Circus, South Extension II

What a great theme. The name says it all doesn’t it?! For me, Circus is all about the tent, the lights, the massive space, the colours and the excitement. I guess the restaurant has managed to capture these elements in it’s theme and delivers on point. I am in love with their red and white circus tent wall that makes a great background for pictures ;-). Also you will notice that the servers all wear a unique hat, jesters cap or mask and I liked that we could borrow off of them and create some funny pictures for ourselves.

The seating space is huge…like really huge! For a moment I could not believe that I am in the crammed South Ex market. Constructions going on in the area can be a hassle but the saving grace is that they have a valet…so forget your parking woes. The first thing that welcomes you is a series of flashing lights at the entry. As you ride the elevator up to the third floor you see the huge area done up with a wooden theme with a variety of seating styles on offer – couches, high tables, stools, chairs, etc. You can choose to sit indoors or step out onto the terrace and try their seeshas. They also have another area on the top that is the viewing deck. This is air conditioned and is a viewing galley for any event that happens on the stage below. Walk another flight of stairs and you can enjoy Circus 360 that gives you a panoramic view of the entire South Ex area. It is quite mesmerizing and is gonna be a hot spot once winters come. There are lots of quirky elements I want to mention, like their massive lights, the funny slimming and shortening mirrors inside, use of metal containers for cutlery or the bucket basins in the washroom, there’s just so much for you to go check out for yourself.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – They have a series of signature summer cocktails appropriately named the masala gang as they have options such as Ram laddoo, Imly, Kaala khatta and Anardaana. … I tried the kala khatta one and it had the most gorgeous purple hue. It is not as chatpata in flavour and for that you can give the ram laddoo a try. Weird flavour right?! But it works so well, you’ll be amazed! Lastly the imli flavour was just as you think it would be, nice and tangy. You can opt for these to be served as a mocktail as well coz the pre-mixes come in a small labelled glass bottle (cute presentation) where as the alcohol is added on the side. They’ll taste great either ways.

Not only this but you can go in for their shakes as well. We gave the Bounty Hunt shake, Mango shake, Strawberry shake and Dark born born chocolate shake a try. Rich and thick, served in mason jars, whats not to love here! The Kiwi and cantaloupe cooler was another mocktail option that was a refreshing drink for the summer.

IMG_3127~ Palak patta chaat – This delivered in terms of taste. It was a good blend of cripsy, sweet, salty and tangy.

IMG_3122~ Chilli chicken – Humble dish, good simple preparation. I do not like chilli chicken as much, the simple reason being that my family is overly attached to this dish. I end up eating it more often than I would choose to…say about 10 out of 20 meals when eating out. I think I have reached my saturation level on it 😛 The chicken was tender and had a nice spicy sauce coating so give it a try if you are an Indian-Chinese fan!

IMG_3124~ Khum Gahloti – This dish was really a surprise. It looked so simple but there was so much flavour packed in those little tikkis. I have developed a great fondness for this vegetarian version of the galouti kebabs as I love the little sweetness in every bite that comes from the mushroom. They absolutely melted in your mouth. MUST ORDER

IMG_3123~ Aloo Chaat – Aloo chaat looked detectable but it lacked some tanginess to it. The presentation was good with dishes being served in containers. It’s really easy to pass around the table as you are drinking.

IMG_3125~ Ande ka funda – This dish was a miss for me. It sounded quite cool but I was slightly let down with the taste as it did not deliver anything exciting to my palette. Also I found the portion a little small.

IMG_3119~ Lotus Stem – This is a great option for vegetarians. The lotus stems are fried to crispy perfection and have a similar spicy sauce as the chilli chicken. DO TRY

IMG_3120~ Lahori chicken tikka – This had quite an interesting preparation. As the server brought out the bamboo steamer, for a moment I thought someone had ordered dimsums. However as I opened the lid I discovered the chicken tikka inside. It was quite good and had a good balance of spice however some pieces weren’t as tender as the others.

IMG_3112~ Mutton boti burger – The burgers are served in steel containers with a side of fries and tomato dip. The fries absolutely pass the test as they were super crisp and well seasoned. The burger is portioned into two halves so its easy to pick and eat and tastes absolutely yumm! The meat is shredded and is covered in a thick, spicy gravy that fills your mouth with flavour in every bite. MUST TRY

~ Rajma masala – This is served with an option of lime rice and jeera pulao. What’s not to love about Rajma chwal?! Being a Punjabi you can’t say no to this dish. I was quite surprised to see this on the menu though as it’s not exactly something you find at a bar. I immediately wanted to give it a try and I’m glad that I did. I think its the best dish on their menu. It’s served in a metal tiffin box and the server opens it up on the table for you. The three boxes have rajma in one, rice in the next and a chopped vegetable salad in the last. The gravy was thick, rajmas had been boiled to perfection and the spice balance was very good. I happened to try both rice preparations and really loved the flavour of the jeera one. MUST TRY

~ Andhra chicken curry – This is served with an option of malabar parantha and lime rice. This dish too came in a tiffin box. My expectation from their tiffin boxes were being raised by the minute having just had an amazing rajma dish. This too had the curry in one container, malabar parantha in the next and salad in the other. I am a fan of malabar paranthas and these lived up in preparation with lots of flaky layers that had been cooked perfectly. I generously dipped into the chicken curry and loved the combination of coconut milk and southern spices. The pieces of chicken were boneless and tender. One of my friend did complain that she found the taste of coconut too overpowering but a lot of us disagreed..hey, it’s a southern curry..the coconut is what really defines it! MUST TRY

IMG_3105~ Aate ka halwa – This had a serving of atta halwa topped with almonds and cashew. It was quite rich but make sure you eat it warm as it tends to loose it’s flavour as it gets cold.

IMG_3103~ Chocolate fantasy cake – This had a humble slice of brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top. Good but not memorable.

Go for:

Circus themed games – they have a week of activities lines up – check out their Facebook page for updates. Humble food presentations. Masala gang cocktails.

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