Khaaja Chowk, MG Road

Khaaja Chowk is located in the Plaza Mall on MG road in Gurgaon. Now many of you living in Gurgaon itself might feel ki bhai aisa bhi koi mall hai yahan (dude, is there such a mall in Gurgaon)??! This is one of the not-so-popular malls as it is mostly has electronic and furniture shops. Having been on one such shopping spree myself, I had discovered this restaurant on their third floor. Though earlier I used to mainly opt for home delivery, I remember being a die hard fan of their palak paneer. But with time, interests changed and we kind of lost track of this restaurant. I was lucky to revisit it with a friend for an early dinner. I was quite surprised with the amazing journey the restaurant has made in terms of their food and decor.

I was delighted to see the entry with the bright green door that leads you inside the colourful red themed restaurant. I happened to be visiting on a day when they would be hosting a birthday party so the place was decked with red, white and blue balloons (a moment earlier I was left wondering if they were celebrating the fourth of July until the server informed us otherwise :-P). The interiors are well lit up and they have a cute little rickshaw converted into a table that seemed like a really fun area to dine in. The tables are scattered and no two are too close to each other that you end up intruding on your neighbour’s meal or conversations.

One point I must mention was the tables itself. They have been done up in such a quirky way and I haven’t seen this before so was quite intrigued by it that I moved around and found no two tables were similar. Each had been decorated with it’s own theme under the glass top. One had a series of white flowers and concave glasses to sequins, one had a series of well placed cosmetics from a woman’s closet like lipstick, bindis, nail paint, hair clips and more and there was even one with the cover of Ship brand matchboxes. This is really a nice creative touch!

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – We started off with some masala shikanji to hydrate ourselves from the heat. It was a good blend of tangy and sweet and a blessing to quench ourselves with. As conversations started building we realized that they have a beer promotion with four pints in a bucket for Rs. 449 and since neither of us had any further work plans that day, we went ahead and ordered the Kingfisher one. It arrived cold in a bucket filled with ice. They also served a basket of papad with the drinks but it was a bit soggy.

~ Great Indian Chaat Platter – The platter seemed like a good option to try as we would get four varieties of chaat which included the palak patta chaat, dahi puchka, Khaaja ki chaat and papdi chaat. The first three items were laid down neatly in a sqaure plate, the papdi came in a bowl and a glass contained the khatta paani for the golgappas. The golgappas were yum as they were filled with an aloo masala and curd and frankly, I didn’t need the khatta paani, I could eat them as is. Do describe the Khaaja chaat I would say it was like an Indian bruschetta. The papdi was nice and crisy and came in a bowl so it was easy to eat. The palak chaat looked quite tempting and had little chopped tomatoes and onions on top as garnish along with the chutneys and a sprinkling of sev. However, as I bit into it last, it had gotten soggy by the end. Tip: Probably begin with this first. As it is, chaats really test the speed with which you can eat as all things crispy tend to get soggy real quick with the topping of curd and chutneys. DO TRY

~ Chicken Banno kebab – This is definitely a new kebab name for me and I was certainly attracted to try it out. The kebabs were light coloured and had beautiful char marks from the tandoor on it. It was super tender and had a great blend of spices in the marinade. MUST TRY


~ Galauti with ulte tawe ka parantha – The kebabs were quite succulent with melt in your mouth meat inside but I would have loved if the exterior could have been a bit more crispy. It comes with a side of two huge paranthas. While some find this style of paranths a little doughy, I have always been a fan. Give me anything made with maida anytime, any day and if it’s fried as well, that’s like icing on the cake…it’s super unhealthy but then again YOLO 😀 (this is the only way I can rationalize unhealthy eating habits :-P). MUST TRY


~ Khaaja Special rara gosht – There were too many curry options on the menu and each seemed so tempting that we were a bit lost with what to order. This dish was an excellent choice as suggested by the server where there are two pieces of mutton (we ordered the half portion) along with a gravy made with minced meat. We were wondering whether we would be able to do justice to the dish since we were starting to feel quite full but can I tell you, this was so damn delicious. We easily mopped up that gravy with the ulta tawa paranthas from the kebab dish and it tasted simply divine. MUST ORDER


~ Paan ice cream – This flavour screamed at me from the desserts menu. Although I am not much of a paan eater (occasionally I indulge in a chocolate paan), this seemed like such a great falvour to try apart from the regular chocolate, strawberry offerings on the menu. We got a heaped bowl of ice cream in a gorgeous green shade. It tasted so close to a paan but the flavour wasn’t over powering at all. What was exciting was the little crunch added by the little dark red pieces flavoured with gulkand. MUST TRY


~ Rocket kulfi tilli pe – This was kesar ice cream on a stick with a cute little rose at the end for presentation. The kulfi was nice however since I was having the ice cream too, the paan flavour was quite strong that it dulled out the kulfi. Tip: Eat the kulfi first and then proceed to the ice cream.


Go for:

Funky tables. Great Indian food. Uncluttered mall. Service with a smile. Quick food preparations.

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