The Grills King, MGF Metropolitan Mall

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of MGF Metropolitan Mall. If you have any idea about this mall, you know it’s a popular one so parking can be a bit of a hassle especially on weekends. If you get here by the metro you can simply walk down into the mall from the MG road station. Tip: Make sure you have a driver along to manage or give it to the valet at the entrance that costs about Rs.100. Another trick is to park it across the road in the basement of MGF Metropolis mall. Since the mall isn’t fully occupied it always has ample parking space available.


The restaurant is right at the end on the ground floor. The interiors are done up well and gives the space a bigger feel with the use of mirrors, yellow lights and addition of greenery. They have wooden tables and chairs large enough to accommodate big groups. The main course is in the form of a buffet laid out across one end with a bar right next to it. There is a glass behind the buffet counter allowing you to catch glimpses of the chefs at work.

I make sure I build up my appetite well before I put myself to the challenge of eating a buffet meal 😀 The staff was very courteous and there was always someone around to in case you needed anything. We were being fed with generosity and care and, our plates were never empty..the food just kept coming and coming to a point where we had to request them to slow the service down 😛 The food and the service definitely didn’t disappoint. Also I personally love the concept of being able to participate in cooking your own food at the table…it’s just a fun element to keep everyone involved.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – They had a selection of beverages on offer. One mocktail that won everyone’s heart was the kiwi cooler. It was tangy and refreshing and perfect to sip along with the meal. Go try if for yourself and thank me later! We also tried the virgin mary, LIIT and a round of beers.

~ Starters – They have a grill on the table with hot coal on which they serve your skewers of the starters you’d like to eat from the selection. There is a choice of sauces and oil to help you along on your quest to cook them to perfection. For vegetarian starters they had a choice of Potato salsa, Hing matar ke kebab, Adraki paneer tikka, Panchporan tandoori aloo, Honey chilli crispy veg, Tandoori mushrooms, Brazillian kings pineapple and Stir fried sauteed corn. I think my favourite here was the pineapple. Such an interesting preparation and more over loved the presentation during service. The waiter got a huge skewer with large chunks of barbecued pineapples and sliced them onto your plate as requested. Others that I liked was the potato salsa which had crispy fried potato in a creamy sauce and the stir fried corns that too were crispy.

For non veg we had the Murgh methi tikka, Bhagari jhinga, Asian grilled fish tikka, Pesto grilled fish, Mutton boti kebab, Brazilian kings chicken, Lehsuni roasted chicken wingschilli egg and Chicken dimsums. The egg was in a salad form and was a surprising try this. The mutton boti was slightly spicy and the meat was oh so tender.

The chicken wings were cooked so perfectly that the meat was slipping off the bone but unfortunately it didn’t pack any punch in terms of flavour. The pesto grilled fish had a nice crust on top with flaky fish under…must try this. The Brazilian chicken was a large chunk of meat but got a bit dry to eat. Tip: As we added some squeezed lime on top the tanginess helped all the flavours come out. I had fun cooking the prawns on the grill and basting them with a generous helping of oil. Tip: Don’t leave them on the grill for too long as they will start to get overcooked and shrink in size. The dimsums were small and filled well but not juicy enough.

Some of the starters are presented on skewers while others are served by the waiters. I was totally spoilt with the service and food selection.

~ Mains – Frankly the starters had us feeling so full that we just sat there talking away for quite a while before we could actually proceed to even look at the mains. As we did there were a few choices that tempted me to eat a bit more again. So I picked up a plate and walked around picking a spoonful of this and that to taste. There was a choice of veg and non veg soup and a live counter for pasta.

The vegetarian and non-vegetarians options were laid out on either sides so that always help avoid confusions. The centre had an array of fresh salads. With choices like Dal Makhani, Hara Makai, Mirchi ka salan, Veegtable Pappernata, Kofta Curry, Tandoori paneer tikka masala, Seasonal vegetables in Schezwan pepper sauce and Tomato garlic veg noodles on the vegetarian side, I’d say they had a pretty good selecyion laid out. I obviously filled a bowlful of the dal (no Punjabi can resist a thick looking Dal makhani) and paneer from this side. I gave the chinese selection a miss as I have never been much of a fan of vegetarian Chinese. Also the non veg side had so much to offer that it was just a formailty walking through the veg section 😛

For non veg they had Murgh biryani, Mutton nihari korma, Fish in chilli basil sauce, Punjabi kukkad curry, Chengdu clay bowl chicken, Grilled fish in spicy herb sauce and Roasted chicken with black pepper sauce. I think I took a spoon of every item on this side coz everything looked just yummy. What deserves a special mention is the cooking of their mutton. It is rare to find restaurants that are able to get this right. Usually I have come across some pieces that are tender to perfection while some in the same dish will turn out to be rubbery. However I had no such problems here, so a thumbs up for that! Even their fish for that matter, be it in the starters or main; they managed to get the cooking done just right. I think stand outs for me would have to be the mutton nihari with the slightly spicy gravy and oh so tender mutton, the punjabi kukkad curry…I mean how could a punjabi not like it and the fish in basil sauce..loved it!

The brilliant thing about eating in a buffet is that you are not left fighting with others at the table about the choice of dishes on the menu that stand out according to you and you would want to order. There is a wide selection on offer for each one to find something that suits their taste buds. And moreover you can have a sample off so many dishes..I think that’s the best bit.

To help mop up those delicious curries were accompaniments like Steamed rice, Matar aur paneer ka pulao and assorted Indian breads. My favourite would have to be their Missi roti that had been rolled to the perfect size and was absolutely soft in the centre yet kadak  on the sides.

~ Desserts – So a few more conversations later we managed to walk up to the desserts counter. They have a humble selection and nothing is too decadent or lavish. I mean, with buffets people only eat desserts for ending the meal on a sweet note or if something on display that has tempted them. No one really has the tummy space for it so I think its fair to not have too much. They had choices like Fresh fruit cake, Butter scotch tart, Strawberry pastry, Pumpkin pie, Black forest pastry, White chocolate cherry mousse, Chocolate creme caramel, Bread pudding, Ice cream, Moong dal halwa, Gulabi kheer, Ras malai and cut fresh fruits. So I am not a big halwa fan but my friend was eating the same and I couldn’t resist taking a bite with all the topped nuts; it actually tasted quite nice. I also tried the pumpkin pie which was quite good and the black forest pastry after drizzling it with some chocolate sauce on top. I love caramel custard but the addition of chocolate to it wasn’t for my palette. All in all there are lots of choices and each one of us had their own favourites. All the desserts were portioned well and you could pick up tiny pieces and try a lot of things rather than having to take bigger sizes and end up wasting them on your plate..that’s a good move by the restaurant.


Go for:

Outstanding service. Live grill. Amazing starter selection.
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