Burgers, Tortillas, Kodoz Sandwiches, Shakes and more | Our indulgent meal @SIS Burger, University City

SIS Burger is a cute little cafe located in the University City of Sharjah. We landed here for lunch one day and were quite thrilled at the menu options. There are little bursts of vibrant colours against an essentially white interior.

The staff is polite and we were happy with the portion sizes of the dishes we ordered. You can see the chef get busy in the kitchen, visible through glass windows, once the orders the placed. We appreciated the fact that the food is prepared fresh without the use of any frozen ingredients that gives it that evident boost of flavour.

Get Set Gobble:

IMG_6359~ Crispy chicken burger – Sink your teeth into the burger to experience loads of flavours and textures in every bite. The burgers are spiced to your preference from a choice of original, mild or spicy. We tried the spicy and didn’t feel the heat was too strong at all. We loved the flavour of their special burger sauce and you can ask for extra on the side as well.

IMG_6360~ Original burger – Made with all the right ingredients that you would look for in a good burger; lettuce, tomato, cheese, meat patty, jalapeno, pickle, relish and homemade sauce between two soft buns, the burger is every bit worth it. If you have children along, we suggest you order the mini burgers that are just as tasty and sized perfectly for the little ones.

IMG_6361~ Crispy tortilla – If you had to try only one thing from the menu, we recommend this crispy chicken tortilla. It was easily devoured! The tortilla wraps are filled with lettuce, deep fried chicken, tomato, cheese and their homemade sauce. This was quite sumptuous.

IMG_6363~ Kodoz steak sandwich – Stick to these delightfully loaded sandwiches and all your hunger pangs will be satiated. Personally, we had our eyes on the loads of yummy bacon filled into it. We loved the added flavour of the grilled capsicum and onions in the sandwich.

IMG_6365~ Buffalo style fries – Crispy, deep fried potato fries are loaded with melted cheese, jalapeno, special sauce and pieces of fried chicken to give you a bowlful of this treat. The portion size is quite good and it is extremely satisfying. Eat them super quick as they begin to get soggy real soon.

IMG_6364~ Chicken wings in BBQ sauce – Along with the burgers, they have some pretty awesome sides to choose from. The wings looked glossy drowned in the BBQ sauce and absolutely tempting. Unfortunately it turned out that we weren’t fans of this flavour of sauce šŸ˜¦ Maybe we’ll try the buffalo sauce instead next time.

IMG_6367~ Onion rings – Do these onion rings look straight out of a food magazine spread or what?! Such a great accompaniment to the burgers, the rings were golden and crispy. Dip them generously into one of the sauces on the side and you are sure to keep your taste buds pleased.

IMG_6368~ Sweet potato fries – These fries should definitely comprise of your side orders when having a meal here. Sweet potato fries are all the rage right now and for all the right reasons. We love the beautifully orange coloured fries thatĀ had a light coating of batter on them. Put your eating skills into action and eat ’em while its hot!

IMG_6327~ Jalapeno cheese bites – Though these bites look really simple, they are an explosion of flavour in your mouth with every bite. Fried to golden perfection, the crispy exterior gives way to the gooey cheesy interior that was a delight tot eat. {refer to top left of pic}

~ Shakes – We tried two flavours from their shake section. We loved the Cookies shake that had pieces of cookies crushed into it and the Tiramisu shake which had a pronounced coffee flavour.Ā The thick sweet drinks went really well when paired with the rich meal.

Where:Ā Behind ADNOC Petrol Station, Univercity City Road, University City, Sharjah

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