Made In Punjab, Cyber Hub

Made in Punjab is located right in the heart of Cyber Hub on the ground floor. As the name says it all, it provides culinary wonders from the state of Punjab but with a modern twist and an innovative take on them.

The restaurant is always bustling and what with the launch of its new menu, it is attracting a lot of crowd and the tables were full even as I went on a Monday night for dinner. They have a PDA or private dining area (not the other thing you were thinking :-P) and as we were a big group we opted to sit here. It has a long marble top table but one point of concern was the height of the chairs to the table. Being so tiny myself, I was not able to reach the food on the table comfortably as it came to almost my chin level 😛 The tables outside do not have this problem.

The restaurant has always been a favourite pick of mine at Cyber Hub when I wanted to have a good north Indian meal with the family. It belongs to the same owners as Farzi so that speaks volumes about their passion for food, quality and innovation. With new restaurants popping up and before this place faded away with time, they came up with a brilliant innovation. The place is now called MIP (short for Made in Punjab). Their menu has been revamped and I specially want to mention that I love the creatives they have gotten for it. Being a design inclined person myself, I really appreciated the graphics that have turned it into a fun and quirky one. There is no doubt that their dishes tasted quite good but what made the dining experience even more fun were the interesting names given to the dishes. Read on and you’ll be smiling too! No matter what dish we ordered the portions were huge. Even the size of the actual pieces of the kebabs was huge. Absolutely in tune with a hearty Punjabi meal! It is absolutely recommended you visit the place and try this crazy menu out for yourself!

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – The first thing that was on everyone’s mind to try out was their Jadui Baksa. This big black box came with 6 shots on a bed of dry ice. When we opened it, the smoke gave it a magical feel to then clear out and reveal the shots hidden beneath. This is definitely something you must try in a group cause it makes for such a fun drink. Another crowd favourite was the Nashili chai. It had a great flavour of tea, lemon and alcohol served in a jug alongwith small chai glasses. Another drink I tried was Syappa. The ingredients kind of surprised me which were garlic, coffee and vodka..strange combination, isn’t it?! So I decided to be the only brave soul on the table to give it a try. As I pulled the drink close to my mouth the aroma of garlic instantly hit the nose. The drink tastes quite unique. But you’ve been warned, this combination is only for the brave of heart. Another catchy name was the Jat Risky After Whiskey (haha..the names really had us bursting with laughter..!) which was a whiskey sour with shaken egg whites.

~ Popeye Paaji Ki favourite chaat – This was Palak ki chaat redone. Artfully presented on the plate, this was not only pleasing to eye but to my palette as well. Love the contrast of textures on the plate. However what deserves a special mention is the aloo masala on the plate which topped with curd, sev, pomegranates, mint chutney and tamarind chutney which made for an amazing dish! MUST ORDER

~ When Mr. Bhalla met Pap di – What a pleasurable meeting it was indeed! Another articulately designed plate, it had the same flavour profiles as that of the papdi chaat. The combination of tamarind, tangy yogurt and mint was absolutely yumm! MUST TRY

~ Paneer barrel tikka – Huge chunks of panner were tandoor roasted and were served with a mint dip. What helped distinguish them from the regular paneer tikkas was the fact that these were stuffed with a beautiful layer of cheesy pickle and raisins that gave you a little bit of tangy sweetness in every bite. I myself am a huge fan of raisins added to savory dishes so I enjoyed it quite a bit. MUST TRY.

~ Kalmi kebab – These are chicken leg kebabs that are tandoor roasted and served on the bone. It has a double cream marinade and was quite good to taste. DO TRY

~ Dahi pataka – These dahi ke kebabs are huge deep fried balls of spiced hung curd. It is presented in a circular wire basket and served with a  mint chutney. Personally this is the only dish during the whole meal that did not go well with my palette. You can probably give this a miss.

~ LOL Tikki – Probably the best non vegetarian starter I had was this shredded tikkis made from 6 hour slow cooked leg of lamb served with a tomato chutney. The lamb is spiced well and not dry at all as it has a slight gravy. It is deep fried to be served and the texture contrast is just amazing. Absolutely lovely! MUST ORDER

~ Multan kebab – The boneless chicken in this dish are coated with an egg which is a popular style of preparing the kebab in the region of Multan. It was the first time I tried this and it was an absolutely thrill to eat. MUST ORDER

~ Burnt lehsun tikka – The chicken was boneless and cooked to tender perfection. It is a creamy tikka which has been tandoor roasted. However having had the Multan kebab I did not relish this kebab as much. The egg coating kind of stole the show for me between the two. DO TRY

~ Sarson Olive Machhi – The Machhi was served on a tiny barbecue on a bed of hot coal that sizzled while being served on the table. The fish was marinated in mustard and olive oil but had a burnt smokey flavour from being tandoor roasted that I did not enjoy as much.

~ Rann pita pockets – Another dish contending to me my favourite in the meal were these pockets. The bread was lightly toasted and filled with the goodness of spicy shredded lamb. The leg of lamb is slow cooked for 12 hours to release its juicy flavours and then mized with various spices, onions and youghurt to form the filling. I remember eating this a lot! Heavenly treat. MUST ORDER

~ Legacy tandoori chaap – The lamb meat was tender and succulent and had a great blend of spices. Punjabi meals boast of great spice combinations and the dishes here certainly said no less. MUST TRY

~ Nalli hardcore – It’s a surprise that after all those appetizers we were still able to order the main course. Well we just couldn’t keep away as we were attracted to so many dishes on the menu. This mutton preparation was superbly deliciously. The meat was so tender it literally fell off the bone. Made with slow braised lamb shanks bone marrow, onions and yoghurt the curry was no less. MUST ORDER

~ Luxury B.C. – Wondering what this is…their take on the classic Butter Chicken. Where is luxury you ask…it was in the warq topping the butter chicken was served with. Thick gravy with pieces of boneless chicken made it an interesting dish. They use the best goan cashews, punjabi dairy cream and fresh white butter to give the gravy that rich creamy feel. DO TRY

~ Highway ghosht – As the name says it all, this is tender meat prepared dhaba style as you would get to eat on the highways of Punjab. MUST TRY

~ Meat truck wala – This dish is a mutton eater’s delight with ingredients like lamb ribs, shank, mince which promises a flavourful thick rich meaty gravy. MUST TRY

~ Fauji chowk di chicken curry – They say the recipe is a defense secret…after eating the dish I can understand why 😛 The gravy was really nice and the best part was that the chicken was so tender. Throughout the meal I failed to find any chicken dish which had not been well cooked. DO TRYIMG_7392

~ Veg mini sampler – On the table there was an only guy who was a vegetarian. The manager was very accommodating and helped us in getting a small sampler thali for him. He tried the paneer bhurraaahh (this is their version of paneer makhani where the paneer is served in tubes in a silky gravy), Kunda Dahi bhindi (ajawain tempered bhindis served in a kadhi), spinach chenna and Maa Ki daal (classic punjabi favourite..daal makhani). I managed to get a spoon out from every bowl and felt everything tasted quite nice. MUST TRY

~ Accompaniments – We had assorted breads like tandoori roti and lachha parantha to mop up the gravies. We also tried their vegetarian Guchchi pulao that was served in a handi along with raita. The rice was long grained and fragrant.

~ Ras Dates Malai – This rasmalai was made with Khachuri or dates rabri. It was quite delicious and rich. MUST TRY

~ Nukkad jalebi – I wish my Nukkad had jalebis such as these. It was so freshly prepared that you could taste the crunch in every warm bite. The jalebi was thin and served with some pistachio topped rabri. MUST TRY

~ Pan kulfi – Not being a big fan of paan, I did not enjoy the kulfi as much as it had strong notes of paan.IMG_7370

~ Paapi Cake – This was sinful shahi tuka served in the form of a pastry with loads of rabri.


Go for:

Punjabi sized portions. Rich preparations. Innovative twists on regular Punjabi fare. Funky drinks. Fun family dining. Meaty cravings.

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One thought on “Made In Punjab, Cyber Hub

  1. Ticker Eats The World

    Lovely detailed review. Sadly, Made in Punjab hasn’t been one of my favourites. I’ve found their food to be too hot (mirchi) and when I mentioned that to the chef I was told “Punjabi food is hot”. I think it’s more spicy than hot. Found that a lot of the flavours got killed because of the Chillies.

    Still they do have some innovative and fun food and for those who can handle Chillies I think it would make a nice foodie destination.


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