Delightfully vast menu of Lebanese delicacies @Kababji, Dubai Marina

Our newfound love for Lebanese food takes us to different joints across the city. I am new to Dubai and still taking my time to discover the expansive food scene here. With variations in cuisines and dining options, the choices for a meal out are endless. Coming with very limited knowledge of the Lebanese cuisine, only upon recently dining at restaurants here have I managed to grasp the nuances of flavours, preparation styles and ingredient choices that sets this cuisine apart.

Dubai Marina is fabulous location in Dubai with beautiful views of the waterways, high rise apartments, yacht charter access, restaurants with lavish food cuisine options, hotels and more. As such, we dropped in for lunch at Kababji that has a great access from the JBR tram station or Marina Promenade. One great feature, a you enter, is the presence of a large glass window giving you a spectacular view of the chefs busy in the kitchen. If you are looking for a cozy dine-in space, you will enjoy a meal here but the current weather in Duabi is perfect for dining outside.

Serving up scrumptious Lebanese delicacies the restaurant guarantees to serve you fresh and mouth watering food. If you need another reason to pop down at Kababji, they also have free valet parking!


Get Set Gobble

There is something for everyone on their delightfully vast menu from salads to grills to platters to desserts. So the important trick here was to order half portions of everything in the appetizer section so we could try out more dishes without ending up too full 😛

You should definitely try the healthy fresh green salad Fattouch with lettuce, tomatoes, rocca, cucumbers tossed with lemon juice and olive oil and a hint of garlic. The use of pomegranate syrup plays an important role in optimizing the taste of the dish. And as to be expected, it is packed with lots of texture and flavour. When here, also have the fresh bowl of Tabbouleh with tomatoes, parsley, cracked wheat, onions, freshly squeezed lemon juice and virgin olive oil.

Hommos is an essential part of any Lebanese meal. Teamed along with pita bread and some fresh veggies, its the perfect healthy snack to indulge in. This dish has quite a few variations and we always make it a point to try something new each time. As such we ordered the hommos with pine nuts and meat. I loved the flavour and dipped away generously. Moutabal eggplant is prepared with a charcoal grilled eggplant mashed with tahini. Somehow my palette is not able to appreciate this dish..but it never stops me from trying it every time I head to a new restaurant 😛

If we had to pick one item that stood out in the entire meal it would have to be the Mouhamara, a mix of bread crumbs, hot pepper paste and spices that will tantalize anyone’s taste buds.  Prepared with chillies in the mix, this dish promises to be high on taste without packing the heat. We simply couldn’t get enough of it and wrapped it up as a side for dinner as well (we were all fighting on the dinner table for more :-P). Batata with Kezbara is a potato preparation with herbs, coriander and spices. My Indian palette just went bonkers at how yummylicious these were and how close they came in flavour to our traditional creations. I loved the hint of green on the cubes and it was a delight to eat.

One bite in and we were swooning with delight for this delicacy. As soon as we saw Sambusek, we knew we just had to order this from their menu. Indian’s are very fond of this popular street food item (we call them samosas) popular for their spicy filling and crispy exterior. Definitely get you hands on their Fried stuffed kebbeh balls. Stuffed with meat, onions, walnuts and spices, these little deep fried delights are guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s taste-buds!

img_3919Cheese rakakat are crispy treats of cheese mixed with herbs and spies that are wrapped in a dough that is deep fried or grilled…we obviously wanted ours deep fried 😛 These little cigars are so light yet cheesy, compelling it to be more tempting with each bite. Fatayer spinach are pocket shaped treats stuffed with spinach, onions and spices. The texture was perfect the and the taste was amazing! We loved the overall presentation and the freshness of the food really swept us off our feet. We sipped into their Laban aryan to help wash down the food and  managed to get a lot of Instagram worthy pics along the way 😉

For the mains, their Grilled chicken had a platter of succulent chicken cooked to perfection with smoky skin, served with a side of seasoned fries and a yoghurt dip. A lot of flavour, apt marination, absolutely tender meat and impressive taste would best describe this dish. We suggest you keep this dish as a priority. The Mixed grill platter comes with a portion of Shish Taouk, Grilled veal fillet and Kabab Halabi. It comes with a side of grilled veggies and what we loved most was the pita bread flavoured with a topping of herbs and spices. The kebabs were evenly grilled and the flavours were on point. The meats are cooked to tender perfection and no one could stop us from putting our fork back in again and again as we bit into these marvelous creations. We assure you, you will not be disappointed by this dish.

In desserts we tried the Mouhalabieh which is a delicious pudding made from ground rice. It had a very soft texture in between a mousse and Indian kheer. The generous garnish of chopped pistachios on top made the dish even more appetizing. Tamrieh are paper thin pillows deep fried to crispy perfection. I love the scent of orange blossom and the generous dusting of powdered sugar on top.


Go for

Convenience of Valet Parking. Lebanese delights. Service with a smile. Outdoor seating with Marina view. Not too heavy on your pocket.

Hope you guys are following us on Instagram for all yummy updates 🙂

Where: Paloma Tower, Dubai Marina Promenade, Dubai Marina, Dubai

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