Kainoosh is located on the ground floor of DLF Promenade Mall. It can be accessed through outside where you can walk in through the Keya entrance or through the mall as well. As you enter, you walk into a small passage way with mirrors on either sides. It is lovely as some light reflects off of it and make for a great photo op! As you walk further you are welcomed into the main dining area. They have a private area as well which can seat a small gathering of people. Ahead is their bar area and further down is their outdoor area. Unfortunately I have never had the pleasure of dining outside as I have always gone in for a meal here during summers. Now that I think about it, I have become more comfortable with the familiar setting as I almost always dine in at the same spot 😛

They have a comfortable seating with a mix of plush couches and chairs around circular tables. The interiors exude an old world charm with an eclectic mix of lights, muted tones in upholstery with added contrast of orange cushions along with copper gold tones on the walls and ceiling. The noteworthy attraction would have to be the metal mesh work that essentially gives the place its unique vibe. I have always found it to be a comfortable setting for a meal with friends or family.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – We ordered the Aam panna cocktail with a vodka base. It had a nice tangy flavour to it and would taste great as a mocktail as well. Also tried the mojito which has a rum base and it was perfectly minty with a great tangy kick of the lemon. It is a good refreshing drink for summers. We had the Fruity twist mocktail which was a blend of mango, kiwi, strawberry, chaat masalaand lime juice. Unfortunately I can’t comment on the taste as while I was grabbing all the drinks to click their pics, my friend happily gulped down the entire drink in one sip 😛 Guessing by her speed it would be safe to assume that it tasted good. Also had the nimboo soda which was great as well.

~ Papads – Their papads are the best thing to begin your meal with. They arrive on your table in little conical shapes but the best part is the platter of accompaniments that comes with it. It has a bowl of chaat masala (that I sprinkle generously on the papads), tamatar chutney (great for dipping the papad into), green chutney, chillies and lemon, one sweet pickle and more. Earlier it used to be complimentary and we used to keep repeating them till the food arrive. It’s a paid starter now but that didn’t stop us from eating 2-3 platefuls of it 😀 Also don’t miss out on their sirke wala pyaaz.

~ Vegetarian kebab platter – We were confused with what starters to order when the server suggested we go in for a platter. This platter allows you to taste 3 kebabs from their menu with 3 pieces of each alongwith a tandoori roti. One is the Yam & Zucchini kebab cooked on a Mahi tawa (which is a Lucknowi utensil) that gives it it’s paper thin crust outside and the melt in your mouth texture inside. Even if you are a non vegetarian, you will not be disappointed with this kebab – it’s so similar to galouti kebab in texture. It has a lot of flavour and is simply delicious. The next is the Paneer tikka which has cubes of paneer covered in a creamy marinade spiced with ajwain. It is then grilled in the tandoor and drizzled with a raw mango infused tangy masala before being served. The last item is the Bharwaan tandoori mushroom where mushrooms have been stuffed with a cheesy brunnoise of garlic, herbs and nutmeg then coated with a spicy marinade and char grilled. I am not particularly fond of mushroom kebabs but I would have to say that this one was quite good. The pieces were really tiny so they were quick bites as you popped them into your mouth.IMG_2406

~ Dal makhani – They describe it as India’s favourite delicacy and they couldn’t be more accurate! North Indians and Dal makhani go hand in hand. Whenever we are at a restaurant, we can’t help but order this as a part of our meal. It is made with black lentils cooked in tomato puree and garlic and simmered overnight. This slow cooking is what gives it that depth of flavour and richness. After eating one spoon of the dal, my friend rejected it immediately saying it isn’t doesn’t have the same consistency or flavour as per his previous visits. The server asked to change the dish but since we were all in the mood of having dal, we requested to have it corrected. He got it back in a while and it did seem better with some addition of salt and butter.IMG_2404

~ Awadhi subz biryani – This is a colourful combination of garden fresh vegetables and aged Basmati rice cooked on dum Awadhi style. At this restaurant, my goto dish has always been the Gohst Dum Biryani but since I was surrounded by more vegetarians during lunch today, we went for this version. The rice is long grained, light and full of flavour. The biryani is actually colourful and is served with raita.

~ Tamaterwaala murg – This is their version of butter chicken. Boneless pieces of tandoori chicken are simmered in a tomato gravy and finished with roasted cumin and dried fenugreek leaves. This is no doubt a delicious dish but another reason why I usually pick this off the menu is that it is the only non vegetarian main course that comes with the option of ordering half portion of it.IMG_2403

~ Breads – We ordered the garlic naan to help accompany our gravy items. There are two small naans in one basket which came out looking nice and crispy. They were glossy with the coating of butter and had a generous amount of garlic for flavour. Since the pieces are small, they disappeared super fast and we ordered another basket of the same. These are made with maida and my sister wanted to eat something in whole wheat flour, so we ordered the pudina lachha parantha. You could see each layer breaking away from the parantha and it was simply amazing. MUST TRY

Go for:

Hearty North Indian meal. Artistic interiors. Satisfying preparations. Celebration meal with friends and family.
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