Chai Point, Cyber Hub

Chai point brings to Gurgaon the beauty of drinking tea on a daily basis at an affordable price. I love the comment by their CEO where he said ‘We want to make Chai drinking a ritual and not an indulgence’. It is so aptly said. He aims at providing tea at affordable rates because if you are an avid tea drinker, you will head for your favourite cup atleast 3-4 times a day. So instead of heading to a street side vendor, they wish to give you a healthier solution at a price that does not punch your pocket.

I got a chance to visit the outlet and interact with him on Internation Earth Day which was an appropriate time to understand the vision behind this place. One of the major reasons I think we can appreciate them is for their eco friendly conscience. From having electric scooters for proving home delivery services to using bagasse for making their plates, the passion to have bio degradable  products as a part of their culture is clearly visible.

The passion for a greener tomorrow is reflected through all their efforts. I was really blown away about how serious they are in this regard. I was quite privileged to be a part of their ‘Earth Day’ celebration and as a green initiative, Chai point was giving free saplings to everyone who wished to nurture a plant.

Along with this we had food and drinks to keep the conversation going. I am not a chai drinker myself and only run for that cup of comforting adrak tea when I have a sore throat. Imagining I would shunned by them :-P, I asked around for suggestions and surprisingly got quite a few. So I tried their chocolate shake which was quite refreshing. With the crazy heat taking over, this was a welcome refreshment. I found a very pretty drink being served on another table and what immediately caught my eye was that it looked like a coffee. I immediately asked the server to bring one over for me. He explained this was Dum Cloud that was actually a tea drunk prepared in cappuccino style with frothy toned milk. As I sipped it, for a moment I could not believe that this thick rich drink was not coffee. A definite MUST TRY for tea drinkers and non tea drinkers alike looking to try something new. This is a new launch at their Cyber City outlet. Also worth mentioning is their mango shake. It’s thick and rich and a pleasure to sip. My friends tried their Tiramisu shake..yes you heard it correct..and the paan shake..literally tasted like fresh paan was churned and put into a glass for you. If you are a paan freak, you MUST TRY this.

There was a spread of nibbles laid out as well. I enjoyed the spinach puff, Chinese samosa, achaari puff and chocolate brownie. All seemed good options to eat up as tea time snacks. They don’t have a huge menu and wish to keep it simple with basic interesting bite sized options.

Overall it is a great spot to enjoy some fine quality tea. I simply cannot get over the fact of how they have made an effort to be green conscious and definitely deserve patronage to help them carry this on.

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