Wendy’s, Cyber Hub

Wendy’s has found a brand new location right in the heart of Gurgaon (Gurugram now…lol) at Cyber Hub.

What essentially differentiates them from any other fast food chain is a couple of facts. They have a separate counter for you to place your food order. You are then given a number token to carry to your table. The same is punched into the system which is reflected on a screen at the kitchen at the back. The kitchen area is again divided into three sections, one for non veg, one for veg and one for drinks and frosty. The orders are collected at the front station and then served to you at the table. So where in other fast food joints the order is given to you at the counter itself, here you are served separately and that too with proper cutlery! I think this is much appreciated coz the presentation along with the quality of the food definitely helps alleviate the flavour to the next level. 

They call them selves as QSR++ as the customers get a whole lot more for QSR prices. Their basic burger begins at Rs.39..what a steal! What with the quality of the bun they are offering to the size of the patty (it really is chunkier and more flavoursome than others in the market) it is a great alternative to other fast food joints. Their food is made fresh to order and portions are generous with larger patties and not larger buns with small patties! Also got to know that they use 100% meat and no other mixers like soya for their patties.

Since I came here through Coca Cola, we were lucky to get the chance to take a tour of their kitchen. I was quite impressed with the automation in the kitchen from the cleaning to the cooking section. Also another impressive point I mentioned earlier was the division of kitchen for vegetarian and non vegetarian cooking. I think this is an excellent effort considering the cultural preferences of the country in mind. 

Personally I was a big skeptic to visit Wendy’s again having had a bad experience at the Sector 29 outlet. Somehow it garnered a bad name within days of its opening and I remember being disappointed at the end of my meal. Having no expectations from them whatsoever kind of worked to my advantage coz I really did end up enjoying my meal more as I found flavours that made my taste buds sing. Thank god for that. Else I would have left hungry and dove into my back meal of dal chawal at home 😛 Frankly I enjoyed them so much so that I took my mom to try out their vegetarian burgers at a Food Talk India event. We had a great time!

Get Set Gobble:

~ Drinks – This was the first time I had the chance to try Vanilla Coke and Cherry coke and I must say I was quite impressed. It had a subtle flavour that really changed the feel of the basic Coke. They have other coolers as well and I enjoyed the Watermelon Cooler. They also have a Chocolate chip shake but I did not find it thick enough.

~ Mutton burger – I ordered the Ultimate mutton. This was probably the best burger on the menu…well, they did say ‘Ultimate’ right! With a soft tender patty, lettuce and mayo i simply gobbled it up. As others on the table tasted this, they ended up ordering repeats of this for themselves. MUST ORDER

~ Chicken burger – I also tried the Crispy Chicken BLT..super yumm..! Must try if you like a bit of crunch alongwith a lot of bacon! Who doesn’t love bacon..right?! It has a tender breaded chicken patty, two strips of Applewood smoked bacon, slice of cheese, mayo, slice of tomato and lettuce. The Baconator burger is filled with crunchy bacon strips on top of the patty. Personally I love my bacon so ordered it on the side as well 😛 If this isn’t carnivorous enough for you, go for the Double Baconator with thick cut Applewood smoked bacon, two patties with mayo, ketchup, cheese and a toasted bun to hold this beauty together. Another tempting burger on our table was the Smoky ChiptoleThis had a different burger bun from the rest where it had sesame seeds on top of it. It has a crispy chicken patty inside so it is great for people who love some crunch when they eat. 

~ Fries – The Regular fries are large cut from a whole potato and sprinkled with sea salt. The Cheese fries come topped with a generous helping of melted cheddar cheese sauce. They are served hot and crispy and are a quite a inviting sight. If you think it couldn’t get any better, it just did..coz they have Bacon and cheese fries as well. These fries are topped with melted cheese and some bacon. If cheese fries were inviting these are quite tempting. 

~ Sauce bar – They have an amazing sauce bar that houses bottles of unique dips for accompanying your burgers and fries. My favourite was the Chilli sauce. They also have garlic aioli, ghost pepper, ketchup and tzatziki so try away!

~ Frosty – Sweet endings to a good meal came with the frosty. They have a banana caramel version which was nice. Another one was the Cookie Crumble with options of Oatmeal and Chocolate chip. I obviously choose the chocolate chip..duh! No points for guessing 😛

Go for:

Quick service. Value for money meal. Good service. One of the healthier fast food joints. Free wi-fi 😛


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