Calorize, Good Earth City Centre

We are a little conservative in our mind sets when it comes to healthy eating. We automatically assume that if its good for your body, its gonna taste bad. However, that does not necessarily have to be the case and Calorize is all set to prove that point. They have a good variety of options on their menu but are mostly popular for their subs. If you are turning to a healthy chapter in your life, it’ll be a great place for you to get a tasty fix at the amount of calories that suits your need.

Calorize is located on the first floor of the Good Earth City Centre toward the front section. I made my way to this outlet with my sister for a healthy meal option. As we entered, we were welcomed by a quirky colourful cafe with a wooden theme. The use of elements is just perfect and I love the little pop of colours against the earth tone background. They have a large wooden wall piece with fun health quotes on it. It is spacious with comfortable seating and the play list keeps your foot tapping.

The concept behind the outlet is to get you delicious food that satisfies cravings yet helps you keep a check on your calories. They bake their breads in house, make their own dressings and do not believe in using preservatives and go for fresh selection of vegetables. It certainly puts my mind at rest when I get to get fresh food rather than day old preparations. So the good thing here is that they count the calorie of every ingredient that goes into making the dish from the veggies, meat to oil or herbs added and give you your total count.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Drinks – We started off with our HEALTH MODE ON so I went for the Grape and Pineapple health booster which was a blend of fresh pineapple and grape juice with chunks of the fruit as well. It tasted so good! My sister went for one of the Fantastic 5 drinks on the menu and choose Iron. This had a combination of watermelon, pineapple, orange, spinach and cayenne. It had a tangy taste with a very slight undertone of chilli. Loved it too! This came in a small glass bottle with a label on it. I found the presentation really nice. MUST TRY one of the 5 drinks from the menu.

Well we sipped on these and went on with our meal. But at the end we kind of gave into temptation a little and went in for shakes. So yes, we kind of saved up on calories from our meal and spent them on these rich shakes that I would like to say were like desserts. I had the Chocolate fudge brownie from the Spoiler Shake section…what an apt name 😉 I loved this more than my sister’s for the simple reason that it had little chunks of brownie in the shake that added a little bite to it. My sister had the Dark and White choco blast. Both the shakes were super rich and thick and had a good blend of chocolate. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are willing to give your calorie counting a little skip.

~ Chicken keema masala sub – They have an android tablet hanging on the table. You can go ahead and place your order though it or choose to do it via pen and paper. All options of fillings of meat and veggies, sauces, dressings, etc. is mentioned for you to choose from. The paper bag serves not only as your order form, but as a take away bag or as surface to a feedback on.  If it’s too much effort for you to figure out the nitty gritties of your sub, go ahead and simply order some ready made combinations off the menu. I found the android version quite convenient. It’s super quick and easy to make your choices and an added advantage is that the app gives you suggestions along the way to create the best combination.

They have something called the Shaved bread sub. So if you are someone like my mom who doesn’t like eating breads in general, this is a good option for you. What they do is they remove the center part of the bread and just give you the crunchy outer layer with more stuffing, hence the name shaved. You can also go in for an even healthier option and choose to convert it into a lettuce wrap that eliminates the bread all together. I personally looooooove all things doughy so no way was I skipping out on the bread in my sub. 😛DSC_0338

Here’s the selections we made: What would you like to have today? Sub sandwich (6 inch) >> Choose your genre – Non veg – Chicken keema masala >> Please select your bread – Herb>> How do you want your bread – Toasted >> Select your toppings – Cheese – Bocconcini (lowest calorie) – Spreads/Sauces – Masala chutney (as the app suggested) – Dressings – Thousand Island (again app suggestion) – Veggies – Lettuce, caramelized onions, bell peppers – Oil + spices – Garlic powder, salt, pepper >> Special instruction – less spicy please! >> Order summary – Pay >> Thank you for ordering with us – 451kcal. It was actually interesting going through all the options and discussing what would make the best sub for us and can I tell you, we were elated with the was simply brilliant! The balance of the creamy dressing and spicy meat was spot on. MUST ORDER

DSC_0363~ NCYC pizza – A very attractive item on the menu is their No Cheese Yet Cheesy pizza…doesn’t the name make you curious as to what it is?? So basically it is a whole wheat base with toppings of veggies and BBQ chicken (they have vegetarian variations as well) along with a topping that this very similar to cheese in terms of look and taste but is not really cheese. I found it quite intriguing and poked them a bit more to figure out what this really is. Well, they didn’t give away too much and said it has a milk and yoghurt base and a secret binder that gives it it’s perfect texture. Go try it for yourself! I am from the school of thought that I want to enjoy things in life but don’t want too much burden of them having a fattening effect on my body, ergo, I think like all girls. 😛 I’m glad I have found and option that does just that. This is perfect for those days when you have pizza cravings but only now you have a healthy option to satisfy yourself.

Also, did you know that this entire pizza has the same amount of calories as one slice of pepperoni pizza. Doesn’t mathematics in food make you feel good! 😀

DSC_0373~ Honey mustard chicken meal – Their meals come with a portion of brown rice (or 4 pieces of brown bread), choice of sides like grilled veggies/ baked french fries/ mashed potatoes and choice of dips like hot pepper/ marinara/ white sauce/ butter garlic. The chicken breast had a honey mustard marinade and came with an orange mustard dip. The dip was the most exciting part of the meal. If you have eaten brown rice you know that it isn’t the tastiest option but a much healthier alternative to white rice. I poured oodles of the dip on the rice and ate it with the chicken. Quite liked it! DO TRY

~ Cookies – We ended the meal with the chocolate shakes I mentioned above and cookies. I ordered the oatmeal raisin and orange fiber cookie. I think the orange one was our favourite. Simply loved the cute little packing it came in and also the flavours. DO TRY


Go for:

Calorie conscious healthy meals. Healthy = tasty food. Fun music. Add your feedback on their wall called ‘Sub ka review’…clever naming :-). Freshly baked breads and in-house sauces. They are working on adding new dishes on their menu and also a delivery system for it.

P.S. Thanks for spoiling my definition of subs Calorize…now I can never enjoy Subway again :’-(
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