for a relaxed meal with family or friends.

We headed here to try out their #MoshiMondayMadness where you get unlimited, sushi, momos and lemonade for AED 89. With unlimited food and drinks up for grabs, we were already salivating to give them a try 😀 So here’s a look at what we ordered for ourselves from their menu.


Get Set Gobble:

We tried the Strawberry Mojito that was extremely refreshing. It had little chunks of fresh strawberries in it as well. What we loved the most in terms of flavour and presentation was the Lotus milkshake. It was served in little mason jars and this simple drink was absolutely rich and thick. Do order this, you won’t be disappointed.

Sushi lovers are definitely going to be pleased with the variety of Nigiri, Sashimi, Maki and Temaki they can choose from. Moshi dishes out some serious Japanese delicacy and you will enjoy their spin to it. The vegetarian sushi are presented on a white tray and the non vegetarian on the black. The portion sizes are pretty good and there were 8pcs of each variant on the platter served with the customary soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger.

If you are new to the sushi world like us, we suggest you start with their Maki rolls. Our first sushi was the newly introduced Emperor Roll. Giving the roll their own little spin, we loved the crunchy bits of tempura added on the top. They’ve got some super satisfying sushi like the Volcano Roll. Prawns and sushi are a match made in heaven…how can you go wrong with this?

We love the twist on the traditional Japanese sushi with an interesting topping on the Flaming Cheetos sushi. The chilli cheetos on top make for a crunchy texture contrast. We quite liked this variant. The super satisfying Chicken Omani Chips crunchy sushi is blended with Omani chips. With each bite we took, this fusion of flavours in the sushi was definitely scrumptious.

The Moshi Dynamite Maki is made with with prawn, crab stick, avocado and dynamite sauce. This sushi is substantially filled and is quite a sight topped with fish roe. We loved the beautiful presentation of this one.

Next we tried a platter of Assorted Momos with a combination of steamed, pan fried and fried momos. We have really missed this street food item so popular in Delhi. Personally we loved eating the Pero pero chicken, Cheesy chicken capsicum and Prawn momo. A temaki is a cone shaped sushi. The Cucumber Avocado Temaki has a hand roll of seaweed that is stuffed with the raw vegetables and vinegar rice. This is a fun variant from the regular sushi we had tasted so far.

The culinary adventure didn’t end there and we ordered a portion of the Veg Fried Rice and Veg noodles to try. Also since I spotted Edamame on the menu so we ordered up a bowl of the spicy version of it too.

Moshi is pretty popular for their savoury dishes but we loved the sweet ones too. As soon as we spotted the Nutella Maki on the menu, we simply couldn’t wait to try it. Filled with loads of nutella, we went back for seconds and thirds! 😛 We concluded our eating spree with the Peanut butter bars which were quick bites with a delicious combination of heavenly chocolate and peanut butter.

If we had one feedback it would be directed towards their service that has a few areas for improvement.


Where: Shop 5-6, Oud Metha Building, Near Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha, Dubai

Moshi - Momo & Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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