La Americana, Netaji Subhash Place

I was lucky to attend a Burger eating completion at La Americana. Invited on a Sunday I made my very long journey to NSP from Gurgaon. Gurgaon residents will know the seriousness of this ordeal :-P. The place isn’t too far from the metro station and is right next to Max Hospital. 

As we all gathered at the outlet one by one, our anticipation and excitement kept building up. The organizer made sure to not give away any details as we waited for everyone to assemble. With nervous jolts taking over us, we pondered over the menu and made guesses of what task would be in store for us. 

The boys were divided off into teams of two members while the girls, being odd in number had to compete the task solo. And what was the task you ask..each person had to finish off a meal tray. To make things interesting the boys did it in a team where they had to eat without using their hands 😛  Whoever thought of that one! The non veg tray contained 2 Piri piri chicken burgers, large OTT (over the top spicy) fries, a side of Texan style chicken wings and a Black Jack shake (with decadent chocolate and cookie). The veg tray had 2 Five A Day burgers (five veggies made this patty and served with a chipotle style mayo), large OTT fries, a side of Cheese corn peppers (cheese and corn nuggets) and a Black Jack shake. If you think it isn’t that tough, scroll down and look at the size of the portions. Their burgers are your huge and a single bun would be a meal in itself, let alone eating two and that too being fed by another person.

The whole place was charged up from the participants to the staff to customers. As the organizer yelled get set go, the environment received a great jolt of electricity with cheering crowd motivating our contenders to eat on. {P.S. check out the video on my instagram account to see the fun time we had} The whole event was filled with a moment of thrill as the boys kept feeding their partners to finish their meal in time to let the next one begin. One by one we saw the burgers and then the sides disappear away. The fries really got their taste buds going as it was filled with a spicy ghost chilli. The shake was their saving grace. Finally we had the winners and it was time for the girls to begin. After much consideration the girls were asked to compete only one burger each..thank the lord for that! Coz there’s no way I could have eaten two. 😀 Ok I’m not gonna lie, I could have easily eaten two, but over a period of a few relaxed hours and not all at once. Once the results were declared and prizes handed over to the winner, we sat down to now actually taste and enjoy the offerings that the place had. 

I tried the P cube paneer wrap, berry shake (quite thick and refreshing, and not too sweet at all), P cube burger (paneer grilled with a peri peri spice). I liked the fact that their bums came in a good size so it’s quite a filling meal to eat one by itself. The shakes are thick and not too sweet and go well to balance the meal. The staff was cooperative and served us with a smile which was much appreciated. I did happen to get some food packed for the family as well 🙂

They have plans to expand to other parts of Delhi. I hope this happens soon so I get to try their food at a venue closer to Gurgaon 🙂

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