Wok in the Clouds, Khan Market

Khan market is a one stop destination for food and shopping. It has a great mix of cafes, pubs and restaurants guaranteed to deliver according to your needs. It has always boasted of being a trendy location for fashion and food alike and you are sure to be amazed at the variety you can find in each field. I made my way to Wok in the Clouds for a family meal with my parents and granny. My parents are a bit lazy when it comes to travelling long distances for their food and prefer to eat in the comfort of their own home. Travelling from Gurgaon towards Delhi can be quite taxing moreover with the weather we are currently experiencing…there are unexpected showers and resultant jams that bog down your mood. My granny however is more outgoing and loves to gather the family together for experiences outside the home. Hence I decided we venture into Khan Market to show them what the place was like.

Don’t be judgmental about the narrow roads and parking. The place seems crowded and small but there are ample spots to leave your car in and we were able to do so within minutes of arriving. We walked into the market and were able to locate the restaurant with some help from google maps and the remaining from the street stall owners. The restaurant is located up a flight of stairs and though my granny isn’t keen on making the journey, I’m glad she did and we got the chance to try the place out.

The first floor has a semi-fine dining seating with lots of tables placed around to utilize the space but yet giving them a sense of privacy from the next one. One item that caught my attention was the ceiling that had a series of empty bottles hanging down as lamps. Venture one floor up and there is a lounge with a bar and natural light flooding in from the huge windows. They have a small seating outside as well but we couldn’t enjoy it as it rained unexpectedly during our visit there. It’s a no-brainer that I chose to sit upstairs by the windows :-D.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Drinks – We sipped to some Masala lemonade that my granny really liked and got repeats of it through the meal. I tried the Kokum soda which was fabulous. It had a great combination of sweet and tangy. My dad went for the Watermelon cooler looking for something more sweet and refreshing. MUST TRY

~ Watermelon salad – We started off with a refreshing watermelon salad that had scooped circular pieces of watermelon along with feta cheese and a sprinkling of pine nuts. The watermelon was hollowed out and used as a bowl to serve the salad in.IMG_4683

~ Fish Double spicy – The name very accurately mentions that the spice is high and can I tell you that it was. If you are a spice lover, you will enjoy this dish. However, don’t worry, it isn’t too over powering that the fish cannot be enjoyed but watch out for the pieces of red chilli in the stir fry. Eat some of those and you might end up sweating 😛 MUST TRY

~ Corn and peas salt and pepper – I quite enjoyed this preparation as it had a mix of corn, peas and stir fried vegetables that packed a good crunch. Loved the addition of the peas to the otherwise boring corn dish we are used to eating. MUST TRYIMG_4688

~ Dahi ke kebab – This was one amazing dish in terms of taste and presentation. The kebabs were coated in crunchy papad and deep fried to give it that lovely golden brown colour. It had a great contrast of texture with the crispy outer layer and soft curd on the inside. The kebabs came on little sticks and it was really convenient to pick up, dip them into some chutney and bite into. MUST ORDER

~ Chilli garlic prawns – These weren’t too spicy at all. Fried perfectly. It’s the first time that I have seen chillies as big as these in a stir fry…quite interesting! I steered clear of them 😛

~ Tandoori bharwan dum paneer kali mirch – I am a huge fan of the addition of dry fruits in savoury dishes. The paneer pieces are layered in the middle with a mix of sweet and savoury dry fruit mixture tossed in black pepper that gives it a unique taste. I quite enjoyed this and went back for repeats. MUST ORDER

~ Bhatti ka murg – The chicken was tender. Also I appreciate when restaurants give you that little foil as the bottom to help ease into eating the pieces. The chicken is coated in spices like nutmeg, clove, star anise and green cardamom.IMG_4700

~ Desi ghee chicken curry – Just the name made me feel this would be one lip smacking dish and I was not wrong! The gravy had so much flavour packed into it that I dipped away endlessly into it. The chicken pieces were absolutely tender on the bone. MUST ORDERIMG_4668

~ Mutton rara – The dish had mutton pieces cooked in a thick gravy of mutton keema and topped with boiled eggs. This was slightly spicy but the thick tomato keema gravy was quite delicious. This is a great dish for when you can’t decide whether you want to order mutton pieces or mutton mince. MUST TRY

~ Paneer butter masala – This was done oh so right. The chunks of paneer were huge and submerged in a rich creamy tomato and onion gravy. The spices weren’t too high and this was something that my granny enjoyed eating.

~ Dal Makhani – The dal was rich and topped with a dollop of white butter and cream. I liked the cutlery that was used to serve the dishes in as it went in sync with what was on order. Their dal is simmered overnight to give it a rich flavour.IMG_4670

~ Breads – We ordered a variety of breads to dip into our gravies like garlic naan, lachha parantha and tandoori roti. All were well prepared and didn’t take too long to arrive once we placed the order.IMG_4675

~ Atlantic Salmon fillet – Personally this is one dish I would not have thought of ordering at this restaurant. I know the menu had a large selection of Indian and Chinese dishes so had essentially stuck to it mostly throughout the meal. Fortunately my father read this on one of their boards up on the wall listing the Chef’s recommendation and was insistent to give it a try. I am glad I did not talk him out of it as this was a surprisingly well prepared dish. The fillets of salmon were cooked perfectly and were soft and flaky on the inside. It was topped with a creamy sauce. Usually sauces end up diverting attention away from the fish but this onehelped enhance the flavours really well. It came with a side of grilled vegetables and even though we had a nice selection of dishes on the table, all three of us went straight for this dish and did not stop until we had cleaned the whole plate up! MUST ORDER

~ Desserts – Frankly with all that we had eaten I completely crossed off ordering dessert but my family protested that we end on a sweet note so we ordered two items. One was their Kulfi platter that had flavours like coconut, chocolate chip, mango and rose. I liked the mango one the most and my granny liked the chocolate chip! We also tried the Sizzling brownie that came with a  bit of theater as the server poured some hot chocolate on it at the table to give it that little smoke effect and sizzle. It had loads of dry fruits in it and was quite rich. DO TRY

Obviously we all know that after a certain age you tend to get sensitive in terms of spices used in cooking and the tenderness of ingredients. When I saw that my granny managed to have herself a hearty meal and complemented me on my choice of venue did I realize that the restaurant had indeed done a good job.

Go for:

Hearty family meals. Good service. Huge selection of dishes on the menu.

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