Ricos, GTB Nagar

Ricos is located in GTB nagar and is definitely a name that is recited in the 10 most popular cafes there. Staying in tune with the market at hand the food here is definitely priced well and has a great selection of items on the menu from burgers, pizzas, pastas, Mexican and continental cuisines to suit the ever growing taste buds of the young food enthusiasts in the area.

The ambiance of this cafe located on the first floor is quite nice with a wooden themed interior. They have high and low seating and the space has been used well to give it a cozy vibe. I could hear groups on other tables who were here to see the cricket match being screened there, or friends here to celebrate a birthday, or place for couples to cosy up and chit chat or even someone sitting by herself with some thick shakes and a good book; the place seemed to serve all these purposes well!

The place is very popular and I have been told they manage to have long queues of people waiting outside for more than an hour to get in. I was lucky to have made it up the stairs in a much shorter time 😛

Get Set Gobble:

~ Drinks – They have a great selection of some excellent mocktails and shakes. Things that caught our eyes were the Black Mamba which keeps you guessing the ingredients they say..its true..but it was definitely refreshing as I could taste some lemonade and jal jeera in the mix..go try it out for yourself! Shakes we tried were their Red velvet and Blueberry cheesecake version which were both exciting flavours but seemed slightly diluted in taste as they tasted more of vanilla ice cream. The Peach ice tea was a little strong and had a slight bitter aftertaste. Orange mimosa was a fun, tangy drink. My friends also enjoyed the Peanut butter and nutella shake (though I am not a big fan of peanut butter myself) and  Guava nectar (the currently trending drink of guava with a chilli kick).

~ Chilli cheese fingers – When they say cheese fingers, they promise to serve them loaded with cheese. As you break it open, strands of molten cheese ooze out. It has a nice crispy exterior and is served with a great dip. MUST ORDER


~ Veg bruschetta – These are a healthier version of a bruschetta with a topping of chopped onion, tomatoes and capsicum. Considering the size of the crispy bread under, would loved to have seen some cheese or spices on it.

~ Panko prawns – The prawns were deep fried, crispy and covered with a spice rub. DO TRY

~ Chicken and cheese ravioli – This is one excellent pasta dish to try here. The raviolis were well cooked and had a layer of chicken filling stuffed inside them. The sauce had a tangy tomato based flavour. MUST TRY

~ Tex Mex chicken – This was essentially deep fried chicken fingers. They were crunchy on the outside and soft inside to give you that texture play on the palette. Eat them with the dip they are served with.

~ Chicken quesadilla – This was an excellent dish with a different take on the quesadilla. Instead of the regular grilled tortilla filled with finely chopped stuffing with cheese, this tortilla was lightly toasted and served with big chunks of chicken.  It came with three dips. MUST TRY

~ BBQ Chicken tender – The chicken was extremely well prepared and doused with a sweet sticky BBQ sauce. DO TRY

~ Fish and chips – The fish was fried to perfection with a crunchy exterior crumb coating and soft & flaky on the inside. It came with a huge pile of crispy fries that were well seasoned. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. MUST ORDER

~ Chilli Pork Burger – The burger was excellent in size and came with a serving of fries, coleslaw and 2 dips. It had a chunky patty inside on a bed of lettuce and tomato slices. Overall it tasted well but somehow I felt the chilli factor was missing. DO TRY

~ Harissa grilled prawns – This would probably be my least favourite dish. Though it looked absolutely tempting, the prawns were slightly under and so was the rice.

~ Peri peri pizza – We requested the staff to give us half and half pizzas as we had both vegetarians and non vegetarians on the table and they were quite accommodating. We tried their peri peri version which was quite delicious. The base is thin and crunchy. MUST TRY

~ Veg Lasagna – This baked dish with layers of lasagna filled with creamy sauce and veggies came with a beautifully baked cheese crust. However it lacked in flavours and I felt the pasta was slightly under-cooked.

~ Nutella and banana waffle – Layers of crispy waffle loaded with some Nutella syrup and large chunks of sliced bananas…how could you go wrong with that. Super yummy. A huge dollop of whipped cream in the top certainly helped the flavours along 😛 It was presented so beautifully that it was very hard to resist from diving in while we tried to take pictures quickly! Simply loved it. MUST ORDER

~ Ricos Sundae – This was a medley of fruits and ice cream. I especially loved the presentation where it came in a quirky asymmetric cone shaped glass. MUST ORDER

~ Waffle Sundae – Can you top waffles served and chocolate? Yes you can..by making a Sundae out of it!! These crispy waffles came topped with chocolate syrup, nuts, dusted with icing sugar, loaded with whipped cream and three scoops of ice cream (strawberry, vanilla and chocolate). Definitely a must eat dish for any waffle lover. It was rich and scrumptious. MUST ORDER

~ Bakery counter – I tried their Tiramisu cup (simply loved this tiny serving of rich coffee sponge and cream…MUST TRY), Chocolate eclair (it is not the traditional eclair with a choux pastry shell but it rather had the goodness of two varying textures of chocolate..was a little sticky to eat though) and Rainbow cake (personally I did not like it much as the colours seemed extremely loud and the cake was a bit hard).


Go for:

Desserts. Easy on the pocket menu. Young crowd. Chill vibes. Quick service (these guys are not overwhelmed by the restaurant being crowded and dishes move from the kitchen to the table in quick and easy flows).


Tips & Tricks:

Save your appetite for desserts cause this is where the place really shines. They are rich, decadent, loaded and definitely a crowd pleaser. They have an offer going on for bakery desserts where you can buy one and get one free..what a steal!


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