Smaaash, Cyber Hub

Cyber Hub is a great location in Gurgaon that gives you a mix choice of food and entertainment. Family meals usually end up on the ground floor, with friends we venture up to the first floor sometimes and parties are always on the third floor. The little covered area on the side had a lot of bakeries and coffee joints. Just behind that is Smaaash which is a gaming parlour cum food joint that culminates entertainment along with eating. It’s a great place to visit with friends or family in a group.

I had a fun experience here as I got to feeling like a kid again while taking turns to play games, standing in queues, comparing scores and jovial rivalry.


Get Set Game On:

Smaaash is a great place for groups to hang out. It’s got a very relaxed vibe, lots of games, a series of flashing lights and pumping music that keeps you alive. 

They have a section of Virtual reality games. My favourite game would have to be Walk the plank Vertigo. It really tests your capabilities to walk on the edge of a building literally. The wait in the queue can be a bit long and standing outside I could here throngs of laughter from inside and thought this was something worth the wait..and boy was I right. While standing in the queue I also felt that it was no big deal, but the fun is in the experience. By the time our group reached the game area, we had managed to take up all the space in the little box. So they have a room set up with a bar to represent a ledge and provide a VR device that makes you feel as if you are walking on a beam across high ride buildings. Whats brilliant is the combination of graphics and jerky movements on the beam that make it feel too real to imagine. I was rolling in fits of laughter as my friends tried and failed miserably by dropping onto the bean bags on the sides but as it came I my turn I did not fare any better. This is a MUST TRY game…you’ll really enjoy it. 

A game next to it was the Magic carpet where you stood in a small suspended platform and wore a virtual reality eye gear that made you feel like you were floating on a carpet and got to fly over a make believe island. The graphics weren’t all that amazing and I think it’s fine for little kids only. The Finger coaster ride has a similar idea where you can wear the eye gear, strap yourself into the chairs and experience the ride. I have had the misfortune of riding a roller coaster a couple of times and I am shit scared of it…but the thrill keeps drawing me back to it:-P Can I just tell you..this was cake walk! So if you are someone who doesn’t have the nerves to go on a real roller coaster, I think this ride can make a great practice session for you. Also you can draw out your roller coaster route with high lows or curves…go crazy then you can sit and enjoy the ride you created with good motion jerks, titling of the chairs and fan placed in positions to make you feel the wind as you do. Healthy tip, do this before you have eaten 😀

Another area of Racing/simulation games included bike racing games like Nitro wheelie  with a suspended motor bike and a screen. There was the X2 Racing F1 car racing as well but with my height, my legs could barely make it to the accelerator as I sat inside the mock car. The car also has some motion jerks as you bumped into a wall or drive in dirt.

They have a huge variety of Arcade games spread out like Palm wrestling, Speed of Light, Batman, etc. The Alpine racer is a ski game and it was a lot of fun as we all danced from side to side on a moving ski board to win the race. There was Terminator salvation where you had to kill cyborgs and two contestants could play together. It was quite addictive and we lost 2 from our group on that game for over 30 minutes or so! Bull Shooter is the dart board where two contestants can play against each other. The Air Hockey game was also a little different as apart from a single puck, multiple little colourful pucks would come out at intervals during the play..quite fun!

I also enjoy enjoyed the Pac man basket game where you need to throw basket balls into a hoop and make enough points to move onto the next level. Another variation of this was the football throw which had goals of different sizes that you had to aim at to score points. Can I tell you..this was really tough as we aren’t used to throwing around the American football and our aim was all over the place 😛

Obviously the boys were attracted to the Smaaash cricket section. While the girls cheered the boys attempted to make scores against some fast passed bowlers. Some fared well while others didn’t and we cheered each one on like crazy. Even the girls gave it a go and we managed to atleast give the ball a hit. Luckily you can choose your skill level from beginner to pro but yet the girls being able to score a four or six was probably too much to ask 😛 What was entertaining during this time is that they have a microphone that allows you to give running commentary…the boys did hilarious impressions of famous personalities and they discussed each one’s batting skills and scores.

We ended the session with some Bowling. I think this was a great way for all of us to come together collectively from individual gaming stations and have some relaxed fun together. We were able to sit down and order some food as we took turns to bowl and try to maintain some jovial competition with each other. 

You need to make a charge card at the entrance that you can swipe off at every console before you play. That is really convenient and user friendly as I could do this all by myself. If need be there are many people stationed around to assist you as well. There are different deals that give you access to certain games as per the plan you choose and food & beverage as well. Between games we would sit down at the bar to take a break. A round of drinks and some snacks got us energized for the next session. 

Before we could exit we were drawn to two games that the boys must really try out. One was the King of hammer that determined the points based on the strength you applied to beat the hammer down. Quite a match got stirred up as they tried to beat each other’s scores. The other was the Boxer baby that determined scores on the strength with which you punched the boxing bag. We were all tired and ready to head home yet spent a great deal of time at these games. As all of us were cheering and shouting that more and more people around came up wondering what all the fuss was about. Everybody wanted to give the games a go but we just wouldn’t let go of it 😛

Get Set Gobble:

Food is a necessity at this place that gives you the energy you need to be up and running. You have the option of sitting at the bar and placing your order, there is a dining are at the back with a buffet layout that you can choose or you can eat at the couches outside the cricket section or lastly at the tables at the bowling alley. It’s good that you are no limited to just one area and can have your food while you move around. This gave us the opportunity to much on snacks while we awaited our turns at various games. So all in all none of us sat down to the meal at the same time but could grab bites on the move. Their menu has a good variety with offerings that are Indian, Italian, Chinese or Continental…so there is something for everyone.

We had the stir fry chilli chicken with the Wok tossed hakka noodles. This disappeared in a matter of seconds. The chicken was coated in a spicy sauce and the noodles were light to eat. I really like the slightly yellow coloured noodles with the contrast of green spring onions on top. The chilli paneer also tasted good. The Crispy chilli potatoes was another great dish that was crispy in the true sense. Chinese was a good option as we could all share these dishes easily and lost of my friends kept dropping in to take a bite and then return to their games. Overall I feel that this section was their strong point as all most all Chinese preparations impressed us a lot.

At the cricket section we sat down for another round of food. Here we had the Caesar chicken tikka salad that had a good cheesy dressing and crispy lettuce but I would have liked to see more chicken in it. The Smaaash nachos are a nice order to keep you munching. Throughout we would stop by the bar and pick up beers as needed.

When we sat down for bowling at the end, we ordered most of our food there. The Chicken tikka pizza was well cooked with generous amount of topping on the thin crust base. It had a nice spicy kick to it with toppings of chicken tikka, green chillies and onions. I also liked the Mutton seekh kebab that was tender but the Fish Amritsari was probably my favourite. It had a crispy batter coating  outside with tender melt in your mouth flaky fish inside. Loved it!

The Keema parantha roll was this huge pocket filled with lots of stuffing and the Chicken shawarma was similar. They can be a bit messy to eat though. The Smaaash veg pizza has toppings of rocket leaves, assorted capsicum, tomato, jalapeno, olives and zucchini and was quite tasty too!

Go for:

Full family/friends entertainment. Peppy music. Loads of choices. Easy access to games.

So there is tons of stuff to keep people of all age groups occupied..go on and plan a fun game night for the family or friends! I myself had such a great time that I could not concentrate on getting great shots so I apologize for the quality of the pics.
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