Blu O, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

Blu O is probably India’s biggest bowling chain.This was the first place I went to to try out bowling with my previous experience only having ever been at the 32nd Milestone Bowling alley. I loved their combination of music, lounge type environment, gaming options and culmination of food and drinks to help you have a great time!

They are located on the 4th floor of Ambience mall. Tip to getting up there: The lifts at the back entrance do take you up but that entry gate at Blu O is for staff only as they have some construction work happening. You will eventually have to take the escalator down, walk through the food court and go up another escalator again. Save the trouble and simply  take the lift near the McDonald’s Softy stand just opposite Vero Moda. This takes you straight up to them.

What I like the most about this space is it’s layout. They have a large area but they have done an even better job with optimally utilizing it. You can choose to bowl down one of their 24 lanes that’s divided into two on both sides or a game of F1 racing, foosball, air hockey, karaoke, Play station or pool. Yet with so much to offer, you are not cramped for space or in anyone’s area. You can enjoy your game at peace. The music is always buzzing in the background and they have the bar and dining area set up in the center..that’s quite convenient. However, you don’t need to walk down as they will serve you at the bowling area or game room itself.

One plus point I want to mention is the service. Considering the place is really huge, they have enough staff in place to assist you. So be it at the bowling alley, bar, game zone or dining area, you will always have someone nearby to assist you with what you want. That just makes the experience more comfortable and hassle free! Food menu has a good variety with dishes that are Indian, Mexican, Italian and Mediterranean…there is just so much to choose from.


Get Set Game On:

~ Bowling – Well the place is called Blu O so we started with a round of bowling! I am no expert at it but do manage to get a few good hits once in a while. I really appreciated the fact that there was a person from the staff who stood beside us as we bowled and gave us some tips and tricks during our turns. This really helped first timers get an idea about how to bowl and their aim improved consistently. This is not any way related to the review but can I just say that I scored the maximum points on my lane 😀 Not bad for a beginner..! Also I loved the neon coloured bowling shoes that they have in shades of green and orange. There is a small stool to measure your foot size by the counter to pick up your pair and socks available at the billing counter.

~ Foosball – Their table is set up in a convenient location and you aren’t disturbed by people passing or bumping into you. We managed to gather quite a crowd as we played a couple of games. The table is big so you can play in teams of two. I want to boast a little here too as my friend and me remained undisputed champions in the game…we won 4 games straight!

~Play station – The have a room at the back with a large display, good surround sound system and the most comfortable seats you could find. You can sit of lay back into them and play on like a serious gamer. The staff assists you in setting up the game you choose, show the controls, set the volume and let you take it from there. We played a couple of rounds of WWE wrestling and I won consistently. It was like I was on a lucky streak! My character Brock Lesner won all the rounds against John Cena.

~ Others – They have a pool table set up outside so you can choose to play a game or two. There is a simulation seat for F1 racing as well. You can also go in for a game of air hockey. The great thing about these games is that you start to build a crowd around you cheering you on. It’s a fun atmosphere and keeps everyone charged up. I also liked the room they had set up for karaoke. It has a good space with couches and tables so you can sit in with a group and order food and drinks while listening to some poor covers of songs by your friends 😛 They have two microphones so we sang in duets and it’s really shocking to hear your own voice on the mic for the first time. I sounded horrible:-P but yet I sang to the best of my ability.


Get Set Gobble:

~ Drinks – I mostly sipped on their Chocolate coffee shake which was divine..not really thick but had a great flavour.

~ Starters – They have this huge list of amazing starters which is great coz you don’t run out of things to eat while you are on the move and gaming. Their BBQ Chicken wings was quite good. The right blend of sticky sauce and spices..I remember grabbing quite a few of these. The Golden fish fingers are served in shot glasses with a dip. Crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside. Again, this is a great small bite as we popped one into our mouths and were able to head back to the bowling alley when my name returned.Also their Kesari Galouti puff is one item that is not to be missed. Succulent kebebs served on circular rotis simply melted in my mouth. Also we had the Chilli chicken..what’s not to love about this humble preparation. It had just the right amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling.

There were also a great many options for the vegetarians to try. I quite liked the Fattoush salad in particular served with pita bread. It was healthy and tasty though a little addition of chicken would certainly have helped :-P. The Vegetable cheese kurkure were deep fried delights! They had been crumb coated with kurkure to give it that great crunchy texture on the outside. The Garlic bread basket was like a bruschetta platter where toasted slices of bread had some great toppings. It goes without saying that you should grab it while its hot else they can get chewy. The toppings were different on each slice like tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, mushrooms, zucchini, baby corn and more. Also don’t miss the Thai style spring roll. Not only is it served beautifully but tastes amazing as well with the dip.

So these have these amazing starter choices but if you are indecisive of what to order, a great idea is to go in for the platter. They have a Classic Veg platter, Oriental platter, Classic Non veg and Jumbo Non veg. Since we were a really big group, this was a great way to try different items. We all got something that we wanted to order rather than having to order all those dishes individually.

~ Mains – For mains we actually got out of the gaming mode and took a table in the center to have a meal together. It was quite a task getting everybody off from their gaming stations…everyone was so engrossed in different areas that we took the task to pull them by their hand to get them to sit :-P. We ordered the Mutton rogan josh and Dal makhani with a side of breads. The curries were rich and flavourful with a good balance of spices. Also tried the Kadhai paneer which was good but not memorable.

The All the meat pizza had a crispy crust and good toppings. Their Thai green curry had a great flavour but I didn’t like the Red curry as much. The Grilled fish was very well cooked. It was super soft to bite into and served with a side of grilled vegetables.

~ Desserts – Their starters were the highlight, mains were good and desserts fine. There wasn’t anything exceptional and just comforting basic like Banana split and Chocolate malt cake with ice cream. The Choco mud pie was also good but really hard to cut into. Basically I just remember there being a lot of ice cream variations 🙂


Go for:

Endless hours of gaming fun. Amazing selection of appetizers. Hands on service.
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