The Addams House, Sector 29

Raise your hands if you have been a fan of The Addams family as a kid. I used to watch endless re-runs of the animated version, the show and the movie. I couldn’t get enough of it and found the whole concept of this scary and kooky family quite intriguing. My favourite character would have to be Wednesday who’s just too smart for the world; a girl after my own heart :-P. A true fan would always hear the words ‘The Addams family’ and break out into their theme song –

‘They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They’re all together ooky,
The Addams Family.’

I could sing the whole song with background sounds but lets talk about the restaurant that choose this as their theme. Set up in sector 29 of Gurgaon, the Addams family delivers on point with its exterior. It looks like a dark haunted castle from outside. The interiors are dimly lit and whats not to miss is their huge wall paying homage to the characters of the Addams family from the movie. They also have lurch standing tall on one wall, thing wrapped around a light and lots of tit-bits around the place. The seating area is spacious with a large bar space, plush couches and chairs along with a semi private area with a large bookshelf. As you walk another story up you are welcomed into the most beautiful terrace area in sector 29. It is a huge space and is done up in muted tones and white. With the perfect weather and some buzzing music, this could be the best place to hangout….can’t wait for winters 😀

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – My favourite drink would have to be Bhoot which had Bacardi black, spiced rum, paan leaf, passion fruit, lime juice, mango puree and orange juice. The drink was presented in colourful tiki glasses. Wonder Lust was my second favourite which had vodka infused with vanilla pods, fresh lime, passion fruit and pomegranate juice with the topping of some pomegranate caviar. I like the presentation of this drink in a metal glass filled with loads of crushed ice…great for beating the summer heat!

Also tried the Addams Special which had bourbon, pancake syrup, lime juice, egg white, chocolate and orange. I probably went a bit too experimental with this and though the drink looked pretty, it did not suit my palette. The mocktail I liked the most was the Raspberry Orange cooler which had a blend of raspberry crush, orange juice, fresh basil and lime.

In shakes we tried the Red velvette shake, Chocolate shake and Hazelnut cheesecake. All of them had a nice presentation with glasses full to the brim and some red velvet cake or chocolate or cream as toppings on it.

~ StartersAddams Dragon popcorn has crunchy popcorn treated in nitrogen. I tried the cheese flavour but somehow the smoke was lost by the time it reached my table. Chakhna Wakhna is a good option especially for vegetarians as it has small matkis filled with boiled chickpeas, black channa, kidney beans and white matar mixed with chopped onions fresh tomatoes, green chillies, spices and roasted garlic.

Meri wali chicken maggi – The Addams way was maggi in the form of croquettes stuffed with shredded chicken and served with Addams bloody dip. The croquettes were super crispy and beautifully golden and its a good dish for a maggi lover. Rajma Chawal balls- The Addams way had balls made of rajma chawal, infused with Indian spices and crumb fried to be served with garlic tomato chutney and tempered yoghurt.

Pulled jackfruit tacos has kewra scented masala jackfruit served in crispy taco shells with salsa and sour cream. French onion soup shots would probably have to be my favourite. The soup was served piping hot in small shot glasses and were topped with a golden fried onion ring on top of each. The texture of the rings was spot on and they were a crispy delight! I dipped them into the soup and munched away. Bloody chicken wings as the name suggests were wings that were served covered in a sticky dark red buffalo sauce. They are marinated overnight to let the flavour soak in. The pieces of chicken were absolutely tender but I would have liked to have a bit more kick in the sauce and found it to be on the sweeter side.

Another great dish on the menu is the Lamb stuffed chilly poppers that has jumbo green chillies stuffed with a spicy lamb keema mix with roasted garlic and cheese. It is then dipped into a batter and coated with crumbs. It is fried to crispy perfection and served with a mint mayo. Worry not…its not too spicy at all and I suggest you give it a try. Streaky bacon chicken bites was next on order..I mean bacon, how can you resist?! The bacon is stuffed with chicken supreme and Emmenthal cheese and served with a sweet chilli BBQ sauce. They are made into great bite sized portions and you can quickly pick up the toothpicks and pop them into your mouth one after the other. I like the sticky coating of the sauce on top.

We had Golgappas the Modern Classical way which essentially had the traditional atta golgappa stuffed with potato masala and served in a molecular way. I am generally not an atta fan and personally prefer the suji golgappas but I have to say, I found these quite nice.


~ Mains – We had the Charlatan chicken pizza that was a huge thin crust pizza topped with chicken tikka, onions, capsicum and green chillies. It tasted good but the toppings were too scarce. My favourite main was the Hot chick quesadilla which had a stuffing of shredded chicken breast, serano chillies, crispy bacon, fresh tomatoes and onions.It is served with nachos, sour cream and salsa. It was so good that we called for a repeat of the dish. The portion is such that if you are feeling a little hungry, you can easily wipe up the whole dish by yourself…atleast I know I could 😛

Pugsley’s portion is a half roasted chicken on the skin rubbed with coarsely ground spices, harissa cream and garlic and served with herbed baby potatoes and sauteed veggies. The chicken was a little inconsistent in being tender but had a good flavour through the marinade on that skin. Grilled fish fillets has the fish marinated in kasundhi (mustard) and herbs. It is topped with lime aire and and presented on a bed of lemon pepper khichdi risotto style. Though the dish looked rather fancy, something that you could find at a top notch restaurant, somehow it did not live up to my expectations in terms of taste from it.

~ Desserts – The dessert section really wowed me with both desserts being besutiful in flavours and presentation. We had the Gulabari cheesecake that had a rose flavoured cheesecake on a bed of gulkand crumb with dried rose petals dust. The presentation was just amazing and the dish looked super tempting to eat. I liked how they maintained the rose theme across the dish with the use of different tones of pink.


Another amazing dish to try is the Chocolate hazelnut royal crackle that had a rich chocolate hazelnut mousse covered in a roasted almond crackle and topped with a rich chocolate short it was a chocolate lovers paradise. The dish wasn’t too rich and the flavour of hazelnut wasn’t strong ( I would know as hazelnuts have a strong adverse reaction in my stomach :-D).


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