OMG, Connaught Place

A new bar and lounge that’s opened up in Connaught Place is Oh My God (OMG). You are literally welcomed by a huge poster of God as you walk up the stairs to enter this place. The concept behind the interiors is the depiction of heaven and hell with sections reflecting these two extremes.

Its close to gate number 5 of the Rajiv Chowk Metro station. The place is dimly lit and has a relaxed laid back vibe. They have huge couches spread across the room to provide an easy relaxed meal or you can always choose to be upfront for your drinks and opt to sit on the high chairs at the bar.

Get Set Gobble:

Their specialty cocktail was the Trapped blood orange and clove old fashioned with bourbon, orange bitters, blood orange syrup, clove and lime juice trapped in an inflated sugar bowl. It comes with a hammer to crack and release the alcohol into the bowl with crushed ice. Another version of this was the Adam’s apple that was with a vodka base. They have a whole page on the menu with Trapped rink options so do try one that appeals to your taste buds. It was quite interesting. Another fun drink was the Sweet blast mocktail which was a truly chilled sweetness in a glass. What I liked was the edible flower it came with which was made of sugar and egg whites. Also I came to know that the chef is popular for his preparation of the Old fashioned and so we tried one round of this as well. All drinks were boozy and had a good punch of alcohol in them.

Another thing we tried at the recommendation of the bartender was the Jelly koi aquarium with vodka based jelly Koi fish served in aquatic blue sea breeze topped with lemonade and the Jelly fruit bowl  with vodka based jelly fruit served with peach and clove infused with white rum topped with lemonade. These were jelly pops that we gulped in a go and frankly we couldn’t taste the alcohol in it.

The best shake on their menu would probably had to be the mango and mint one. As everyone on the table grabbed their chocolate shakes and cold coffee, my friend and me were left with this mango one…and were we delighted! It was very fresh and I especially loved the mango chunks in it. IMG_8660

For starters we tried the Mini falafel discs with crisp vegetarian cutlets…really loved the crunch. Their Achaari vada pav with lahsuni chutney was interesting as the vada was made with an aloo mix with somewhat South Indian flavours. I remember the bun being hard though and it was a bit of a struggle to bite into it. The Peach and jalapeño pot stickers with spicy soy dipping sauce was something very new for me and I was quite pleased with the flavour. However it has a strong after kick of spice so beware. My mouth was on fire 😛 The non veg shammi kebab came with crispy breads that had an achaari sauce drizzled on it. The kebab had a layer of cheese filling in the center. One dish that did not suit my palette was the Veg phyllo spring rolls as it had a bitter taste to it (we pointed this out to the chef as well). IMG_7656


Triple chicken skewers were a nice quick bite. Tandoori chicken bruschetta would be my favourite starter maybe as I loved not only the presentation where the chicken was served in shot glasses with crispy toasted bread drizzled with an achaari sauce but also the flavours. The chicken was in small chunks and was beautifully enveloped in a thick gravy that was simply lip smacking. The Kadak seekh kebab were mutton kebabs that had been deep fried for service. The Cornito crusted chicken fingers had tender pieces of chicken that were crumbed and deep fried but I found it somewhat lacking in seasoning. Last but no the least we tried the Sundried tomato soya tikka which looked like a non veg starter at first (very deceiving). It had a tangy taste from the tomato marinade. Classic chicken tikka with dhania pudina pearls was deliciously prepared moist tandoor cooked tikkas with these tiny globules or pearls or coriander and mint.

The mains really lifted our spirits with the crowd pleasing dal makhani. It was nice and rich and had good flavours. I paired this with a Kathal and moti ka pulao. Another gravy dish that I liked was the murg methi malai. The chicken was tender and the gravy boasted of creamy deliciousness. Pairing with some fresh hot tandoori rotis, I had a satisfying meal (this was at a launch event and hence the food was laid out buffet style).IMG_8622

For desserts we tried the Banoffee bomb and Brownie with chocolate ice cream. Did not like the banoffee one too much as maybe I expected it to be a bit more close to the original dessert and felt it was more of a chocolate ball. The brownie was nice way to end the meal on a sweet note. 

The service was a bit relaxed (read as: they take their time getting your order to you) so go with a laid back attitude and some time on your hand. The staff can be more trained to know the dishes on the menu and help explain them to make informed orders.

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