Here’s your guide to the choicest dishes @Not Just Paranthas, Cyber Hub

Forget heading to Paranthe wali gali, parantha lovers in the house have one more spot to hit at Cyber Hub with ‘Not Just Paranthas’ and boy oh boy do they take their name seriously. First things first they aren’t your typical parantha joint and pride themselves in all things North Indian be it kebabs or curries, breads or desserts. Don’t for a moment think that they take their paranthas lightly; ranging from regular paranthas to chur chur, from pocket to Italian pizza paranthas, they have them all! However, they pride themselves in serving you Not Just that but a whole lot more so you can enjoy a complete family meal.

Love the Desi Vibes

They are located on the first floor of Cyber Hub offering an indoor and outdoor seating space. They have a quirky bar in the centre that greets you as soon as you enter the Air conditioned section. Personally we recommend you sit outside and enjoy the wonderful winter weather. The space is complete with lots of greenery, quirky furniture and a garden swing…yay! Did we mention that they have relaxed Desi vibe complete with a no knife and fork policy…so be ready to get your hands dirty for you are surely in for a finger licking good time!img_0904

Get Set Gobble:

To start off this Desi meal, begin with a glass of their Chaach served in glass bottles…gulp one down and you are ready to get your eating game on! For appetizers we suggest you give the Dahi ke kebab a try that are not presented traditionally. The hung curd is wrapped inside a Spinach coating giving it a unique flavour. Being a big fan of fried delights myself, I loved their Bharwan papad. Crispy, crunchy exterior contrasting the soft stuffing of chatpata potato inside made for a delicious combination.

Meat lovers are bound to drool over the NJP special Mutton seekh that will leave you salivating with every bite…we just couldn’t get enough of this tender and juicy lamb mince. Try their Lamb Kibbeh which are kebabs taking inspiration from Arabic cuisine.

Once we were done with the first course, they offered a palette cleanser of Aam panna shots that are an icy blend of Aam panna and Hazmola (yes you heard that right!) and it is deliciously tangy…we loved it and gulped down two ;-).

We moved onto trying their mains and gave their Nihari ghosht with Olive kulcha a try. The Nihari meat is all you hoped it would be…tender mutton that literally falls off the bone with the gentlest touch. The interesting pairing with olives in the kulcha made us swoon with every bite.

The highlight of the meal was the Sharabi Parantha that is presented in all it’s flaming glory on the table. The parantha is stuffed with a dry fruit mix that has been soaked in alcohol for over 24 hours and is set ablaze before you…quite a sight that is!

They have parantha options on the menu that run down over two entire pages and we made sure to try atleast one flavour from every section. Be it the Chur chur onion parantha, garlic naan or Calzone pizza pocket parantha, we were swooning with every bite. Use these paranthas to soak up delicious gravies of the Murgh Tikka Lababdar. Tender boneless chicken cooked in a thick creamy tomato base that promises to melt every North Indian’s heart with each bite is a definite winner. It’s lip-smackingly good and a sure shot crowd pleaser.

To leave with sweet smiles we indulged in a round of Anjeer and Walnut kulfi that had little chunks of dry fruit in every bite. An interesting find was their Paan parantha…yes, you heard us right! Little bites of sweet breads inside a paan leaf topped with a little dry ice magic left us feeling mystically delightful at the success of such an appetizing meal at the outlet.


Where: Shop 108, 1st Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
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