Mir Amin, Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina has a beautiful stretch of restaurants right along the walk with beautiful views of the towering buildings of Dubai along with the yachts and boats making their way along the water. It is a beautiful place to enjoy the weather and views with the buzz of various restaurants offering different cuisines from Italian to Chinese to Indian.


We were in the mood for some hearty kebabs and so walked around looking for a Lebanese place. Our journey ended at Mir Amin with beautifully fairy light lit trees and some Arabic music playing in the background.

What with the great weather around dinner time, I did not even venture in to see what the inside dining area looks like. We choose a corner table in the smoking section as we intended to order a hookah and while away some time. As the evening progressed it does tend to get a bit warm but they have two large coolers placed outside so make sure you keep requesting that they turn it in your direction so you can enjoy your meal in peace 😛

The service is relaxed which was to our advantage here coz we were in no hurry. The staff is polite and cares for you with a smile. Actually there were only two servers I could see roaming around in the whole section serving all those occupied tables. A great tip is to give them your complete order in the first go so with time the food just ends up coming on your table as and when it gets ready…trust me, the wait wasn’t too long at all. The food is a bit pricey and though we had a good time, nothing was absolutely memorable.


Get Set Gobble:

~ Lemon mint hookah & Moroccan tea – We started off with a hookah and ordered a Moroccan tea (medium sweet). The tea wasn’t too sweet enough for me and had to request for extra sugar. The hookah was nice and gives a strong hit but there wasn’t much care given to it and we had to personally keep an eye out for the waiter every few minutes to get the coal replaced as the wind blowing ended up cooling it too soon.


~ Hommos Triple Delight – As the server’s suggestion we tried this dish out of their cold mezze selection. The platter had three kinds of hummus served with freshly baked pita bread basket. Traditional hummus is a mix of chickpeas and sesame seed paste with lemon juice. The second hummus had a mix to chickpeas, sesame seed pasta, lemon juice, parsley and crushed garlic. The third hummus had chickpeas, tahini paste with lemon juice and topped with some pomegranates and glazed walnuts. I think it was a good idea to order this as we got tot try different kinds of hummus in one go. This was great to eat by itself and also as a dip along with the mains.

~ Meat Sambousek – This was a slightly sweet half moon shaped pastry filled with minced meat and pine seeds. These were fried to crispy perfection. They can be a bit dry to eat as is and so we happily dipped them into the hummus with every bite.IMG_9863

~ Kebab Khashkhash – These are kebabs with garlic grilled on skewers and served with a spicy tomato sauce. This was served with grilled onions and tomatoes and a side of fries. I think the best part about this platter was the breads it came with. These were slightly crisp toasted and had a tomato paste spread on them and topped with chopped coriander…super yumm!


~ Baklava – How could we resist ending the meal on a sweet note. We went straight for the baklava. These are freshly made baklava dough stuffed with chopped pistachios and pine nuts. They were super crispy and served bite sized. They had a great balance of sweetness and weren’t too sticky to eat which I loved!



Go for:

Great Marina view. Relaxed meal.
Mir Amin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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