NYC, Radisson Blue Plaza, Mahipalpur

A beautiful brunch option that is close to Gurgaon is NYC by Radisson. We choose this restaurant to try their buffet meal and had an excellent time. It doesn’t take too long to get there from Gurgaon…I think it was about 20 minutes by car. You need to take the U-turn just at the airport cut and make your way to the hotel. I have passed this hotel many times and dropped in here to pick up items from their bakery however I never understood how massive this property is on those occasions. As we took a stroll through after eating (obviously we got over indulgent and ate more than we should), we got to see how far they spread…and it was beautiful. They have many dining options from restaurants and bars that give you choices according to your needs and deliver to the best of their abilities. Being a five star property it was no doubt that the service would be exceptional and we did not get a chance to complain. 

As you enter, you are greeted by a server and can pick where you wish to sit. They have a huge area with tables set out on all sides with the food in the center. You can choose to combine tables to make for a large corporate meal setup or sit by smaller tables near the wine section. No matter what you choose, you will not be too far from the food. Isn’t that one of the main deciding factors at a buffet…to pick a place that is not too distant from the food so you don’t feel lazy walking back again and again to grab a bite :-P.

Get set gobble: 

There is just so much to try at a buffet. As you enter there is a counter in front of you with the desserts displayed and my heart was set to keep enough space in my tummy to try them out at the end. There is a large rectangular counter in the center with the dishes laid out in sections of starters, Mediterranean bites and mains. 

At the outset we decided that it was not possible to try everything if we actually take big portion servings on our plate so we chose to divide an conquer. I would fill my plate with one set of items and my friend the other, then back at the table we would share our way into finishing everything we had picked. I am absolutely against the wastage of food and hate when people take more than they wish to eat. This happens especially in buffets where temptation takes control and we end up picking a lot of things that we practically cannot finish by ourselves. If you can, stick to small portions of dishes and head back for more when you know you liked something in particular. Share your plates, not only does it help you bond with your mate but it is so much fun and adds a little life to an otherwise dull or quiet table. Eventually all of us got down to sharing plates by the time we reached the desserts and it was amazing as we bit into items and debated on who liked what!

I just want to focus on the things that I tried and loved so you know what to grab. I am also leaving you with their menu (at the end of this post) to browse through so you know what dishes catch your fancy and you can give them a try.

~ Drinks – First things first we found a table with a beautiful view of the pool and settled down. After a glass of water or two we order some drinks for ourselves. I really enjoyed the Green Apple Mojito while my friend tried the Blue topaz. His was a drink with a sparkling blue hue served with a glass full of crushed ice…quite perfect considering the weather. 

~ Starters – Next we got up and first took a stroll around the area taking in everything that was on offer and making mental notes of what stood out and the dishes we just had to try. I started with their papdi counter that had options like bhalla papdi, dhokla, aloo tikki, khandvee, etc. The chaat counter was a live station with a chef to prepare the items for you. We tried the Papadi chaat that didn’t have the most glorious presentation but certainly tasted lovely. Next we had the Golgappa that were made of sjui (which I love), somehow I can’t wrap my head around the atta ones. Also tried the Bhel which had a nice crunch. Overall it was a great way to begin the meal.

Next we went for the continental starters that had options of Grilled stuffed chicken breast with market vegetables and natural jus. I quite enjoyed the chicken that had a great crust and grilled veggies with it. DSC_0857

There were a lot of items in the Mediterranen mezze section but I gave it a pass. I headed over to the little vegetarian and non vegetarian starters. The cold starters were neatly laid out in rows and each was presented in its own little dish so it was very convenient to pick one. I grabbed a few and made my way to the table. I really loved the Poached prawn in cocktail sauce that was just delicious. The prawns had been cooked perfectly and went really well with the cold creamy sauce. Also the Grilled chicken with pomegranate and lime vinagrette was absolutely delicious. Lastly the Roasted lamb with artichoke and mustard also didn’t disappoint. Overall I love the bite sized portions. On the vegetarian starter I did like was the Orange and walnut salad.

Mains – In the main course we were spoilt for choice with a lot of options from Indian to Chinese dishes. So the trick was to grab a plate and take spoonfuls from 6-7 bowls at a go. This turned out great coz every few minutes one of us would walk up and get samplers for the other to try. Their Indian curries were definitely worth a try with the Dal Makhani, Allepy fish curry and Murh Lahori along with the Lucknowi Dum Biryani. They served a selection of breads at the table.

In the Continental section I absolutely loved the Pan seared fish with lime, asparagus, olives and herbs. The fish was soft and flaky and the subtle flavours helped highlight the fish rather than havinf sauces that tend to over power it. Also loved the Lamb Mansaf where the meat had been prepared so tenderly.

I am not the biggest Asian fan so I did not try a lot of things. Their Steamed fish with lemongrass  is definitely something to taste. Overall I saw that they have great cooked fish and lamb. All the dishes that incorporated these were sure shot standouts. If the meat is cooked very well, there is little you need to do in terms of spices and gravies. Playing with this to their advantage, they have done a great job with the dishes.

~ Live kitchen – From the live counter they had sample dishes plated for display along with the names so it made for an easy choice. I definitely wanted to try the Moroccan prawns  that not only looked beautiful but tasted great too so much so that my friend decided he was up for trying seafood for the first time and he wasn’t disappointed. Another standout was the Suke dhaniye and Lal mirch ki machli that had little batter fried pieces of fish that was cooked perfectly. I loved the spicy coating it had.

I really wanted to try out their pizza and between the table we were both vegetarians and non vegetarians so we asked if the chef could create a Half and half pizza for us and he accommodated the request. The veg version was topped with mushroom, babycorn, bell peppers and olives while the non veg side kept it simple with pepperoni. The pizza was absolutely yumm and baked to a crispy perfection. It had generous amounts of melted cheese on top.

~ Desserts – Whats not to love in desserts? I think I literally tried everything! I love buffets that have huge dessert selection and having already had surveyed the entire counter at the beginning, I picked up various items that I was keen to try out. It was just so good looking that I couldn’t keep my hands off anything as I piled up the plate.

Totally in love with the little Chocolate cup cakes. They were so moist and the addition of chocolate chips gave it a nice texture. It was so small and yet so delicious. The cake was light and had a good flavour of chocolate running through. Also you have to try the Fruit tarts that were filled with a layer of custard and topped with slices of different fruits. Easy to pick one drop in your mouth, they were the perfect size.

The Baklava was actually quite good and I liked the size of each portion which was enough to taste but not too much that the stickiness gets overpowering. It was generously loaded with pistachios. Blueberry panacotta looked like an elegant dessert with muted flavours. Eat it with the blueberry syrup to bring it all together. Without it you won’t have much flavor so make sure you get a little in every spoonful.

Chocolate souffle was a decadent dessert that looked as good as it tasted. Other items like the Raspberry yoghurt parfait and Mango creme brulee brought some freshness to the dessert selection.

You cannot miss the Chocolate tiramisu cup that look glorious with the soft cream on top with a praline disc for decoration. I also like the Coconut and Praline Mousse that had a good balance of sweetness. There was also the Almond cake but I found it a bit low in flavour considering all the rich desserts I had already eaten.

IMG_5471There was a counter with different Ice cream sorbets on offer and we picked a glass to make our own sundae. We chose the mango and strawberry flavour and added the strawberry jam on the bottom then scoops of ice cream on it. Then we put raspberry jam on top and lastly some crushed cookies for crunch. It looked beautiful with all the colours and caught everyone’s attention as we walked back with it towards the table. 

I think the best part about eating a buffet is the fact that you can enjoy different dishes that suit your palette without having to compromise on a group consensus on the order of dishes. Also there are simply too many choices and never have I ever been able to eat everything on offer. I also do enjoy the feeling of being spoilt where I can go back for repeats of anything that took my fancy.

Go for:

The staff is very hospitable. If you have any special request don’t be afraid to voice them. Great dish variety. 


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