Imperial Dragon, Mankhool

Chinese food in Kolkata is very unique to the city. If you have lived/been/eaten there, you know that people are serious about their food here. Also Chinese is the second staple food in the state after Bengali cuisine. There is a whole area dedicated to this cuisine called Tangra that is responsible for setting standards for us Kolkatans with regards to Chinese.

Imagine my surprise as I casually strolled in the area just around Burjuman station and saw a restaurant with beautiful Chinese lanterns outside that boasted of serving Calcutta style Chinese in big bold letters on its window. There were no two discussions about where the family should eat out that night as we unanimously decided to walk in here.

The place is beautifully decorated inside and gives you a full Chinatown feel. Be it the red Chinese lanterns, the waterfall at the entry, the typical use of red in the interiors or the music that played in the background, the ambiance certainly set the mood for our meal.


Get Set Gobble:

~ Steamed chicken dumplings – You can’t go wrong with dumplings. I love the steamed options. The momos were served hot in a basket in which they had been steamed. It came with a veg dip. These were are very typical street food in Kolkata nd I enjoyed the nostalgia as I munched on them. A little disappointed by the fact that the outer covering had started to break and split in places. DO TRY

~ Chicken in pepper sauce – I was really dreading that the pepper in the sauce might be too strong and it would hit my throat but it wasn’t like that at all. The  gravy was nice and the dish had a good mix of veggies. The chicken pieces were tender.

~ Vegetables in hot garlic sauce – This had a good selection of veggies tossed in a slightly spicy gravy.

~ Vegetable hakka noodle – This was quite close to the Calcutta style of noodles we are used to eating. They were slightly thick and flavoursome. The portion was such that we ordered two plates between four people and each one of us was stuffed by the end of it.


Go for:

Calcutta Chinese. Quick service.

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