Imly, Rajendra Place

Imly is a chatpata stop over at Rajendra Place. I had heard a lot about this place as it essentially stands out when it comes to good quality low priced street food. The restaurant is actually a train that is about 250 feet long and has been converted beautifully to provide a unique dining experience. The exterior makes for a great photo op and is hard to miss if you are in the area.

The inside is quite spacious and has tables placed along appropriately to allow free flow of food and people. The food menu contains a mix of all things vegetarian and basically lives up to its tag line of being a chatapata stopover. The interiors try to keep up with the food variety through colourful and quirky décor.

The engine of the train is actually the kitchen. The large windows allow for a lot of natural light to enter the area, lighting up the already bright interiors beautifully.

I had dropped in for lunch and the place was buzzing with a mixed crowd of young and old, college students and ladies together for a kitty party, family crowd to us hungry foodies. Worth a special mention is the fact that they do have ample parking space in front of the restaurant so you can cross that source of worry off the list.

Their menu is divided smartly into state wise sections. Delhi-waalas are famous for their chatpata favouring taste buds and they will definitely be glad to get that satiated at this restaurant. I only managed to have the chaat items and was so full that I couldn’t make it to their mains. Will definitely head back here for more.


Get Set Gobble:

~ Drinks – A variety of drinks made their way across the table like Virgin mojito, Mango shikanji, Passion fruit shikanji (a bit too sweet and the flavour of passion fruit wasn’t very evident), Relaxation moment fresh juice (good mix of fresh juice with a hint of masaal), Imlicious fresh juice, Imlyciuos Guava merry (blend of guava juice and some spice), ABC story, Watermelon mojito, Sunset fresh, Mojito desi, Peach ice tea and Pink perfection. There is lots on their drink section to try so keep ordering something new throughout your meal..that’s what i did and managed to sip through many!

~ Tandoori Paneer momos – This was a good quick bite item with a spicy exterior.

~ Dahi golgappa chaat – This was a yummy preparation and the best part is you can gobble up the dish in a single bite. The golgappas are served in a jhoola or a Ferris wheel that makes for such a fun presentation. They are stuffed with a potato mix, topped with imli and pudina chutney, sprinkled with some crispy bhujiya and pomegranates. MUST TRY

~ Chinese bhel – I have often tried this dish and always love the way we have managed to make something so Chinese so Indian in taste.It is crispy noodles spiced with Indian chutneys that has a bit of sweet and tangy kick to it. MUST TRY

~ Idli The Imly way – This was a unique style of preparing the idli where it came stir fried with onions and spices almost like a Chinese dish.

~ Steam idli – The idli was soft from the inside and the tomato and coconut chutney alongwith the sambar tasted really well

~ Gol gappa The Imly way – The golgappas were served in a tray with one small tea glass filled with the aloo masala and four glasses filled with a variety of flavoured waters to fill into them. MUST TRY

~ Vada pav – Potato cutlet between two pavs served with a green chilly and some crunchy namkeen.

~ Kalmi Vada – This is a Rajasthani style vada made of channa dal. It disappeared as fast as it came! MUST TRYIMG_4160

~ Paneer tikka Imly way – Well spiced pieces of paneer that were soft and delicious.IMG_4189

~ Pizza Dosa – This was a fun combination of two loves, pizzas and dosas. The dosas came with a topping of vegetables and lots of cheese. It made for a very interesting dish.

~ Dosa The Imly way – This was another great dosa dish which was stuffed with veggies and loaded with cheese. It was then rolled to form mini pillars and served with chutneys and sambar. MUST TRY

~ Cheese Pav bhaji – This was as the name said, a very ‘cheesy’ bhaji. Scattered grated cheese melts over the hot bhaji and makes for some tempting presentation. The pavs are buttered generously. Tip: Add a little squeeze of lime onto the bhaji and mixed in the chopped onions to make for an extremely delicious meal. MUST TRY

~ Chole bhature– These are not your regular bhaturas. They are actually made from a mix of sooji in the dough. It kind of makes them a little thick and crunchy. The cholas are spiced well. MUST TRY

~ Overloaded pizza – I think the best way to describe the pizza would be that it is exactly like my mom’s home style version I have grown up eating as a kid. MUST TRY

~ Jalebi with rabri – The jalebis are super crispy and thin. The rabri is thick and has the right amount of sweet.

~ Rasmalai Tiramisu – One of my favourite dish that day was probably this Indian take on the tiramisu. Layered with rasmalai at the bottom with a generous helping of cream and topped with chopped pistachios makes for a really delicious dessert. Tip: Make sure you dig your spoon right to the bottom and get a little from all the layers in a bite to enjoy the real flavour of this dish in your mouth. MUST TRY


Go for:

Chatpata snacks. Value for money. Quick bites. Vegetarian’s paradise. Quick service.IMG_4196

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