Order mouthwatering South African style Flame-grilled chicken @Galito’s

We popped into the Bay Square area for a quick lunch. With an extremely large appetite and massive cravings, we headed into Galito’s to try some flame grilled chicken. The meal was everything we wanted it to be…healthy, hearty and delicious!



First things first..what attracted us to the restaurant was the location and Galito’s have definitely nailed that one. The beautiful Bay Square area is a perfect amalgamation of business meets pleasure. It is right at the heart of Dubai’s most influential business district. This complex promises to be a one stop shop for shopping, dining, retail and community. With a vast number of eateries popping up it is a great spot for dining with the family, business lunches or relaxing at the cafes. Galito’s has a beautiful location overlooking the fountain offering both indoor and outdoor seating.


So why Galito’s

They are calling out to all the chicken lovers in the house to serve you food packed with nutrition made just the way your mom would. With a combination of freshest ingredients and natural herbs & spices, they promise to offer a healthy meal. The chicken is cooked in South African style and I did not understand it till I tried it. The flavours truly sing and the care in preparation helps elevate the goodness of the dish. The interiors are true to African culture with the use of vivid prints and popping colours contrasted with earthy tones and wooden beads. The space is exotic yet cozy and inviting with comfy seating. P.S. Don’t miss the wall with the big question on everyone’s mind: How hot can you go??! I went Extra hot 😛img_2522


Get Set Gobble:

~ Drinks – We started off with their Melon Teaser that was sweet concoction of watermelon and berries. The Laranja was a burst of citrus with a zing and some strawberries as well. These coolers work perfectly in snyc with the spicy treat that followed.

~ Chicken sosaties – Little skewers of juicy chicken served on the stick, layered with dry apricots and served with a creamy barbecue dip. The chicken is literally so tender it melts into your mouth.


~ Chick-e-naise – This is one wicked dish with a sinful combination of cheese and tender chicken baked on top of crunchy bread. Delightful! Absolutely one for all you cheese lovers out there…you will definitely be very pleased with the flavours.


~ Extra Hot Half chicken – Their chicken comes with a promise of being carefully marinated for atleast 24 hours…now that’s something to look forward to. It is absolutely tender and the meat comes off the bone with ease. They give you the option of four sauce variants to choose from. Spice lovers are bound to go crazy for their Peri peri Hot or Extra Hot or Mild. If the spice ain’t for you, you can try the Lemon herb. I suggested you grab the sauces off your table and give them a try before you commit to one you would like 🙂img_2516

~ Combotada – So for all you as clueless as me as to what the name means, the Combotada is a serving of two skewers of meat while the Espetada is a serving of a single skewer. The preparation and presentation is absolutely the same apart from the serving size. I obviously went in for the Combotada..no surprises there 😛 and ordered one of chicken and prawn each. You can again choose the sauce that you would like for the meat to be prepared in. I was in a bold state so I stuck with it being Extra hot 😀img_2515

~ Sides – Both the Half chicken and Combotada came with a portion of the sides. There are numerous options on the menu to choose from and we picked the Corn on the cob, Peri peri fries and O’Porto rice. The corn was so sweet and cooked to perfection! The fires would undoubtedly have to be my favourite though, as the peri peri spice on them just lifted the flavour to another notch.

~ Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream – After a good meal you alaways crave for something sweet to end it but we were full beyond compare to even think of going for desserts. The staff at Galito’s is extremely sweet and completely insisted we try the sticky toffee pudding. One bite in and we knew why! It was no surprise that the plate was wiped cleaned within minutes 😀 This is definitely one dish that you should not skip.img_2511


Where: Ground Level 7, Building 13, Bay Square, Business Bay, Dubai
Galito's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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