The Coco Company, South City II

I had the pleasure of trying some sweet and savoury dishes from the Coco company, Sohna Road previously. Having had a good experience the last time, I chanced into visiting their new outlet at South City 2. This outlet is barely a month old and is at a new market space called Rodeo Drive that is right behind the Good Earth City Centre. There’s ample parking available outside so that wasn’t an issue at all. As we walked in the place is small with a counter full of desserts and savouries, a kitchen area and a counter to sit and eat. I think I liked their lamps the most that looked like chocolate piping work had been done on them..great touch!

The seating is small with about 3 stools at the counter so I would suggest you either order in or opt for a take away. The menu is displayed on chalkboards and we picked a couple of items to fill us up for lunch. The order didn’t take too long to prepare. Also since you are sitting right next to the chef you know exactly where your order is no complains there. Also it’s a delight to watch your food being made. The chef was meticulous in his work and I loved watching him get the dishes done.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Drinks – We ordered the Oreo Chocolate Shake. It was quite good and what with the crazy heat I really needed something to cool me off. We also tried the Peach Ice tea which was fine. Since the space is small and the cooking is happening there as well, it does tend to get a bit hot and the AC really struggles to do it’s job. So we drank up to keep ourselves hydrated and tried to beat the heat.IMG_1898

~ Garlic chicken pizza – The pizza had a true flavour of garlic and we got the first inkling of that when the whole outlet was filled with its strong aroma the chef prepared the ingredients. I was surprised to see that the chef actually went on to roll the pizza dough right in front of us. This really got me excited and made my taste buds jump with joy. He topped it generously with chunks of chicken, mushrooms, onions and cheese. Though it had a pretty generous amount of cheese, it wasn’t too cheesy or overpowering at all. No sooner had it gone into the oven than it came out hot and crispy. The cheese had melted across and gotten all gooey. I really try to have freshly prepared food outside as a part of my diet and don’t want to eat pre-cooked or day old preparations and frankly, it couldn’t have been fresher than this! You could taste it in every bite. MUST ORDER

~ Penne Arabiatta – The penne pasta was served piping hot. It had been tossed with some tomato sauce, mushrooms, chicken and topped with fresh parsley, olives and grated cheese. What deserves a special mention is the garlic bread…it was simply amazing! They bake it in-house and it was toasted to perfection with generous amount of garlic butter. Rather than a regular slice of an oval shaped bread, this was more like a rectangular piece and reminded me of being somewhat similar to the Dominos garlic bread sticks; though, these were waaaaaay better and fresher and tastier. I found the salt to be a little on the lower side but then again Italian cuisine is usually like that. Bites of the bread helped add some saltiness and also I added generous amounts of oregano and chilli flakes and it tasted quite good. DO TRY


~ Trio Mouse Cup – As the name suggests, there are three layers of mousse set in a cup with some dark chocolate on top. Since I was quite full from my meal, I thought a gap of 15-20 mins would do my tummy some good. So I got it packed to eat once I reach home. Alas! As I opened the box at home I realized that it had melted in transit but yet tasted amazing. The texture was somewhat like melted ice cream. The different layers of chocolate make for a delicious dessert. Their chocolates have never failed to impress and the dessert just proves that. MUST ORDER


Go for:

They have a lot of cool offers running. You can check in on their Facebook page when at the outlet and get a free gift. There’s also a buy 3 get one free offer on pastries, savouries and cookies so go ahead and take advantage of those the next time you are there.
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