Life Caffe, Connaught Place

Life caffe has been here in CP for the last 10 years and is a part of Hotel Corus. It has an outdoor seating area that also holds live band performances during the evenings. The interiors have a cozy seating but with dim lighting. They also project live matches on the screen. 

What with the Delhi summers, I didn’t have a choice but to sit inside as I headed in for an early dinner. I apologize in advance for the quality of the images. What with it being dinner time and their style of dim lighting, this was the best I could do.

It is a mutli-cuisine restaurant that serves a wide variety of food mainly catering to the taste buds of foreign guests that stay at the hotel or expats.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – I tried their pomegranate sangria which had a generous helping of chopped apples and pomegranates along with the white wine. It was quite refreshing. DO TRY. Their 007 martini had an unusual serving and for a minute we thought it was scotch on the rocks. However the drink had a wonderful balance and was quite different. DO TRY. Bitter Soul drink was a concoction of orange bitters, vodka and chocolate flavours and I truly enjoyed sipping this. As you can see I was in quite a light mood and happened to be trying drinks on their menu, all of which were well prepared with a good balance of flavours yet with a subtle kick of alcohol. Their Kit Kat shake was not very rich and tasted a bit diluted. 

We began the meal with a hearty Ceaser’s salad. From the presentation to the taste this was a winning dish. It was served with bread crisps and generous Parmesan cheese shavings. The dressing was also loaded with cheese and the bread crumbs were super crispy. Wine and salad made for an excellent evening meal. 

For appetizers we choose the Vegetarian mezze platter. I quite enjoyed the little mushroom tarts. The vegetarian cutlet was a bit hard. Overall the platter did not have anything that stood out in terms of flavour. Fish fingers were deep fried with a spice coating on top however they did not have a spicy kick. Next we tried the Vada pav. The pavs were soft and had crunchy vadas inside. The filling inside is very similar to that of the chatpata samosa masala. We tried their veg pizza which was good with a thin crust amd generous on toppings.

After the appetizers we were left craving for more and the main course really shines at this place. The Dal makhani definitely set the precendent for what was to come. It was rich and thick and ticked most boxes in my mind. The masala of the Kadhai paneer was absolutely flavorful. The chunks of paneer were soft and I loved the overall sweet tangy taste of the onion tomato gravy. The Tawa chicken pieces were quite tender and the gravy was full of flavour and slightly spiced. Definitely a dish to try. 

The deserts selection is quite nice and there are many items that pop out as simple favorites. We tried their Hot Chocolate fudge (layers of vanilla ice cream loaded with chocolate syrup and nuts), Tiramisu (this coffee dessert is always close to my heart and it delivered in terms of taste as well with the rich coffee notes across the soft sponge favourite…do give this a try), Chocolate mousse (soft creamy chocolate topped with chocolate chips and a dollop of cream), Apple pie (this was flavoured with cinnamon and served with vanilla ice cream but the pie crust wasn’t crunchy enough), Chocolate magic (the chocolate fondant when cut into, spilled out oozing hot chocolate and was quite a sight!) and Fruit cheesecake (a warm cheesecake served with sliced kiwi…somehow the temperature and texture of the dish did not work for my can give this a miss). 

Go for: 

Relaxed dining. Good cocktails. Live bands (ask in advance for the schedule). Good music.

Tips and tricks:

The place has two entrances. One way to get here is to walk in from the inner circle and enter the left lane after metro station Gate no. 8 and take the first right. The other is to walk on the inner circle towards CCD and take a flight of stairs up and through it to walk down another flight and reach the cafe. I personally loved the experience of walking in through the middle circle entry. Find out in advance as to which days the live band performs.IMG_7469

Life Caffe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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