Au Bon Pain, Cyber Hub

Au Bon Bon is located at one end of Cyber Hub towards the big screen. I previously remember being much bigger but recently they have revamped the space and relaunched a new menu as well. First things first, lets get this one straight, how do you pronounce the name. French is a very confusing language and their pronunciations are always tricky; words are written one way and read in another. So with the help of the restaurant manager and cross checking against google, I can say without doubt that it is pronounced as [o bɔ̃ pɛ̃]. No my lovely little friends who choose to have a squabble with me over this, it’s not pain; the ‘n’ is silent. Thank you! *drum roll

They have a nice seating area outside and if the weather permits you should definitely hand out there. There is enough greenery to give you a semi private area so you feel awkward with people constantly passing by. You can also choose to sit in the comfort of the air-conditioner but they have a limited seating option inside.

They have introduced the concept of ‘food trail’ where you can essentially pick your own tray, walk through a demarcated area and pick what you want to eat from the selection. I have seen this concept run successfully many places abroad and find it super convenient as you are free to pick and choose while taking your own time. Their counters are appropriately marked with signage such as pick your tray, fresh to go, hot and healthy soups, bakes, etc. Once you are done selecting, walk up to the counter, pay and go! Super quick! You can also choose to re-heat any item if need be or order something off their made to order menu.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Drinks – I tried the Banana yoghurt cooler with chia seeds as suggested by the server as it was a part of the new menu. It was amazing! I love banana based shakes and this was like a smoothie which almost tasted like a shake with the added health benefits of chia seeds. It wasn’t overpoweringly sweet and had a good balance. Another drink I tried was the Orange papaya cooler. The drink had loads of mint in it and was sweeter in comparison to the previous one.

They have some great deals on their teas. You have the option of paying Rs.50 for a cup of unlimited tea where they give you a paper cup that can be refilled endlessly while you are at the outlet. You get to choose from 3-4 types of tea they have on offer like vanilla tea, masala tea, green tea, black tea and more. You can also opt for a mug that entitles you endless refills on that day. The next day you can again pay Rs.50 and claim your supply of tea as long as you carry the cup with you every time you drop in. I think these are great deals if you work in the Cyber City area.

~ Savoury – Open face margherita is essentially like a bruschetta with a thicker bread or a pizza with a bread base. It has mozzarella and cheddar cheese, basil pesto and chopped tomatoes & onions on a baguette. It is baked to melt the cheese and get the bread to crisp up so don’t keep it hanging for too long else it’ll start to get chewy. The chicken feta sandwich was quite nice and it has grilled chicken, caramelized onions, feta cheese and lollo rosso lettuce with a chipotle spread on a rosemary focaccia. This is a warm sandwich and I quite liked the overall taste as each element came together to add flavour to it.

The Red thai chicken curry and rice was also good. It is served in a to-go plastic meal box. I think the rice in itself was nice coz it had a lot of tossed sweet corn and veggies in it. The Baked vada pav was nice but it seemed a little dry overall as it lacked some chutney. The aloo cutlet was quite well spiced.

The Chicken keema cone-wich is a new item that I tried that has a baked cone with a filling of your choice inside it. I went with the keema and it had been stir fried with some onions. It tasted really yumm and their keema has a lot of flavour. It was a bit oily as well and my friend didn’t like how the slices of onion inside were a bit too long. I didn’t mind them though it is a bit of a messy eat. DO TRY. I really liked the Keema kouignamann (pronounced as queen-a-mon; ain’t it cool that we are learning some french in the process!). This was absolutely delicious. It is served hot and has a similar keema filling inside as that of the cone-wich sans the onions 😛 MUST TRY

The Peri peri mac and cheese seemed like a good try off the menu with baked macaroni in a creamy cheese sauce with peri peri seasoning. The pasta was well cooked and it had a thick cheesy sauce with chunks of chicken however, it lacked in depth of flavour. Also as it became cold, it began to loose more of its flavour so make sure you eat it while its hot. The addidition of the peri peri seasoning gave it a distinct flavour so make sure you order this if you are ok with eating this spice. The garlic bread along with it was quite crispy. The Peri peri chicken wings looked quite tempting with a dark glaze on top. They were quite tender and cooked perfectly. I liked the addition of the spice in this.

~ Sweet –  In the muffin section we picked the red velvet and chocolate chip ones. The red velvet had a bit of an artificial flavour and was quite dense. They suggest that you eat the chocolate chip muffin at room temperature. The chunky chocolate bits on top of it were quite nice.

So we sort of had opposing views on the Mango custard danish in the group. While one of my friend didn’t like it too much and found it soggy, the rest of us found it quite delish! I like the mix of a bit sweet and savoury flavours and the dessert did just that. The sweetness wasn’t too overpowering and had a nice balance with freshness from the mango custard on top. The best thing on the menu would have to be the chocolate cookie. I got it heated and it tasted just divine. As we had this at the end of our meal, while chatting away we didn’t realize how all of us had finished the cookie in seconds.

Go for:

Quick bites. Unlimited chai options. Service with a smile.
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