SS onn the Go, Saket

What with the week of Navratri in full swing I was persuaded into trying to be a vegetarian for a while. The obvious choice for a meal was to go out and try a Navratri thali and so we ended up at Shiv Sagar. This outlet is located at the food court in Select Citywalk Saket.IMG_6462

Overall we had a great meal over good food where some of the dishes really stood out in terms of flavour and some could use a little more improvement. We left quite satisfied and full at the end of our meal.

Get Set Gobble:

Drinks – They have an ample variety of fresh juices and I sipped contently on their Mausambi and watermelon offerings. They were a little warm to drink as they do not add ice to it. Also these are freshly squeezed to order so contain some pulp and do not have any artificial sweetener added to it. Overall super healthy! Chocolate with nuts shake was quite loaded but failed to impress. They still have some scope of improvement in this area of the menu.

~ Vada Pav – The vada was nice and spicy (thank god it wasn’t as bland as you usually end up with). The buns were soft and the chutney added to the flavour of the dish. MUST TRY

~ Idli – I am absolutely in love with these idlis. They can seem very deceiving with a simple slice of tomato on top. But as you cut into it, it reveals the layer of masala stuffed inside that made for such an interesting eat. Totally loved it! The idlis were soft and fresh. The sambar and the chutneys help add to their flavour. MUST ORDER

~ Chinese bhel – Crispy fried noodles are tossed in spicy tangy sauces with some veggies. I liked their version of the chinese bhel more so because it did not taste too sweet or laden with tomato ketchup. The balance of sweet and sour was well kept and there us a lot of colour on your plate! Be quick to eat it though as it turns soggy very quickly. MUST TRY.

~ Aloo poori – The aloo sabzi tasted very good as it was nice and spicy. It was served with deep fried bedmi pooris which I absolutely loved. MUST TRY.

~ Dahi batata puri – The golgappas came filled with potato masala and topped with mint chutney and tamarind chutney with a generous sprinkling of sev and pomegranates on top. Its a big bite so be careful as you eat it. MUST TRY.

~ Bombay Sev puri – Papadis topped with masala, bhel, chutneys, sev, and chopped onions, so in short all things good loaded on to it. Pretty crisp and good balance of sweet and sour. No one can eat just was yumm! MUST ORDER.

~ Rava masala dosa – I personally love rava dosas and this was made perfectly with a good balance of soft and crispiness. It had a masala stuffing in the center. DO ORDER.

~ Tandoori dosa wrap – The dosas were turned into a wrap with a stuffing of paneer sauteed with some onions and capsicum. It was quite interesting and tasted good. MUST TRY.

~ Chole bhature – As always we were greeted by two gigantic bhaturas on the plate with a bowful of chola and salad. However I felt the cholas could be made a bit more spicy. DO TRY.

~ Navratri thali – The thali had a good mix of items with a bowl of freshly cut fruits, kuttu atta poori, aloo sabzi, ripe banana sabzi, lauki sabzi, khichdi, fried papad, curd, sabudana vada chaat, and kheer. That’s a lot of food loaded into one plate and is definitely a good feast for anyone who’s been fasting. The thali is far from boring as it promises your taste buds something sweet, savoury and spicy. MUST TRY.

~ Faluda kulfi – I have never been able to keep myself from this dish if I see it on the menu. The kulfi had lots of pistachios in it that I just love and was served with loads of falooda. DO TRY

~ Gulab jamun – These were soft and had the perfect amount of sweetness. Eating them warm is how I prefer them. DO TRY.IMG_6397

~ Brownie with ice cream – The brownie came on a sizzling platter and instantly we all stopped what we were doing to give the dish our undivided attention as the server poured hot chocolate over it that bubbled away. It was quite delicious. MUST TRY.

Go for:

Affordable menu. Street side variety. Food without onion and garlic.

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