Thai Pavilion, Vivanta by Taj, Gurgaon

I have been meaning to visit this place for a while now. After having heard great deals about it from friends and family we finally made a reservation for my sister’s birthday. Vivanta by Taj is located right next to Fortis and Huda City Centre in Gurgaon. The restaurant is located on the 1st floor and there is enough staff around to help you along the way.

The restaurant is done up with dim lighting and some stand out pieces like the large hands showing different mudras or huge textured copper plates that grab your attention. They have a red and black themed colour scheme happening that goes well with gold copper tones standing out through their use in the wall decorations. The seating is great that each table feels like they are having a private dinner and it doesn’t get too crowded around you.


As I entered the restaurant I was really pleased to see the personalized name card they had placed to reserve out table. This personal touch made us fill a bit special and lifted our spirits as we sat down for our meal. The staff is super courteous and do everything in their power to make it a pleasant meal for you.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – The Thai Old Fashioned had a strong flavour of lemongrass in it. It was quite refreshing. I tried the Pomegranate Pearls Cocktail that had a beautiful reddish hue. Neither of the concoctions were too boozy too handle and we comfortably sipped them with our meals.

~ Starters – We started the meal with bowlfuls of rice crackers and prawn crackers. Personally I preferred the prawn ones.

Yum Ma Muang was a delicious Raw mango and water chestnut salad. It wasn’t too sour, but then again I love a bit sour and tangy flavours. The pomegranate pearls helped add a bit of sweetness to balance the palette. The mango was shredded into to lengthwise noodles and was super easy to eat. We also ordered one non vegetarian Dimsum Kai which are Thai dumplings with chicken filling and one vegetarian Dimsum Phak which are the ones with vegetable filling. Both came in a lovely presentation in a tied up banana leaf scroll. They had a good filling but were a bit dry.

~ Mains – For mains we had the Kai Phad Prik Daeng which was Chicken supreme flavoured with Thai herbs and chilli paste. The gravy was indeed very nice but some piece of chicken did not seem tender enough to me. I quite liked the Phad Thai je which were Stir fried rice noodles with vegetables.It was a healthy preparation with a generous amount of veggies such as zucchini, sweet corn and sprouts. Also I personally love the crunch the crushed peanuts provide.

Another vegetarian main was the Phad Kaprao Khao Phod Warn which had Baby corn and mushroom tossed with chillies and basil. The Khao phad Nasm Prik Pao je is a Spicy fried rice with roast curry paste and basil with vegetables. My friend asked the chef to make it extra spicy for us hence the lovely reddish colour across the dish. Frankly the spice became too much for me too handle so I suggest you stick with the original preparation.

We got a complimentary kettle of rose tea. It was beautiful to taste and helped cleanse our palette after the mains, before we could move onto the next course. You could genuinely taste the flavour of rose and the warmth was quite soothing.

~ Desserts – The desserts definitely lifted our spirits as we saw the variety we had managed to order. Tub Tim Grob was a really unique dish and our server suggested we try it. This Thai dessert has diced water chestnut with coconut milk. It is served inside a coconut and has a nice light sweet taste and the chestnuts add a bit of crunch to it. However the dish was over powered with all the chocolate love happening on the table. Dark callebut chocolate strata with crackling almond crumb had also came with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. It had a soft texture and the ice cream really does help cleanse the palette from that heavy chocolate and go in for more. 😉 Makroot flavoured soft centered chocolate dollops were quite nice and the crunch of almonds. The addition of mango slices to the plate helped provide a sense of relief from the chocolate decadence. Hot thai chocolate souffle was an absolutely amazing dessert and I think this tart was the first dessert that managed to completely vanish from the plate.

P.S. So I am a bit confused with the names of the three chocolate desserts. We simply ordered them off the menu and ate them as soon as they appeared on the table. I hope I have got them right; nonetheless, at least the pictures correlate to the description so that should help!

Go For:

Warm hospitality – Well it’s a Taj property so you can’t expect anything less from the staff. They were super courteous and sharp. Service with a smile. Attention to taste and detail – They kept checking on us for the taste of every dish they served. If it wasn’t suitable to our palettes, they were happy to modify it accordingly.

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