The California Boulevard, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Though I have stayed in Gurgaon for so long and heard about this restaurant, somehow I never made it here for a meal. I had the most amazing opportunity to dine here with a group called Gurgaon Food Freaks, where they held a contest for its members. I was one of the lucky few who answered all the questions correct and won myself a spot at the Chef’s New Menu Tasting Table.

I was a bit skeptical as to going or dinner with strangers but the people, food and wine helped blend all together to give the night a light and fun feel. I had the most enjoyable time with some amazing food and great company! It was a quick journey around the world where the menu consisted of dishes deriving inspiration from Vienna to Brie to France and more.

You are firstly welcomed by a huge hog that makes for a great photo op. The have a seating downstairs with Hollywood stars on the floor. The couches are comfortable and make for a cozy seating. Another area outside bears the huge sign ‘Beverly Hills’ with wooden tables and chairs. It is a charming place with a high end feel appropriately reminding you of the Hills!

Get Set Gobble:

~ Nibblers – As we sat down we began the tasting with some introductions around the table, sparkling wine and Corn and cheese croquettes. These french style corn, cheese and vegetable cylinders with mustard mayo dip made for a great bite. They were crunchy on the outside and the cheese inside wasn’t overpowering in taste at all.

I think what deserves a special mention is their garlic butter. It was presented in a little jar with a bread bowl. I dipped the bread sticks endlessly in the butter and munched on it throughout the meal…just could not keep away from it 😛

~ Soups – The Gazpacho soup was a chilled tomato based soup from southern Spain. It had a thick consistency and a tangy taste. I quite enjoyed this version as I tried a cold soup for the first time. DO TRY.

My favourite though would have to be the Brie chicken soup. This rich chicken and cheese soup from the streets of Brie was a pleasure to drink. It was served with two slices of garlic bread. The pieces of chicken were tender and the warm soup was a pleasure to sip as conversations became more comfortable. MUST ORDER.

~ Salads – The Waldorf Salad was prepared with fresh apples, walnuts and celery from New York. The sweetness from the dressing  and fruits was balanced by the walnuts and crunchy green and purple lettuce that acted as a bed as well as made for a healthy eat. The Hawaiian chicken salad came next. This chicken and pineapple salad with slivered almonds was presented beautifully in a pineapple shell. This was simply amazing to taste. MUST ORDER.

~ Appetizers – The Fried Halloumi was crumb fried Cyproit halloumi cheese served with watermelon basil mint dressing.  I quite liked the dressing and the crispy cheese was a new flavour that I got the chance to try.

The Chicken adana kebab was the Turkish Arab fusion version of skewered chicken kebab with labneh. These were served with tiny puffy pita breads. The combination of these with the light labneh was brilliant. I think we finished them so fast we had to call for repeats of this. MUST TRY.

The Lamb brochette are French style tender lamb skewers with trio of peppers and mushroom served with mint sauce. These were served on a bed of crispy noodles that were yumm with the gravy. The lamb however did not suit my palette as I found some pieces tender and some chewy.

~ Mains – The Cottage cheese mille fuille had layers of cottage cheese stuffed with mushroom, spinach, peppers and served with tomato sauce. I absolutely loved the tomato sauce this was served with that added a little bit of tanginess to the dish. I was quite impressed with the flavours and this vegetarian dish really stood out for me. MUT TRY.

The Chicken a la kiev  was a pound chicken breast stuffed with parsley garlic butter. It was slightly dry though. The Polo ala parmesana with spaghetti was quite good. It came with a similar tomato sauce as that of the cottage cheese dish that I liked. MUST TRY.

~ Desserts – The Sacher torte was a Viennese special chocolate cake with thin layer of apricot jam. The cake is a little different as in its is a bit dry and low on sugar; though some palettes would call it perfectly sweet. I quite enjoyed this and the jam added that bit of contrast to it. MUST TRY.

The Bombe Alaska as the name suggests was a trio of ice creams covered with egg white blanket and baked in an oven. Once you crack open the shell, you are treated to the fruits and cream inside.IMG_9430

I think the most favourite part about my meal would have to be the Nutella tart hands down. It was as if I died and went to heaven! This tart was orgasmic to say the least! The combination of the warm chocolate cake layered with loads of nutella and chocolate swirls on top made it a chocolate lovers paradise. The tart melted in your mouth with every bite make you smile bigger with joy than before. MUST MUST ORDERIMG_9343


Go for:

Kickass service. You will be treated like royalty. The staff here is so well trained that they serve with a proper decorum and finesse. I was really impressed. Can’t remember the last place where I had such a good experience. They were knowledgeable about the menu and courteous to a fault. High end dining.

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