It’s Fussion by Maharaja Bhog, Al Karama

I would like to be very frank from the outset about my palette preferences. I am not the most appreciate of vegetarian food outside of home. I am always drawn towards non veg and prefer a restaurant that would serve both varieties so as to provide enough options for my parents (who are pure vegetarians) and me 😀

When my parents selected this restaurant for lunch, I wasn’t the most excited person on the table and as such let the rest browse the menu and order according to their preferences. For me it was all one and the same. However, this restaurant made a believer out of me. Be it the quality of the food, taste, presentation or service, I was absolutely blown away from what I experienced. I am glad that we made the choice to dine here and I was able to relish some true Indian cuisine in Dubai.

They have a pink and white themed interior with coloured couches and some quirky lights. The restaurant is brightly lit and is quite spacious. The restaurant is easily visible from the main road. They have a separate entry and not accessible trough the mall. There is ample parking space available around.


Get Set Gobble:

~ Paneer Tikka Makhan Masala – This had small chunks of paneer dipped in a thick creamy buttery tomato gravy. It was flavorful and though it had a tomato base, it wasn’t too sweet at all. I loved this rich dish!IMG_0236

~ Aloo aap Ki Pasand – This had to the the favourite aloo dish I have eaten at a restaurant (be it here or back in India). I have never much been drawn to vegetarian mains as I have mentioned so it’s not like I have a huge list of dishes to compare this to. But from my fair share of tasting potatoes across restaurants or at home, I really loved this dish. It had a good balance of spice and the potatoes were well cooked. I found the name of the dish to be apt as it truly was to my satisfaction. These come in the option of 3 types of preperation and I went with the Jeera version (tempered cumin).

~ Dhuendar Dal – The dal was also slightly thick (and not too watery) which I liked. It had a tadka (some spices like red chillies along with tomatoes mixed with pure ghee) on top which enhanced the flavour. The menu says its a smoky flavoured dal, though frankly I did not get any hint of smoke from it, it was delicious in itself.IMG_0232
~ Breads – We had a selection of breads like the plain roti, lachha parantha (which was soft and crunchy at the same time. Usually these paranthas end up going too hard or the layers are too much and you get a doughy taste. Thai was just perfect!) and Onion kulcha (they are over-generous with the stuffing in their kulchas. It was loaded with onions so much so that the filling was dropping out from between the layers!).

~ Raita – The raita had some chunks of tomato and cucumber. I appreciated this a lot as the curd wasn’t sour or too watery (which is commonly the case with this dish). Loved it!

~ Kulfi with falooda – It was not as if we hadn’t eaten enough but, we just had to end the meal on a sweet note. The server suggested to try the kulfi which was the keasr badam pista (saffron almond pistachio) flavour…my fav! It came topped with falooda (which was a little thin and not as sweet as I am used to eating in India) with generous rose syrup and loaded with passion fruit, chopped almonds and pistachios. I absolutely love the crunch in the dish and the generous helping of nuts was truly appreciated! 🙂



Go for:

Good portion sizes. Appropriate use of spice in their dishes. Vegetarians delight. What deserves a special mention is the fact that their service was simply excellent. The servers always wore a smile and checked up on you often enough if you needed anything. A good service definitely lifts the customers spirits and encourages you to come back 🙂 Wide menu variety from Indian to Mexican to Italian to Chinese. I am definitely gonna go back to try some more!

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