The Noodle House, Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Located inside the Jumeirah Emirates Towers on the ground floor is The Noodle House. Wanting to eat at a place with good vegetarian and non vegetarian options, we had a long discussion with our friends and finally settled on Chinese or Thai cuisine for dinner and hence landed up going here.

The place has a cozy seating and we were immediately walked in by a hostess to our table as the place wasn’t that busy on a Wednesday night. It is well lit and had a soothing ambiance with a lot of green plants all around…really loved that! They have a seating on the corner with high chairs and tables with long wooden benches for sitting (picnic style) which we choose as we were a group of six.

The waitress helped us to get settled in and asked whether it was the first time to this place or not. Accordingly she welcomed us and explained that the menu was laid out on a clipboard with curly pens; we could mark what we liked and a server would be with us to take our order shortly. She also provided us with a picture menu to help us order comfortably.

We started off with some crispy prawn crackers to munch as we got the conversation started while we waited for the food. The initial wait is a bit, but no sooner had the appetizers been served and eaten that the main course was served immediately as well.


Get Set Gobble:

~ Siew Mai chicken – These hot steamed dumplings were served with a hot chilli bean sauce. There were 5 pieces in a serving. These were good but not outright amazing.

~ Vegetable Spring rolls – Crispy rolls with a coriander and sweet soy dressings. These were super crunchy and had a tatsy filling.

~ Kung Pao duck noodles – Rice stick noodles with roasted duck, capsicum and cashew tossed in a kung pao sauce. I have alway loved the kung pao sauce and espcially the addition of cashews makes it more yumm. The duck was very well cooked and I kept going back for more. MUST ORDER

~ Bakmie Goreng – Yakisoba noodles with chicken and prawns in a smoky oyster sauce. These was the first time I tried this style of noodles and I absolutely loved it. The sauce had a beautiful flavour and the seafood tasted fresh. MUST ORDERIMG_8920

~ Wok fried Chilli prawns and Calamari – Wok fried in a red chilli ginger sauce. The beautifully cooked prawns and calamari was tossed in a sticky hot and sweet sauce. This comes with a portion of steamed white/brown rice.

~ Vegetarian Thai green curry – Aromatic green coconut curry with thai basil. This comes witha portion of brown/white rice.IMG_8805


Go for:

Great Thai and Chinese cuisine selection. Service with a smile.

The Noodle House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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