Spezia Bistro, GTB Nagar

Yet again I made my journey to GTB Nagar for some delicious pocket friendly meals. The cafe and restaurants here have never failed to impress me, be it in terms of food and prices they offer or the quirky interiors. I love the vibe this area has and I’m always left wandering through the streets wishing I lived close by…that way I could drop in here every other day. 😀

Spezia is located up a flight of stairs on the Hudson Lane. As you walk in you are welcomed with a bright interiors filled with knick knacks like a helmet and sword, a bookshelf, a big wooden swing and an area for live performances. I loved the ceiling with quirky lights and chalk boards under the counter with fun messages (like do 20 pull ups and get a free pizza! Try it if you’re up for it).


Get Set Gobble:

~ DrinksOreo dark chocolate shake was the first drink that I ordered. Travelling in the Delhi heat, I was craving for something sweet and cold. The shake came in a small pot with a topping of brownies and mint. As I sipped, I found it to be a little to thin and upon request the server brought me a thicker version. The Strawberry shake was also quite good.

The Spicy mango mojito was my favourite, that was a refreshing combination of mango with a chilli kick. MUST ORDER


~ Corn and Mushroom melt – This is probably my favourite dish here. The name was so apt coz it just melts into your mouth. Its portioned into bite sized squares and topped with olives and some fresh herbs. The light foccacia bread has lots of cheese, corn and mushroom on top and is served on a platter with some colourful mayo around it. What a delightful vegetarian dish! MUST ORDER


~ Macho Nacho – This is probably an attention grabber on the table as the eyes of everyone on the table and even those around us were on it! It’s a gigantic portion of nachos layered with some salsa, onions rings, french fries and loads of cheese. You can easily share the plate among 2-3 people. This is pure guilty pleasure indulgence!! MUST TRY


~ BBQ Chicken wings – The wings are sticky and tender as they should be. They do not have much of a spice kick. It came with a crispy noodle topper which is more so for presentation I guess, coz I did taste it, and it tasted bland. The plate too had some coloured mayo on the edges. DO TRY


~ Chimichanga – It had a beautiful presentation and was almost like Mexican spring rolls. The exterior was crisp and the interior was filled with cheese. The topping of tomato salsa just balanced the whole dish. MUST TRY


~ Lemon grass ginger chicken on skewers – The chicken was served on skewers and no it wasn’t a small meagerly portion but a huge chunk of it. It had a nice spicy marination. This is served with a peanut butter dip. Well its not exactly a dip but the texture is more like a chutney. They make it with peanut paste, Thai curry and ginger that gives it it’s distinct taste. DO TRY


~ Honey chilli potato – Super crispy and crunchy, the potatoes were fried to perfection and coated with the right amount of honey. I kept going back for more and more. MUST ORDERIMG_1844

~ Coriander chicken steamed dimsum – These are beautifully shaped dimsums with good amount of filling. They looked beautiful on the plate and had some amount of juiciness as you bit into them. MUST TRY


~ Pizza Rozario – This pizza is a meat lovers paradise with a topping of chicken sausage, grilled chicken, salalmi, smoked chicken, four cheese and pine nuts and is actually named after the Chef. The pizza deserves a special mention as it’s a bit unusual from the thin crust pizzas we’ve been eating lately. The base is soft and fluffy and it’s like nostalgia on a plate from when pizza for us would mean the pizza hut ones. I loved it! It had lots of stringy cheese and generous toppings. MUST ORDER

~ White sauce pizza – Yes, you heard it right! This pizza had a white sauce base. Wasn’t that a crowd pleaser. Immediately everyone wanted to try it out. The bechamel sauce gave an interesting flavour when combined with a pizza base and topped with a selection of veggies. If I were to try and describe the flavour it would somewhat be like having a white sauce pasta on a pizza! MUST TRY


~ Waffle Jenga – No meal is complete without a good dessert. We ordered the waffle jenga that had pieces of waffle arranged into a fun tower on a plate. It was doused in chocolate sauce and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. However the waffles weren’t as crispy as I would like them and I’m not sure if it happened due to us taking way too long to admire it and grab some pics 😛


~ Chocolate brownie – This was served inside a pot and topped with some chocolate chips. Since it was chocolate it tasted good but nothing memorable.IMG_1874

Go for:

Pocket friendly menu. Good portions. Quirky cafe feel. Good old pop music.

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