Magnificently modern art-on-my-plate miracles @Farzi Cafe, Dubai

Modern Indian cuisine is all the rage and probably the best thing that happened to the culinary world. With nuances of molecular gastronomy, reinvention, deconstruction and more, the innovative take on timeless recipes makes for a gastronomic delight. This new approach towards Indian food has gotten much acclaim and we are always on the lookout for chefs willing to experiment with old recipes to create modern plates of wonder.

Farzi Cafe truly celebrates the spirit of innovation. Located in the beautiful Citywalk in Al Safa, the dining experience at Farzi is simply enthralling as each dish is artfully prepared and tastefully presented. The interiors follow suit with equally bold statements as they have a fascinating huge ceiling housing little nuances of domes and pipes that make their way around in modern sensibilities, a spectacular bar and tones of gold complementing a netural wooden ambience that defines classy dining.

I have had the pleasure of dining at the Farzi Cafe in Delhi (blog link here) and Gurgaon and the experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. Predictability is not in their dictionary so throw out all your traditional Indian sensibilities and begin your culinary journey for then the possibilities are endless.

With flavours ranging from subtle to intense the Cafe manages to create food that maintains it’s individualism and yet presents you with pronounced flavours that promise to tickle your tatse buds.

Get Set Gobble

One look at the menu and you know the eatery takes redefining Indian food seriously. The idea is to bring together unusual pairings to create a harmonious blend. The food journey began with some spherized mango lassi palate cleansers.

The Raj Kachori is served with a crispy okra salad and chutney foam. The crispy shells contain tangy pumpkin and sweetened yoghurt. Be prepared for a riot of flavours and textures. The Tempura dynamite prawns are served with a kumquat chilli air and tobanjan tobiko. The batter fried prawns are tossed in a chilli mayonnaise and topped with a chilli foam but don’t you worry, the spice isn’t over powering at all. Their focus is always on quality and food is served with an artistic touch. Quick tip…don’t take too long grabbing those pics like us as the prawns get soggy quick 😦

My favourite dish would have to be the Chole kulche. Being a Punjabi at heart I am automatically drawn to this dish on the menu and my spirits were only lifted as I popped a morsel of the chole in my mouth. It was served in an Arabic pita pocket bread…what an uncharacteristic combination that seemed to go in sync all too well. What lifted the dish for me was probably the tamarind onion salsa on the side! Butter chicken buns arrived in a little truck and again my Punjabi genes were tingling to try this fusion dish. The buns are steamed and then layered with a green chilli mayo. It brought in nostalgic flavours prepared with a modern approach.

The deconstructed Shephard’s pie is aesthetically plated in a non traditional moon shaped platter. The spicy meat is served with tawa aloo and beetroot crisps. The meat is so tender it literally melts in your mouth and I am not kidding when I tell you how incredibly delicious those  little pieces of potato were. I picked each and everyone of them off the platter by myself 😛 Full marks to the dish!!

Being in the beautiful city of Dubai it is but obvious that Farzi Cafe would draw inspiration from the culture to infuse into their menu. One such farzified preparation is the Shawarma biryani. The 8 hours cooked leg of lamb is soaked in Arabic spices and served with a dum biryani and kachumbaar labneh. The dish is truly symbolic of India meets Dubai and the flavours come together beautifully. The thought process behind its creation is not only limited to flavours but visual as well. The crispy lavash behind the tikka standing tall represents the shawarma flame…how neat! The Mutton pepper fry has lamb morsels cooked in traditional spices and served with layered flaky paranthas. The mutton is prepared beautifully in a slightly sweet stir fry and the flavours only intensify with every bite. Order an extra parantha or two as these gourmet breads are perfect for soaking up all that deliciousness.

We were already in trouble with all the delicious food we had managed to gobble up but our resolute to try the desserts was firm none the less. There was no passing up the all the sweet creations on the menu. Having dined at Farzi India I was familiar with a few options but spotted a couple of dishes that were unique to Dubai. We tried the Risotto, phirni oxide that came with the servers recommendation. The Pastry chef arrived on our table with a set of bowls and tools to instantly whip up this dessert. From a mix of nitrogen made phirni to chopped nuts, the dish plays on the senses both visually and texturally. Next we had the Jalebi caviar that taps into the nostalgic street food. The tastes are all familiar yet the language is modern. We just loved the pistachio loaded cream but found the jalebi a bit dry.

Whether it’s a tantalizing appetizer, delightful main or sinful dessert, be ready for some heady surprises and flavours that explode in your mouth.


Where: CITY WALK, Al Safa & Al Wasl Road Intersection, Al Safa, Dubai

Farzi Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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